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  1. Divorce is expensive, and the reunion is refilling Slash's coffers. If he stops releasing music, that will change my opinion on him. Until then I think he is just making himself whole financially because where else can he earn that kind of money playing music he wrote? If Axl came to him tomorrow and said let's release music the guy would lock himself in a room until he came out with a GNR album. I will only look at Slash differently if there ever comes a day that wouldn't be true.
  2. They have released 1 album since 1993, and if it was up to Axl CD probably would still be sitting on a shelf somewhere. That anyone in the GNR universe (be it fans, the band, management or whoever) would dare so much as even say a word about those who are frustrated that their favorite band has managed to release only 1 album in 27 years (you read that right......27 years) is beyond comprehension. We are coming up on 30 years now since we've gotten any new original material with Axl/Slash/Duff on it, but some how Axl/TB don't seem to get why there is the hostility there is about the refusal of the band to release music from a line-up that is the only reason they are a financially viable business at this point. This won't be able to continue on forever as Slash will move on at some point after he is done refilling the coffers post divorce. Frankly I pity Axl at this point as the 1991 version of himself would think the 2020 version is the world's biggest loser for what he has allowed himself to become considering what he once stood for. There is a special place in hell reserved for TB and what they have done to this man and his career.
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    SMKC is his passion project, GNR pads his bank account and got him flush again with cash after his divorce. He probably hears the same crap we do at the shows knowing how much better they could sound, but if Axl is going to go through the motions why shouldn't he. He plays to a fraction of the people at his own gigs, but his energy level and and overall playing is usually better (not to mention he always looks happier). I think when the re-union started he probably deep down was hoping to make some music with Axl again, but the bigger a pipe dream that begins to look like the bigger the chance that the uneasy peace right now breaks.
  4. If you listen to the solo you can here it saying the chorus. It was never intended to be a masturbatory effort on Slash's part (I love when he is allowed to just wail away but this wasn't the place. Song will likely be edited down to 4 minutes for radio, so we weren't going to get NR II. I agree whole heartedly with your point about people feeling he mails it in if there isn't a 2 minute epic solo when he is working on someone else's song with likely parameters. This was all about being tasteful, emotive and fitting into the song.
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Vocals aside, Slash's solo band sounds orders of magnitude better musically on the GNR songs than GNR does. Someone should strap Axl in a chair and make him watch Slash's band play the Appetite stuff/Civil War/YCBM and such and then make him watch the product they are putting out and make him explain why he is OK with an inferior sounding musical product.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    This wouldn't even register on the outrage meter. When looked at in the context that an entire album of people purporting to call themselves Guns N' Roses was released without so much as one note from Slash on it (a borderline crime against music humanity) worrying about DJ replacing Robin seems beyond trivial. Most of us knew this and said so at the time, but with the further we are removed from them getting back together initially it just puts into an even bigger picture what a true farce that that entire new GNR experience was. Axl still lives that shame every day, and he thinks that forcing Frank/Fortus to be in the reunion line-up some how justifies that that 20 year period was anything but the monumental waste and embarrassment it was. I think part of what is holding back making new music with Slash and actually releasing it is that it will be overwhelmingly be positively received, and actually sound like a GNR record again. This will naturally dredge up the memories of how ridiculous it was for him to try and pass off that Slashless band as GNR. Billboard had an article last year that said the post reunion take per show was an extra $3 million a show average over what Axl was doing just because the cat in the hat was back delighting GNR crowds again. That has to eat him alive considering he had thoroughly convinced himself (and tried to convince the public) that he alone was GNR. The public voted with their wallets differently. Slash coming back may have padded Axl's bank account, but it undoubtedly killed his confidence and pride to have the public basically validate his biggest insecurity that no matter how hard he tried it really was all about Slash all along. He was resentful the new line-up never got out from under Slash's shadow, and releasing a new album with Slash that would undoubtedly rock will only remind him daily that he quite literally wasted 1/3 of his life essentially being the old man yelling at clouds during that dark Slashless period in GNR's history.
  7. Been a long ass time since a song grabbed me the way this one has. The lyrics are haunting and feel like a heartfelt goodbye to Ozzy's fans. A paint by numbers Slash performance is totally on point, and the guy just has a way of "getting" me at some point every time he does any kind of solo/outro in a ballad like this where I get that little chill when he bends a note a certain way. It's why I have been following him the past 30 years and will until he kicks the bucket (hopefully waaaay down the road). Song just had so much more impact on me when I found myself realizing Elton/Ozzy are in their early 70's and time is ticking away fast, even Slash is 54. Makes you realize how fast time is passing by. I seen people likening this as Ozzy's version of Johnny Cash doing "Hurt" at the end of the line, and it captures the feeling in much the same way. (As an aside it just illustrates how infuriating the Guns situation is when I hear Slash playing on a song with Ozzy/Elton, but Axl still can't get motivated enough to realize how lucky he is to have the guy at his disposal and make something happen. I loved reading through the comment section and people saying they knew it was Slash playing despite not having been mentioned anywhere on the video page because the guys sound is iconic and people just know it. How many guitar players are left in the world that people know who it is just by the sound coming out of his Les Paul. God help Axl and his unparalleled ability to fritter away such a special resource). Don’t forget me as the colors fade When the lights go down it’s just an empty stage Yes I’ve been a bad guy Been higher than the blue sky And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man I made Momma cry Don’t know why I’m still alive Yes the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man
  8. Deep down that mind blowing statistic has to just kill Axl, who deluded himself into truly believing he alone was GNR at one point. Slash should drive a harder bargain next time around considering his presence essentially represents a $3 million dollar difference in the per show take.
  9. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    He just tears it a new asshole in that outro for the One you loved is gone. Those last 2-3 minutes of the outro with him wailing away is why I love him. God do we need him playing on some new Guns material. No one does that better than him.