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  1. 1 x standing ticket for Friday in London available. Looking for £60.
  2. I paid £5 for a 330ml bottle of Carlsberg i think at the AXL/DC gig in Manchester last year. At Sheffield Arena it is £5 a pint for shit lager / cider OR £9.60 for a 2 pint monster! What time are GNR due on stage?
  3. I have a spare standing ticket for Friday, one of my group can't make it. DM me if you want it. Sensible offers please. Paid £90 for it.
  4. Just got through to Ticketmaster, they claim my Friday GC tickets were dispatched on the 24th May, Royal mail never delivered them etc... I've never had a text / email / note through the door. On the ticketmaster website it still says that my tickets have not been dispatched. They now tell me that i have to collect them from the box office on Friday. V pissed off. Paid for special delivery! Sound familiar to anyone? I have my seated tickets for the Sat show. These were not secure delivery. Anyone know where the box office is at the stadium? Any good recommendations for drinking around the stratford area before the gig?
  5. I have my seated tickets for the Sat but not my GC standing for the Friday. Will be calling Ticketmaster in the morning. Not acceptable when they were bought in December and i've paid for bloody delivery. Shite. Is the box office at the venue easy to find etc if i have to pick them up? Anyone any ideas? Not arriving in London until 16:30 so not best pleased!
  6. quality, not heard it before either. good find!
  7. Correction - 2006 was not bad. I was at this show and it was great.
  8. Only 1 UK date?

    got my london tix for Friday (standing) and then Saturday (seated). I'm thinking i'll be fucked from friday so will need a sit down. Regarding the price- - not fucking cheap! When you add on travel, hotel, beer, its soon becomes very expensive!
  9. Attending. 4 tix purchased yesterday via nightrain. New that membership would finally come in handy! I am hoping for another date but think the likely is that it would be in London on the Saturday. If so i'll be goin to that one as well seen as i'm down there.
  10. No idea but also thinking of getting cheap flights from UK to Bologna for a few days then heading to the show. Imola looks to not be that far from Bologna. Any advice re transport, accommodation from locals would be welcome!
  11. All 'older' bands have a hint of nostalgia, nothing wrong with that! Metallica play the same fucking brilliant songs they made back in the day at almost every show, even last night in london they only played a handful from the new album. Just about to give the Metallica album a serious go, had a few listens so far but it hasn't stood as out being really good like Death Magnetic which i thought was great.
  12. Just don't agree with this. Some great covers, it was just a fun punk cover album, people read too much into it. Why is it so bad? Never understood this!
  13. 10/27/16 - Lima, PE - Estadio Monumental

    Sounds full of cold to me. Still a great show though i imagine! Sure someone said he was late arriving in Lima due to seeing the doctor?