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  1. 09/26/17 -Sao Paulo, BR - Allianz Parque

    I thought some cumstain posted after rio that gnr was done? How can that not be then?
  2. Anyone who says his voice is shot is either an idiot or deaf or has memory loss. look at the recent performances with billy joel or of i feel good.. and tell me again his voice is shot since one year
  3. Polls: Best/Worst GN'R Rock in Rios

    Fuck rock in rio
  4. 09/26/17 -Sao Paulo, BR - Allianz Parque

    They must be selling good drugs in sao paulo
  5. Have i really just read someone question wether slash is annoyed by having meegan around all the time? Just when i thought it can’t get any stupider.

    Cause people are clueless of what they're buying. Or they don't care that they're fake.
  7. Excited About GNR future

    That's not what you think. That's what you read on another forum ;-)
  8. Nice. Good to see the turd lithos are behind us now
  9. Warpig is a piece of shit and karma will fuck him up someday. I am sure.
  10. One of the better ones of this leg, but thats not very hard to achieve
  11. Should g'nr do a deep cuts tour next year?

    Who says there'll be a tour next year?
  12. You'll soon come to learn that discussing with certain people is just a waste of energy.