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  1. Robin Finck pissed off

    For those that doubted, or said "pretty sure it was the same as blah blah Europe", here is a link to a review from KNAC in LA from John's GNRontour site. Talks about U.S. soldiers blowing things up in the montage and what not. Glad I decided to do some more digging. http://gnrontour.com/sets2001/20011229reviews.html
  2. Robin Finck pissed off

    No 100% it wasn't the exorcist clip. Entirely different and used only for those two shows. Back in the day, other sites had similar conversations about it, I can promise you it wasn't the same intro. There was no "I believe in fear, I believe in cruelty" etc....... And it an related note from this thread, it was not Finck on Manson, it was the other way around. That concert is one of the most video-bootlegged out there
  3. Robin Finck pissed off

    Context is everything, so remember that 9/11 had happened earlier that year and we were suddenly at war in the middle east. There was a video montage of clips of war, and audio/scenes from the 1970's movie "Network" ( I think?!?) with a general theme of "Arabs controlling oil" among other things. It ended with a red white and blue GNR logo, that was featured on one of the t-shirts from the show. I have that T-shirt somewhere, come to think of it. Robin was pissed on the first night (29th) because the sound was brutal. It was so bad that Axl left the stage, and Tommy sang most of OMG. Robin threw his guitar towards one of the techs, and he meant business. I've seen this band over 50 times going back to 1988, and it was perhaps the only time other than the St. Louis show that I felt like it may go south quickly. It actually got better, but it was a disaster eating to happen.
  4. Robin Finck pissed off

    Robin was beyond pissed during the Hard Rock show at the Joint back in 2001. I was pretty sure that show was going to lead to something ugly, but the band plowed through. Crazy thing in GNR world is that no one talks about the intro to those shows on the 29th and 31st......everyone over-analyzes the cartoon before the HOB show, but not a peep about the video montage and whatnot at these two shows. It was interesting to say the least.
  5. I know right? It's like thinking Izzy is relevant post 1994
  6. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    This was pretty cool to see, but I find it staggering that anyone would think this would be something other than a cartoon "one-off". Seriously, does anyone think those lyrics are something Axl would write-or sing in this millennium? Might have made a modicum of sense in 1985, and I get that some fans are still into that era, but 2018/2019 and "super-size, pulverize"???? Come on now.
  7. 202X Intentions....... BTW, remember when Axl had something titled "Stay of Execution" - wonder what happened to that?
  8. They would have to dumb-down bucket's work for slash. The hatchet job done to TWAT is only a microcosm. Bumble's parts? - No Could slash replace Finck's parts? Probably. Tobias or Ashba? Sure. Big B? Not a prayer
  9. I love that she's in GNR and more relevant to it than either izzy or steve. I love even more that the grease-monkey fuck faction of the fanbase hates it.
  10. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    BBQ must not be popular in Europe?
  11. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    Not sure if it was Cleveland or Columbus, but Prostitute was teased on the piano before NR. Just after the "asshole" bit.
  12. Let's not give Team Brazil any ideas........