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  1. Part of the problem with Axl is just how poorly he aged. The whole "If he is fat I would hate to see what you consider skinny" argument completely ignores that he makes his living performing, and part of that is keeping yourself looking good and in shape. He could have aged gracefully like you'd expect from someone with his resources who was fronting a multi-million dollar enterprise should. He just let himself go. Look at how guys like Springsteen and Bon Jovi aged and then look at Axl and it is such a startling difference in terms of the kind of shape they kept themselves in it is embarrassing. Hell, Myles Kennedy is going to be 50 next year as well and the guy doesn't looked like he's aged a bit despite literally living on the road for the past 8 years between his 2 bands. To ignore that physical appearance and effort don't play a role in Axl's decline is just being naive. His not being in shape is why he sounds gassed all the time and gasping for breath. I love the guy, but that is the physical manifestation of how his not keeping himself in shape and on point manifests itself. He just never had the respect for his fans or the personal pride to push himself to do anything more than the bare minimum once he "made it". It always bothered me how the first few shows of a tour were viewed as blow offs while he "works himself into shape" as if the money those fans spent on tickets was any different than the money spent on tickets later on in the tour. Yet people accepted it because it was better than nothing. For a guy who was once at a level he was that is a low freaking bar.
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    If you go listen to the run of Slash solo shows leading up to the reunion all of the GNR songs sound better instrumentally than they did when GNR's line-up played them. If you had Axl/Slash/Duff/Frank (Sidoris) and Fitz play the GNR shows without all of the Synth it would feel like a religious experience in terms of how drastically the quality of the music would increase. It would sound so much more like GNR than the GNR line-up that presently exists.
  3. I swear I keep hearing parts of Don't Cry in the Great Pretender. Just as he's about to get into the solo it's sounds like the same lead in. Does anyone else hear it or is just me?
  4. If you listen closely to The Great Pretender there are times where it feels like it's about to morph into Don't Cry, particularly in the build-up to his solo. Love everything about this song. His riff just kicks all kinds of righteous ass.
  5. There has been some luke-warm reviews from people on here, but for the most part this is the freshest I feel like Slash has sounded in a while. Many of these songs have a great energy too them, and the album overall just feels kind of fun. I can't put my finger on what exactly or where, but overall I think Frank's presence has helped Slash's sound on this album compared to when he was essentially doing everything in the studio guitar wise last album. Like any Slash album there are still moments when he cuts into something or hits a note a certain way (like only Slash can do) that still give me that chill where the hairs on your arm stand up. The people who think he's lost it or is just recycling everything at this point are really missing out. He still has that Slash sound people expect, but does it in a way that doesn't sound like 80's cock rock as you might expect from a guy in his 50's still playing rock n roll. If Axl ever got interested in making music again there is still a great Guns record waiting inside Slash's guitar, that much is certain.
  6. Good to hear on the great pretender, because the reviews were hyping that as a standout song.
  7. Any gems on there to anyone who has heard the whole thing?
  8. Thank you. I could understand the troll motivation when there was still a split in the GNR world and it was a warring tribes mentality to tear down the other side, but at this point it makes no sense. The totally over the top "I had to turn it off after 20 seconds because Myles is so bad" type takes (of which there seem to be many) are also starting to remind me of the little kids that run up to the girls they secretly like and punch them in the arm or something as a sign of affection (while claiming they hate them at the same time). People are trying way too hard, because even if you don't like him the guy is still considered one of the best singers in rock today. Being so totally over the top with the hatred like he is local goon down at Karaoke night embarrassing himself and ruining everything is just laughable (at least it would be if it wasn't so sad). If people want a Guns sounding album take it up with Axl, as Slash would be more than willing to help if asked I am sure. Turning every thread about SMKC thread into a boo hoo session about why Slash isn't trying to write November Rain pt. 4000 when it's his non-GNR solo stuff is stupid and misplaced anger. Folks should also be eternally grateful to Myles for bringing back most of the GNR back catalog for Slash when it looked like a reunion was never happening. For that period from 93-2010 Slash wasn't playing any of that stuff really outside of a few of the easy songs, and Slash wasn't going to play the better stuff where it would be embarrassing to himself and the GNR legacy. People like me who were just old enough to have missed GNR's prime were looking at a future of never getting to see him play most of the Appetite songs, Civil War, YCBM and so forth because they are vocally demanding and few guys can do them justice enough to justify Slash playing them. I still remember how fired up I was hearing Slash play Rocket Queen that first time they did thinking I was never hearing that again. Same goes for SCOM (minus the 1 or 2 times he did it with Fergie). No one requires anyone to love Myles, but he gave Slash a platform that helped keep the GNR legacy alive at a time when Axl was doing everything he could to run it into the ground. I think doing so also gave Slash that spark again to realize how much he missed playing that stuff. He managed to credibly cover the GNR stuff without trying to be a cover version of Axl, which is an almost impossible task because of how distinct his voice is. Guy will always be A++ in my book for what he did during that period for GNR fans.
  9. If Slash made $45 million that means Axl probably made like $60. Axl making that kind of money means Team Brazil is rolling in cash.
  10. Are we ever going to get a single or anything? This album is turning into the musical version of if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound.
  11. His playing will be much more inspired when he is touring his solo stuff. Aside from the money playing with GNR has to be soul crushing for him. They make no new music, and he is stuck with a rhythm guitarist and drummer that frankly are a downgrade on the GNR stuff compared to what he plays with in his solo outfit.
  12. GNR songs always seem to sound much more alive and dynamic when played by anyone other than GNR. They should seriously get rid of Melissa and her effects and Dizzy unless needed on a piano song. All of that crap adds nothing to the songs, which is why they always sound better without it.
  13. When you're married in the people's Republic of California you are stuck with your wife as a business partner whether you like it or not.
  14. There is zero chance that is the accurate number of what he actually makes all in every month. That would mean that even in the best case scenario assuming Axl makes double (it was rumored as either a 50/30/20 split or 50/25/25) what Slash does he is only then making $8 million or so a year if we are to believe that, and for a tour that has grossed hundreds of millions there is just no way that is all these guys are clearing. If that is all they are clearing, it is time to bring in new management.
  15. There is one person that doesn't want to create new music. He's been living off Appetite for 25 years now. I am surprised that people still have the heart to get outraged about it when this is just what he does.