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  1. It's funny how us hardcore fans can much more accurately describe the history of GNR than Slash! Axl and Izzy write some books so we can between the 5 of you try and decipher the truth!
  2. Super scored some tickets on the lower level right beside the stage in Seattle. This will be show 18 of GNR for me. Part of me doesn't want to pay the travel, hotel and ticket costs to hear Axl's nasally old lady voice BUT like someone else said Axl's almost 60 not sure how many more times in this lifetime I'll get to see GNR again. And when you are there and the music loud and songs are great... you get in the moment and overlook a few things. Rock on!
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    What would you have thought if Chinese had come out in 2001 2002 with the tracklist off one of the recent leaked cd's. Don't quote me on the order but the track listing was Madagascar The blues Chinese Democracy Catcher in the Rye Rhiad perhaps silk worms There was a Time IRS Prostitute While this version is missing Better, This I love, Shacklers and Sorry which would have been disappointing... it also would have had rawer mixes and Josh on drums. The tracklist is pretty good. I think if they would have just released this for the 2001-2002 era. It would have sold way better, been received better and sounded less bloated.... and we'd likely have another album or two by now.
  4. I'm not asking for any links or anything. But is there video of dead horse and locomotive out there on the net or have the gnr copyright Nazis screw that up for everyone?
  5. Not if he sings Slither.... why he goes to the higher harmony in that songs for the chorus is beyond me
  6. I personally think they should have never rerecorded Josh's parts, when I listen Rhiad Josh just nails it. What a waste of time and money. They should have never rerecorded the album it lost its edge.
  7. they should have never rerecorded the album. I think the beaven (sp?) mixes are way better. The final versions that ended up on CD have just WAY to much going on, so much so its hard to appreciate the songs as they are.
  8. So I just finally managed to track down a bunch of the leaks Can someone confirm all the songs that have leaked that have vocals on them? And has Seven leaked?
  9. Just so I’m clear is checkmate the same as hard school or the general? I’m confused if this is all the same song? and is the only link of atlas quite muffled or has a clear one leaked?