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  1. Nope, no significant improvement. Unless you consider singing a line with rasp now that he sang clean before significant. There's no shot voice, he sings with a clean voice because he wants to. If they schedule an AXL/DC gig for next week you'll see how he sounds.
  2. You guys hear what you want to hear I guess. Axl sounds shit as always. Tempo is the same. They won't make adjustments in the last month of touring.
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Regardless of this being a Han Solo film, I'm pretty sure a woman and a black dude will be the heroes of the story.
  4. I think it's hilarious how they didn't have official studio pics for the album and just used live pics for an album that cost dozens of millions and decades to get made. It's so unprofessional and amateurish. Chinese Democracy is so shit in so many aspects. As for the 2002 tour. I was completely in love with Axl's band at the time and truly believed it was his big comeback and that the album was about to be released. By the time it actually got released, Robin was already back in NIN, there was this fatty shredder in Bucket's place, the cool vibe that we had with the 06-07 live shows and leaks was mostly gone, everything was just so shitty. I don't know if the 2002 tour was a commercial failure. Returning from the shadows with a highly skilled band, trying to prove to the world you still got it by playing AFD + UYI hits and covers was certainly a big artistic failure. Axl fucked up big time, like he always does. What a stupid man.
  5. LOL GNR. What have they become...
  6. Mysterious Music Stars

    Robin Finck
  7. Into The Wild

    Cool movie but some of its fans are annoying hippie wannabes.
  8. I liked it. Love Henry and the MOS theme. After rewatching all the trailers I have to say, I'm a big fan of Iron's Alfred, what a fucking badass.
  9. Seriously, Mickey is Mickey. There's no "stronger" Mickey or "listenable" Mickey. If he sings clean, he sounds bad. Simple as that. It's just a dude with a regular voice and some training trying to sing GNR tunes. It's borderline amateur. Axl became famous because his voice was very distinctive. And powerful. I don't expect 1987-1993 level obviously. Nobody does. But current Axl is not really Axl. Take Estranged for example, the climax of the song, it's so dramatic and it begs for Axl to give his all and all he does is his half-assed helium voice and lacks any effort to give the song what it needs. It's like I'm watching someone at a karaoke bar. YCBM is another example. Fucking heavy kickass song. You just can't sing that song like an old lesbian lady like Axl does. Retire that shit if you won't even try to sing it with balls. 2010 was the end for Axl vocally in GNR. His ACDC stint proved he can still sing when he wants to. From 2011 til today with the ACDC exception, Axl sounds bad, very very bad. A bad parody of himself. Oh he was 8,65% better in São Paulo than he was in Rio? Big fucking deal. It's still the Mickey Mouse show.
  10. If this reaches 1 billion with Axl sounding like complete shit, it's proof the GNR fanbase is dumbest out there.
  11. He should take some jumping lessons with Bruce Dickinson. Now THAT'S impressive.
  12. Female Terminator, now a female John Connor. LOL. Just make a new movie with a female protagonist FFS.