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  1. neither would i! Axl would be out and punching i'm sure! LAX airport incident for example.... never mind St Louis!
  2. Dominic kept the press waiting about 20 mins. I've waited 2 hours for Axl on a number of occasions! No comparison lol!
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    One positive aspect of this pandemic is that we have seen real innovation by firms across industries to connect with and continue to offer services to customers. There have been wonderful examples across industry, customers really value this and will be loyal in future. We have seen the same in the music industry. Sadly GNR are once again rock bottom when it comes to any of this. Why? They don't feel they need to.. arrogance and complacency on their part. Nothing new with this lot but a real shame - this was an ideal opportunity to reconnect with fans. Totally useless management.

    For clarification.... By 'political' i do mean 'exploiting the current health pandemic'. I'm well aware of the band's history my friend. I give zero shits about US politics just can't stand how this band /AXL seem more interested in it than the music or their fans - who have put them on the pedestal they now sit. Take a look through their social media over the last decade.... how many tweets etc relate to things other than music?

    Just seen this on Twitter. Fucking ridiculous. This band and management are a disgrace. Politics shouldn't be involved. Been a fan all my life, shameful moment for GNR. Sums up the fucking idiots in charge. Kind of glad London has been postponed. Was really questionning my decision to go anyway, no new music, all this politics shit... easy decision now. After at least 10 shows in multiple countries i've had enough of this set up. Embarrassing that they think this is a good PR move.... This Fernando character is a fucking idiot.
  6. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    France is being mentioned on the news this AM. This appears to be a reciprocal arrangement between France and the UK. More details will be announced today i expect.
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    Yes I have really enjoyed watching Metallica shows the past few weeks. Different eras etc with a small intro from the band. This is how to do it!!!
  8. It was at Reading where they ended up performing a 'sit in' from memory after the power was cut off! Didn't they do an acoustic version of something? I was at Leeds fest which was the day after i think, convinced they wouldn't even play the show! Anyway, it was a good gig in the end although shorter than normal from what i can recall.
  9. The thing is, these days GNR are likely to be able to tour indefinitely, selling well at arena level for the rest of their working lives. Whether we like it or not, this is the case. The back catalogue as it is now means they will be able to milk the brand for many years to come. I don't agree with the view that eventually they will 'need' new music. Perhaps to sell stadiums and keep the hardcore fans happy but the majority of fans going to gigs are not hardcore... they are mainstream rock fans wanting to see GNR. Really hope i am wrong but i just don't think the incentives are there to release new music. As a hardcore fan, ill be seeing them this year in London but can't see a reason to travel again unless they come really close to home. I'm happy to close that chapter of religiously following the band home and abroad. It's been awesome, but time to call it a day i think, new album or not! When i started viewing this board in 2003 i didn't even know that GNR still existed in any form!!! Was a huge GNR fan in the 90s but too young to go to gigs. Can still recall viewing the VMAS and hearing madagascar for the first time via some dodgy download. At that time i genuinely didn't think i'd ever see AXL live, never mind a reunion. Chinese Democracy was a myth! Always worth remembering how far things have come people.
  10. yeah, remember it well! Kept waiting for ages, heat wave... pissed up standing, sweating like buggery! right mess! great show though. Had been to Rock in Rio Lisbon (first gig of the Euro tour) prior to that so it must have been my second GNR show maybe. Wasn't he late on stage due to having a roast dinner or soemthing? Comedy! Even back then i remember saying Axl will probably never tour again! Been saying that every time they tour lol! Pretty sure Izzy joined them on stage that show. Epic!
  11. Good. They deserve every ounce of criticism a this stage. Especially as fans were led to believe something significant was happening regarding new music. The tour being badged as a 'new chapter' / 'whole new show' just takes the piss. I bought my ticket for London before this Miami show.... starting to wish i had waited and would have given it a miss. Having traveled to Ireland, Portugal, Estonia and Finland over the years in addition to countless UK shows since 2006 including both nights in London at the Olympic stadium.... this Tottenham Stadium show will be my last outing unless they literally come to my city. Axl isn't it up to many of the old songs, set list is the same, the show, although its still acceptable is getting worse not better.
  12. I think we often forget that actually the majority of the general public have no interest in new music from this band. They go to a GNR show for the hits, nothing else. Whether we like it or not they are now a touring nostalgia act and will continue to sell out big venues for a very, very long time! This US tour won't do as well as NITL i expect but it will still make lots of money. I'm an Aerosmith fan (not on the same scale as i am a GNR fanatic) but when i see them later this year i expect a concert full of classic hits, new songs (unless awesome) actually get in the way of old school tracks. Really hope that GNR mix up the set and take out songs like Better which Axl cannot sing. Plenty of other tunes to go at which he may just be able to do justice. Anyway, if they come near you, get a ticket and enjoy the show. After a few beers Axl always sounds great live to me!!!!
  13. Exactly. Well said. I usually go to multiple shows whenever they come to Europe. Travel abroad etc. This time i will be doing just the 1 in London. (More for a wknd away with the wife and to see the new Tottenham stadium than for GNR lol!)
  14. Prediction.... same old show + a new cover. Nothing new and crap vocals as per for the first show of the year. Enjoy the show tonight anyone that's going. However bad axl can sound on the internet, the concert experience is always good.
  15. That has to be one of the weirdest tweets.... why would that be worth a tweet at this time? Odd fuckers run GNR.