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  1. Well he sounds good to me!
  2. Have to disagree, the concert experience and live mix does wonders for your ears! ALways sounds worse on recorded videos than if you are actually at the gig. Enjoy it everyone, looks like a good venue!
  3. Just returned to the UK after a wonderful few days in Tallinn. What a great place, friendly people and very good beer! The show was awesome, band and Axl sounded great. Even songs like yesterdays were good for me! Better than in London last year i thought. This show was better than Download fest in my view which was also a really good performance. This was my 12th GNR gig since 2006 and almost certainly one of the best overall. Highlights... Shadow of your love...album perfect. Yesterdays.. best version i've heard live. Don't cry was excellent. Maddy... spot on! Nightrain was epic. I could go on! Lowlights..... Wichita fucking lineman. Ridiculous song to include, can't understand why this continues to be in the setlist! With so many other amazing tracks GNR could play they choose this one? Replace or remove for me. The bar service at the venue was awful prior to the show. Literally could not get to the bar, service was incredibly slow. When the gig started it was ok though. Brilliant venue, very much like MK bowl but better. A more severe gradient. This may very well be my final GNR gig assuming they won't tour forever ! If so, I couldn't have asked for more really! Cheers Tallinn!
  4. Review: AWESOME show. One of the best GNR gigs ive ever attended. (12 previous). Amazing venue, people, Axl on fire, band on fire... spot on!
  5. Excellent time in estonia.... brilliant people, beer and city. Awesome... hoping for another amazing GNR show!
  6. Ive been saying 'this is the last time' since 06! However.. i do think this will actually be the last time!
  7. And yet you still take the time to browse and post on a GNR forum. I don't get this! If you are that disatisfied why are you still here? Do you think at 57 Axl will all of a sudden change his voice? I agree he is not as good as i years gone by but he is still an outstanding singer and frontman in my view.
  8. Apart from the first part of jungle it was fine. ISE was good. Middle to end of Jungle was perfectly acceptable. Awful sound mix across ALL bands. Compare this '2010' proshot of Jungle to download 2018..... I vote download 2018 is better.
  9. Well in this case he doesn't sound like shit apart from the opening few lines of jungle. ISE is good and Jungle is also fine. Live they were both fucking brilliant at that gig. he isn't perfect and NEVER has been in any era. The kid who mentioned Reading proshot..... i remember people saying how shit that was back in the day. Comedy forum this. That Jungle was no better and it was in the '2010' era... LOL
  10. Apart from the first part of jungle it was fine. What are people moaning about? ISE was good. Middle to end of Jungle was perfectly acceptable. Awful sound mix across ALL bands.
  11. Really enjoyed that black stone cherry set.... hope Guns have a good one!
  12. What i find really interesting about the GNR saga since NUGNR in 01/02 is that every time (apart from 2010 to a point) the band toured, Axl's voice was 'worse' in some way yet we now look back and hope for a return to certain 'eras' / styles. The fact is that Axls voice since 1985 has never really remained consistent for any length of time. Variables such as drink/drugs/smoking and 'general wear and tear' of the vocal chords & yes his desire to actually push himself have played a part. Sadly age is now catching up with him, clear to see if you compare AXL 12 years ago in 06 to today. There is no doubt that this has taken its toll but i will stress once again that he can still give a wonderful performance, sounds great and the majority of time you don't notice much difference in the live arena apart from when he really fucks things up (like at donington last week of TIL!) Good debating with you Sir. ;-) did Lemmy stop smoking..... doubtful!
  13. You are comparing the best of 2016 i feel. NIghtrain is still awesome, as would OTGM i'm sure if they played it. Zero mickey in 2016... don't talk rubbish. Go back and listen to estranged, rocket queen etc and you will find that most of the time they sound very similar to today. Don't cry and yesterdays are the same. Patience is the same. PC arguably worse than the last few shows. YCBM consistently struggled since 2006! Raspy and powerful in 2010... saw the band 3 times that year. Live, no massive difference really in terms of the concert experience although i would agree that overall Axl is not as good today as back then. 8 years is a long time when you are at his age! He had more energy absolutely. But he still has plenty of energy now for a 57 year old. You cannot compare the demand of GNR songs to the likes of the Stones etc. Re the AXL/DC stuff... saw that live in 2016 and it was awesome. Although people forget that on many tracks he sings exactly like he currently does on estranged for examples. Listen to 'dirty deeds' and the like. I'm a realist and do believe that although the show is still really good and he sounds generally good.. If Axl continues to gradually decline in terms of vocal ability i hope he calls it a day with GNR in the next few years. Peace out & long live rock and roll!