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  1. I think there have been mentions of some sort of studio at Axl's house. Axl and Pitman were working together there, I think Pitman had mentioned specifically either If The World or Madagascar. Also, back in the late 90s, when Axl showcased new songs to Rolling Stone magazine, I believe it was mentioned in the article that it took place in Axl's home studio.
  2. A new single release before their next live appearance is realistic I think. Question is, will this be a one-off, or will they tour extensively after this festival appearance?
  3. To me, new music seems way more likely than not at this point. Question is how they'll approach this. I have a feeling Axl might just dampen the urge to tinker with the material during the process, and we'll see a more straight-forward GN'R record.
  4. A quick question

    They had dancers for the very first shows in 2016