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  1. Pre-sale today is Nightrain. Pre-sale on Wednesday is Live Nation.
  2. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    I've always liked Robin. As for the popular opinion, I think people appreciated Robin more once Ashba came along...
  3. For the leg itself you mean? It's 18 dates, one less than this year...
  4. Hopefully they'll make time for an extensive interview with the whole band. Everyone wants to know what they are thinking about the future of the band.
  5. A jacket designed by Mark Kostabi, the guy behind the UYI cover?
  6. 120 mill is not enough to surpass the Stones. They need $145 mill.
  7. That's a bit optimistic, $8 million on average per show? More realistic would be about $125-150 million with 25 shows. As for the end of the year, it'll be close between Coldplay and the Stones for 2nd place, remember that Coldplay has a few arena shows among the unaccounted ones. GN'R will be 4th as you said.
  8. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Oh ok, I thought general ticket prices had gone down for the tour. Maybe they should've reduced the prices at an earlier time then, too short notice for enough people to fill a whole bowl.
  9. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    $25 tickets since the on-sale date?
  10. Most people would kill for a 3 hour show with their favorite band....
  11. That's instagram and twitter embedded posts.
  12. Maybe not house, but a lot of electronic elements.
  13. Best opening band on the tour so far
  14. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    ...and the people inside are crying for them to start the show. The heat is unbearable apparently. What should they do?
  15. 08/08/17 - Miami, FL - Marlins Park

    A lot of people are reporting being stuck in traffic actually... that sucks.