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  1. As far as I can see, the article is available in all editions.
  2. GNR Interview on June 11

    That's Rikki Rockett of Poison. He's talking about the Poison interview I guess.
  3. GNR Interview on June 11

    Tour promotion has been proven "not needed". I can see some promotion for the AFD release coming up though.
  4. Digital may be the way to go then? You get all the tracks.
  5. It's being played on the radio, it's available on streaming services, iTunes and there's a video on the official youtube channel. Whatever it is categorized as, people are hearing this song.
  6. Well, it's out as a single right now, so there's a difference I think.
  7. I figured, it's the same as is available on Spotify. I suppose the GNR version will be available in about 7 hrs.
  8. Yeah, it's overkill. The promo also mention both 96 and 44.1 kHz, with both 16 and 24 bit. So, a 44.1/16 should be adequate. Point is, the release won't stand back in quality to whatever Tidal will be streaming.
  9. Yeah, since the box set promo says up to 192/24, which is super high resolution, I'm not to worried about the sound quality of this release.
  10. 9 pm pacific time. That's when the countdown ends isn't it?
  11. Why do you think that? The release mentions digital music up to 192 kHz / 24 bit.
  12. Kinda cool if Shadow of Your Love will play on the radio tomorrow.