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  1. is it worth a listen? best leak of recent times for me was that 'going down', Tommy track. Ace.
  2. 1 x standing ticket for Friday in London available. Looking for £60.
  3. 06/16/17 - London, GB - London Stadium

    I paid £5 for a 330ml bottle of Carlsberg i think at the AXL/DC gig in Manchester last year. At Sheffield Arena it is £5 a pint for shit lager / cider OR £9.60 for a 2 pint monster! What time are GNR due on stage?
  4. 06/16/17 - London, GB - London Stadium

    I have a spare standing ticket for Friday, one of my group can't make it. DM me if you want it. Sensible offers please. Paid £90 for it.
  5. 06/16/17 - London, GB - London Stadium

    Just got through to Ticketmaster, they claim my Friday GC tickets were dispatched on the 24th May, Royal mail never delivered them etc... I've never had a text / email / note through the door. On the ticketmaster website it still says that my tickets have not been dispatched. They now tell me that i have to collect them from the box office on Friday. V pissed off. Paid for special delivery! Sound familiar to anyone? I have my seated tickets for the Sat show. These were not secure delivery. Anyone know where the box office is at the stadium? Any good recommendations for drinking around the stratford area before the gig?
  6. 06/16/17 - London, GB - London Stadium

    I have my seated tickets for the Sat but not my GC standing for the Friday. Will be calling Ticketmaster in the morning. Not acceptable when they were bought in December and i've paid for bloody delivery. Shite. Is the box office at the venue easy to find etc if i have to pick them up? Anyone any ideas? Not arriving in London until 16:30 so not best pleased!