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  1. LMAO the BBF version is garbage. Its just BBF making pointless noodling that does not even fit the song and Axl just saying absurd over and over again. This demo is a million times better. the best version is still HOF live.
  2. yeah i had that first but somenoe else said it waw this way, so I am changing it back lol
  3. All cautions made Every chance was given No effort spared To save what we had All in good faith I would not hesitate To extend myself And lend you my hand But you had to play it cool, had to do it your way Had to be a fool, had to throw it all away Too hard school and you thought you were here to stay If that were true it wouldn't matter anyway As tempers fade And lies forgiven No cause embraced Could break what we had In its place A storm is lived in I would've thought you could be more of a man But you had to play it cool, had to do it your way Had to play it cool had to throw it all away Too hard school and you thought you were here to stay If that were true it wouldn't matter anyway ...i know people were messing around with lyrics earlier
  4. This was in 1999 the first time Robin left. He said Axl didnt have many songs done and most were just song ideas without lyrics. We know in 99 Axl had a handful of songs wiht lyrics becasue he played them for RS. But yeah Axl started putting more lyrics on stuff in 2000 which is why we probably have all of those locker room CDs. That is probably the first set of vocals Axl put down for most of those songs, and hard school is one of those songs. It also makes sense why axl sounds similar on Atlas, Hard School and CITR.
  5. Even when Robin left, he said most of Axls songs didnt have lyrics
  6. I am great with sarcasm but these are the GNR forums where there are always tons of trolls. Like the person who I was replying to in the first place.
  7. yet the full HOB show was released and a soundboard of it as well. yet you still put your head in the sand. Are you really going to deny what I said about the name checkmate?
  8. really dude? They have pics of the discs and the guys locker was sold, there is even stuff on ebay from that locker. And checkmate is called checkmate because the first leaker was just like checkmate because he got a leak. That was never the title of the song. If you were around back then, you would know that. You are just embarrassing yourself.
  9. How is silkworms, I always wanted to hear the HOB studio version. I was so sad when Axl butchered it with that newest leak from last year.
  10. They will still be able to that GNR AFD box set was 90% stuff everyone has already had via import cds. they just remastered them.
  11. Or just use a VPN and make a new UN and share it that way, once a few people have it, it will be shared eith everyone
  12. These cds have not been through the hands of multiple people. These two clip leaks are not even from him. As long as people are not stupid and post them in open, not sure if trading or sharing them is even illegal. Because if it was then everyone would be screwed for just having all these leaks.
  13. Here is the thing, these were legally bought though from Zutats storage locker. So the question to ask is are these now the property ofthe person that owns them. As long as he does not sell them or put them on a website to stream, is he allowed to do what he wants with them. Like for example, all those UYI rough cut cds that are passed around, no one is every worried about sharing those and those were never officially released As long as he is not posting them online, and through back channels like trading or giving them people, not sure if that is even illegal. The reason why Skewll got into trouble is because he put them up on his streaming site.
  14. pearl jam has released every live show since the 90s on cd
  15. So these clips are all we are going to get? That sucks if that is it.
  16. I agree if they put out a box set of all those cds of Chin Dems songs and AFD by the 99 band, and it was like 100 songs, id pay $299 for that.
  17. Your theory is right because there were like 3 or so songs on CD that were not supposed to make the album CITR being one (that was going to be on the 3rd album) but since a ton of stuff leaked Axl just put all the leaked songs on one album.
  18. Hard School was probably just a working title like all of these titles for the most part
  19. He could easily put it on iTunes for like $99 for all 20 CDs. And make bank on it
  20. CITR sounded like shit until imsorry fixed it up and now the quality is great.
  21. I hope the old version of SW is in there before Axl butchered it.
  22. Loco-Motive

    The sad thing is Axl can actually sing, he shows that in AC DC, he just does not give a shit in GNR and just mails it in.
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of5QpB7v7fI