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  1. Always fun to speculate, as I noticed the late night talkshows in the US will all have a "special guest" on tonight – Conan, Fallon, Corden, Colbert, Kimmel and Meyers. Must be some pre-taped thing, as they're all on pretty much around the same time. Imagine it being Axl announcing something.
  2. Apparently, these are unheard songs with Axl vocals on them: PRL Eye On You Moustache Quicksong Quicksong w Buckethead Zodiac 13 Tonto Real Doll Dot Com Atlas Shrugged Silkworms (not the 2018 leak) Billionaire State of Grace Devious Bastard Hardschool Dummy Me & My Elvis
  3. Maybe not too easy, we would have to listen for the difference in "feel". 😄
  4. Don't stand myself Lend you a hand ??? Have to do it your way How to be a fool Had to throw it our way Do hard school If I thought you were here to stay If that was true It wouldn't matter anyway ??? At last forgiven
  5. Is it as good as the old checkmate clip suggested the song would be?
  6. If so, it's quite amazing they haven't been shut down at this point. Lunatics.
  7. I'm just curious, if a person on youtube are using licensed music in their video, isn't there a trigger within the system which will direct money from ads to that particular video to the artist/label?
  8. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    All good ideas already mentioned. A smaller, sillier one, a bit "outside the box": Release the GN'R pinball machine as a paid app for phones/pads and include a free passcode with the boxset.
  9. Yeah, I'm not saying the band is directly involved in any way here, but whoever is doing the takedowns (on their behalf) is really doing them a disservice. Funny thing is that the couple doing the reaction videos here were praising the band, it's good promotion. When one looks at all the videos for this particular channel, one can see that GN'R is the odd one out. Several artists on the same label as Guns have their videos untouched.
  10. I'm following a youtube channel called "Vin and Sori "who's doing reactions to all kinds of songs in the rock genre. They've done several GN'R songs in the past, and have hundred upon hundreds of different songs from all kinds of bands. I've just now noticed that all their GN'R videos have been removed. As far as I can tell, no other bands' videos have been touched. This is just hurting the band, whatever the ones doing the removals are thinking, it is having the opposite effect. In people's minds the band appears really stuck-up compared to all the rest. Scroll down and pay attention to the playlist lacking a thumbnail: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_BpU8kTmJjHPJUG8o53lmw/playlists
  11. I think there have been mentions of some sort of studio at Axl's house. Axl and Pitman were working together there, I think Pitman had mentioned specifically either If The World or Madagascar. Also, back in the late 90s, when Axl showcased new songs to Rolling Stone magazine, I believe it was mentioned in the article that it took place in Axl's home studio.