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  1. Well I just have those a listen, and I was not impressed. They're just worst versions of what we already have. Man that OMG is the freakin same except for one part as far as I can tell. And that new solo is absolute trash, sounds like bumblefoot when he starts noodling on his fret less guitar and it sounds like obnoxious bubbles or something. I hate his weird solos and def prefer bucket heads any day. I guess silkworms is interesting to hear but it's still not a very good song tbh. I wish they had leaked something half decent. Damnit
  2. Vocals n drums def sound old, sounds like the version off of that Hollywood rose album I bought years ago. But the guitars and bass are definitely re-recorded for sure. Especially that guitar, it sounds nothing like the Chris Weber solo, and is unmistakenly slash.
  3. The first half of 2018

    I think the same old shit will just keep happening. We won't see any more material unless it's SFMC or walking papers or something. I wish there was a new gnr album but unfortunately aliens would attack earth before axl would decide to release more new music
  4. Man I've searched all over the damn internet for a place to hear this leak and It's nowhere not even on youtube. any chance someone could pm me a copy or link? I'd really appreciate it