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  1. What do you mean, 360?
  2. The quote in the beginning is an update on the original article, it wasn't there originally.
  3. European Leg

    Sure. I wrote "could suggest", so anything is possible. But rumor has it that new material is planned for next year, so the probability of touring dates being related is higher.
  4. European Leg

    I'm just going by the fact that the previously announced South American festival dates left no context.
  5. European Leg

    A couple of things: 1. If these are European festival dates, we probably won't know much about the context of the shows. 2. If these are stand-alone shows, it'll be interesting if a tour name will be announced. Naming it anything other than NITL could suggest touring on new material.
  6. Discussing unlicensed music isn't really proof you own anything. You could've heard it at a friend's house, in a night club, on the radio etc.
  7. Vocal Coach Reacts to GN'R

    I liked this guys insights quite a bit more, also talks a bit about Axl's singing technique.
  8. Setlist for 2020

    Hoping for something completely different this time around, though keeping some staples of course. 1. Hard School 2. Nightrain 3. It's So Easy 4. Soul Monster 5. Dead Horse 6. Sweet Child O Mine 7. Mr. Brownstone 8. November Rain 9. Locomotive 10. Zodiac 11. Oklahoma 12. Patience 13. Used To Love Her 14. Pretty Tied Up 15. Tonto 16. Civil War 17. The Rebel 18. Prom Violence 19. Welcome To The Jungle 20. Rocket Queen 21. Chinese Democracy 22. Don't Cry 23. Atlas Shrugged 24. Estranged 25. Paradise City
  9. You're right. Wasn't sure on Don't Cry since it's in the regular setlist. EDIT: I now see several of the alt's is there as well...
  10. Used To Love Her This I Love Yesterdays ? Black Hole Sun My Michelle Out Ta Get Me Dummy? Dead Horse Locomotive Hard School? Prostitute There Was A Time Catcher In The Rye So Fine Madagascar
  11. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    So... Atlas was just a one-off on the alternates?
  12. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Black Hole Sun, I think.
  13. Yes, they are still with Interscope. https://www.interscope.com/artists/guns-n-roses
  14. Hey. Was the Marlyin Monroe poster you posted the second litho for the show? I saw there was surfing one to. Let me know when you get a chance. 

    1. Spirit


      I assume so, it was just a picture I found on twitter. I wasn't at the show.