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  1. I'm not. Though I rate most of his solo stuff in recent years as too generic (with some exceptions), I think he still will be creating magic riffs and solos given the right quality basis of songs. Axl and Slash together on a song will always generate that extra creative spark I think.
  2. Boxscore

    The text says the $25.9M is net income from the 2017 touring.
  3. Best lyrics Axl ever wrote.
  4. As for media, try getting in contact with Andy Greene from RS. https://twitter.com/greeneandy He was an active one, which Izzy eventually reached out to during the uncertain period before the first shows in 2016. He still follows what happens in the world of GN'R I believe.
  5. Seems to be their angle yes, considering their field of journalism.
  6. Mkay... Any articles as such are always a good thing in my book. It helps construct an impression of 'demand' that the fans themselves are not always able to pull off by themselves.
  7. A big media outlet writes an positive article, giving good reasons why an album could do very well. I take it you'd rather they did not do the article?
  8. Boxscore

    Billboard releases new lists every Tuesday. The European leg might be published next week then.
  9. Thanks, could be interesting. Probably about their first show in Iceland, but who knows, maybe he'll spill something about the future.
  10. An empty page yes, but the artist pages on Interscope doesn't have much content in general. I'm just pointing out the fact that a GNR page has been created just recently.
  11. https://www.interscope.com/artists/guns-n-roses I know for a fact they didn't have a dedicated page there until very recently. I thought it might have to do with the Appetite release, but it's odd they created one after the release of that. Of course it might still be the reason, but the optimist in me still hopes for new music...
  12. The videos on YouTube are now high resolution, so I doubt the Blu-ray has 480p.
  13. 2006 Trunk interview if I remember correctly.
  14. Cheapest way for the music only, is digital. Streaming service or buy it at iTunes.
  15. A remix and remaster of the albums would be interesting. Axl has said he wasn't happy with the sound of the drums, and felt it sounds dated today. A remix of the drums could improve on that. If I recall correctly, Slash has said he would've liked the tracks to sound more raw. A sound mix in the vain of TSI would be appreciated. There are demo tapes that could be included in a box set. Lots of music videos to upscale to 4K with 5.1. The tour documentary could always see the light of day...