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  1. I guess they used the image for the 2001 promotion because it looked cool esthetically, but it's actually a Japanese kamikaze pilot.
  2. You guys are reading the table wrong... the numbers are correct. Avg. attendance is calculated for each CITY they have played (which may include several shows). 70k average attendance for U2 is for 38 cities. They played a total of 50 shows though. Same goes for the avg gross numbers.
  3. She said her husband played with them at the same arena a few years ago.
  4. Another alternative for cover:
  5. Lot of pages to go through... any wav uploads available? Does anyone know what bitrate Sirius broadcast in?
  6. Sweet Child is a masterpiece... Well... yeah Europe is lined up for next summer.
  7. Axl said something about his big toe just after OTGM, anyone catch that?
  8. They're just not loud in the mix.
  9. Pre-sale today is Nightrain. Pre-sale on Wednesday is Live Nation.
  10. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    I've always liked Robin. As for the popular opinion, I think people appreciated Robin more once Ashba came along...
  11. For the leg itself you mean? It's 18 dates, one less than this year...
  12. Hopefully they'll make time for an extensive interview with the whole band. Everyone wants to know what they are thinking about the future of the band.
  13. A jacket designed by Mark Kostabi, the guy behind the UYI cover?
  14. 120 mill is not enough to surpass the Stones. They need $145 mill.