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  1. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    As someone who traveled to London for both shows in 2017 i won't be going again unless there is a new album / the show is significantly different which i expect won't happen! i'm a hardcore fan and have seen them well over a dozen times in multiple countries since 2006. time to draw a line under it unless they come close to home. London shows in 2017 were the most profitable of the tour from what i've read. Truly massive and memorable!
  2. Wouldn't be fair to pass final judgement on this 'song' (or any of them infact) without the vocals added - never mind in this case with it also lacking guitars. Think of some of the odd industrial shit going on in the background on 'better'.... being one of the 'better' tracks on CD, i would not have thought that if we had only just heard 3 dollar pyramid instrumental. That said.... i'm not keen on this in its current form!
  3. Just having a listening session of these leaks... i've been focusing on Atlas etc over the past few weeks although i'm really appreciating the quality of these instrumentals now. Some seriously good music here.... lets hope that one day some of them see the light of day with vocals in a finished form. Particular faves: Quicksong Me & My Elvis Dummy Devious bastard Zodiac Dub Suplex Oklahoma
  4. Always a bit skeptical on time lines although if correct this is really good news. I'm just more interested in seeing if its a set a new tracks or reworked Chinese era material. I also really hope the 6 month timeline is accurate because if they plan on touring Europe / US again next year it should really be on the back of a new album and not just a continuation of the NITLT affair. Sales must surely start to drop off at some stage without any new material. A March release would make sense. WhazUp is right - Axl and Guns can't win with some fans..... they could release 14 new tracks in exactly 6 months time and people would find something wrong with it!
  5. I've also just dedicated a good hour just sorting through the recent leaks and organizing them into folders.... had a small giggle to myself about it... there are fucking shit loads of files! LOL! Hopefully more to come!
  6. Ok cool. If HS is genuinely in the setlist, it'll get played at some point in the next few shows i would imagine. Axl usually waits until a couple of show in before dropping new songs..... SOYL didn't get played immediately if i recall correctly.
  7. is there any audio from soundcheck or a verified genuine account that HS was rehearsed? If it's on the set list it may well just be a windup as the band are well aware that they get leaked all the time. There have been many occasions where songs have been on the set lists and never played!
  8. Atlas has grown on me. I thought it was shit initially. Atlas, Perhaps, Hardschool all good songs. The rest need work or vocals before we can judge. Eye on you... crap.
  9. Any leak of Zodiac and Quick song with vocals just went up in value 10 fold. Those 2 instrumentals sound awesome. Some other great songs on that disc though..... Atlas versions is the best by far. Listening to prostitute original demo.... cool.
  10. Interesting but my least favourite of the leaks so far. Certainly experimental. Nothing special lol! Same league as my world, silkworms et al. Hope the remaining songs with vocals are better than this.
  11. i recall that one! From a long time ago.... no idea where it came from.