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  1. Lots of old Recordings

    One I could make out: April 18, 1995 - Machine Gun and Tooth Puller It says GNR DEMOS REEL 3
  2. Personally, I believe that all things GN'R will only happen on Axl's premise. You're right that they probably aid him in whatever he wants. Essentially, that's the job of the management though. I don't agree at all that Axl somehow is this fragile being who needs sheltering. I think that is an assumption gone way too far.
  3. Announcement of new music and tour to follow?
  4. I'm just sayin... that's the first hand experience most fans have. Do you think one would figure out (the true) everything about someone by reading dubious statements by press and people with agendas? Going by the standards of the entertainment press, well... sensationalism as I said. Please explain the twisted relationship. Also, is your evidence that his bilogical family isn't in his life the fact that there aren't much pictures of them on social media, or are there other things you know about?
  5. Boxscore

    If they've used the $3.8m average to fill in the blanks, I think the $600m is a bit high. Remember, some of the missing numbers stems from arena dates.
  6. Why is it disturbing, and please use first hand knowledge, not something you've read somewhere... All the people in the forums who've talked about meeting Beta at the shows had nothing bad to say about her, the consensus seems to be that she's really nice. Then you have all the rumors about "what really goes on" between the Lebeis and Axl, that they are controlling him etc. I say sensationalism.
  7. Boxscore

    Using averages from arenas for the missing arena dates, and the stadium average for the missing stadium ones, I get $565 million.
  8. Just to add to the speculation fire.. ASCAP seems to have lots of mistakes in their registry, but one new song has been entered when you search for "axl rose". The song in question is "You're Easy". https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/writer/216357969/ROSE W AXL Some info: - Axl is no longer registered with ASCAP as a writer (he's with SESAC now), but I believe the catalog of his songs will still be there as long as some other affiliate with the song has an ASCAP connection. - The listing only has a Work ID, but no other information available. - It might be a mistake, like a mix-up between You're Crazy and It's So Easy... who knows. But, I do believe this song hasn't been listed before, and therefore is a relatively new listing. - SESAC doesn't list the song.
  9. I'm not. Though I rate most of his solo stuff in recent years as too generic (with some exceptions), I think he still will be creating magic riffs and solos given the right quality basis of songs. Axl and Slash together on a song will always generate that extra creative spark I think.
  10. Boxscore

    The text says the $25.9M is net income from the 2017 touring.
  11. Best lyrics Axl ever wrote.
  12. As for media, try getting in contact with Andy Greene from RS. https://twitter.com/greeneandy He was an active one, which Izzy eventually reached out to during the uncertain period before the first shows in 2016. He still follows what happens in the world of GN'R I believe.
  13. Seems to be their angle yes, considering their field of journalism.