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  1. The first half of 2018

    I think the same old shit will just keep happening. We won't see any more material unless it's SFMC or walking papers or something. I wish there was a new gnr album but unfortunately aliens would attack earth before axl would decide to release more new music
  2. Man I've searched all over the damn internet for a place to hear this leak and It's nowhere not even on youtube. any chance someone could pm me a copy or link? I'd really appreciate it
  3. Open Letters to GN’R from Fans

    That's Yosemite I believe lol
  4. The Guy who slash works with is Elvis Baskette. He's done most of slashs recent solo work. He also works with alter bridge falling in reverse, and tremonti, who is Eddie van halens sons band, among many other rock bands. Elvis' albums have really great sounding bass and incredible drums. I'd love to get him to work with guns n roses. While most of his wrk is digital, He also records sometimes using analog equipment, which is so rare to find nowadays.
  5. GN'R Logo Billboard Spotted In LA

    This is the best post I've seen posted here in a long time. I totally agree and see no reason why Steven couldn't play except for maybe axl and his bullshit.
  6. CD Documentary 2001-2003

    There's no audio
  7. Axl and Slash versus Izzy

    Whoa whoa the huge difference between izzy and Peter cross and those others you listed are that izzy actually wrote shit tons of material. He was instrumental in developing not only the sound of the band at the beginning but also the look and style as well. Without izzy there is no gone. Remember, Alan Niven always believed that izzy was the leader of the band, that he was the major force behind it. Peter criss can, well, suck my dick for all I care.
  8. "Pussy full of maggots" I crack the hell up every time I hear that. What the fuck were they thinking. So hey axl those ummm lyrics uh yeah....
  9. Man all those years of hard drinking are really starting to take their toll on my man tommy. I've had a couple beers with him and he's puts them down. And he always seems to have a beer in hand. Man it's gotta be a stressful job as the bass player of gnr lol