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  1. And then he goes out and butcher errr plays Sorry...........
  2. Heard it said elsewhere, and it's so true iit should be a fucking t-shirt GNR - Dropping quarters to pick up pennies since 1986!
  3. Comeon Man,,,,Big City Nights holds up over time!
  4. Merck said in interviews (don't remember exact phrasing) that the best songs weren't necessarily on CD. That has always led me to believe that the leaks influenced the tracklisting we got. *Edit* The Eddie Trunk leaks are what I am referring to
  5. Who in their right mind would think that is anything close to GNR? Sweet Jesus that was some fake ass 80's crotch rock!
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    They actually don't, not as long as people keep showing up for shows. It really is the only voice of protest that fans have. Market forces have a way of changing behavior, for better or worse
  7. See. I want the album to be as close to CD as possible. I view anything slash has ever put out sans Axl as complete shit. Rotten crotch-rock simpleton weak-minded shit. If he overdubs some parts on CD-era tunes, fine. Please dear god do not let him anywhere near a lyric though.
  8. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    The free CD may hurt the value... I'm sure Duff will put on a good show.
  9. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I dunno, I've been a "real" fan as long or longer than you, and I could give zero fucks about whether adler or izzy are dead or alive. Give me new music with bucket's guitars, and all is good in the world.
  10. I once saw an Illusion show that started after midnight and went past 2....... It was glorious