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  1. There is one person that doesn't want to create new music. He's been living off Appetite for 25 years now. I am surprised that people still have the heart to get outraged about it when this is just what he does.
  2. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Axl should be forced to watch Fitz's drumming on the GNR songs during the SMKC run and then try and explain why he prefers putting a substandard product behind the drum kit. This is not normal, as any real professional would sound infinitely better on that drum kit than Frank. It is an embarrassing look for the band that Axl is OK with it.
  3. Myles has always considered himself a guitar player(an exceptionally talented one) first who just happens to have a killer voice. He'll be the first to tell you he is like a fish out of water on stage without a guitar in hand, and for the most part his time with Slash was his first time basically doing the front man thing. Spending the first 40 years of life with a guitar in your hand makes transitioning to the front man roll tough, particularly when you admittedly aren't very naturally charismatic and would rather be playing a guitar. He has actually come a long way from when he started with Slash to how he was at the end of their run. I will be forever grateful to him for coming into Slash's life and giving us back the GNR stuff it seemed many of us would never get to hear Slash play again. Easy to say now with the re-union, but as of 2008/9 many of us wondered if we would ever get to hear Slash play SCOM/Rocket Queen/Jungle/Civil War/PC and so forth ever again as he hadn't (other than a one off here or there) at that point since he left Guns. That had been 15 years, and to many GNR fans who never saw Slash play them live seemed like an eternity. Myles ability to single those songs credibly (whether you like his voice or not) opened up the back catalog for Slash again and brought joy to GNR fans everywhere who so desperately wanted to see Slash playing those songs again.
  4. Frank and Richard would bastardize it so terribly I don't want to even contemplate what Axl would sound like on it.
  5. Slash Appreciation Time

    I think vocals aside the GNR songs sound better and closer to the original with Slash's solo band than they do with Slash in GNR. With SMKC there is none of the weird noises that come from Dizzy/Melissa that needlessly pollute songs, and Fitz is a light years better drummer than Frank on the GNR stuff. Slash also seemed to just sound/mesh better with Frank than he ever has with Richard. The maddening thing about the GNR reunion has been that musically it would be so far ahead of where it is if Axl didn't insist on keeping Frank/Richard and crew around to some how vindicate (in his mind) his past GNR incarnation despite the fact it makes the product suffer. Slash is playing the shit out of his guitar every night but is being let down by Frank/Richard, who just don't sound natural with him. Watch some SMKC shows playing the same GNR songs (ignoring the vocals) and it is startling how much better the same song sounds musically by just having guys on stage he meshes with. Axl will continue to jam a square peg in a round hole because that is what he does. but it doesn't have to be this way.
  6. 05/30/17 - Bilbao, ES - Estadio San Mames

    He's carried the GNR legacy on his back now for almost 25 years, even when Axl was doing his best to run it into the ground. For as happy as I am to see him back in GNR I am equally as sad that it has come with the sky high price tag of no more new music and a mute existence. Slash fans had a great little run there from 2004 to 2014 where we got 5 albums out of him in his various groups.