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  1. Duff has been marching for leftist women, they have a girl in the band now, it's almost like they feel like apologizing before blasting into some women degradation tunes they have. Don't think they are PC, or anti-PC, they do look like hypocrites from time to time tho.
  2. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    They are focusing on quantity over quality. I would rather watch a 2 hours show with Axl sounding like Axl than 4 hours of Mickey and frog rasp.
  3. Chinese Democracy Is 9 Years Old

    Give it 11 more years and then people will get the genius behind it. Until then, enjoy your verses rhyming "me" with "me", stolen ambient intros and Ron Thal playing random notes over cut, copied and pasted tracks.
  4. Probably Axl's biggest mistake (after hiring Ashba): Believing he was more than just a rock n' roll singer.
  5. What caught my attention was that even the low "all that I wanted" part sounded bad and Axl was clearly struggling. The song is difficult I know but still... The guy needs rest. And lessons. And a completely reworked set list. None of that will happen and he will keep sounding like shit. It's a shame. Now that Slash is back it would have been really cool if Axl sounded like vintage Axl. He sounds like shit.
  6. Axl always sounded shit on Better but damn he keeps getting worse. I can feel the struggle from here, it's just too demanding for him. The high scream parts, the low "all that I wanted" that leads to the final solo and the weak Mickey helium voice at the end are cringe-worthy and painful to watch. He sounds like an amateur. He should consider retiring some songs. Or just retiring from singing.
  7. Happy birthday 4tus

  8. Really liked the movie. I hope they make more JL movies with this cast.
  9. Iron Maiden - Legacy Of The Beast European Tour 2018

    These guys should REALLY consider retiring some songs. I know I know, not gonna happen. But they have soooo many classics, they could give a rest to some, starting with FOTD (again, never gonna happen).
  10. Tour statistics

    I think being butthurt is not really the case. People would see the U2 name and the new musicians and just go "Well, it's REALLY just Bono and some new guys". It's a very logical reaction. Noel Gallagher is the heart and soul (and sometimes the voice) of Oasis but he knew calling his solo band Oasis would bee just stupid since there was no Liam... Axl was greedy and in his own disturbed mind, thought he was GNR. Time proved he was wrong. Slash is back and now they got some relevance and legitimacy back.
  11. Tour statistics

    Can't believe I've been so wrong all this time. You saying "Wrong" really changed everything. Makes me wonder if that lineup was still around when would Stinson, Ashba and Bumblefoot, etc. decide to release CD2. What do you think?
  12. Tour statistics

    Well, you convinced me. Chinese Democracy is an album released by the same band that released Appetite for Destruction.
  13. Tour statistics

    yeah but it is not REALLY GNR without them right? (4th attempt)
  14. Tour statistics

    Yeah, but it would not REALLY be an U2 album, right? (this is my third attempt, hope you get it this time).