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  1. If they come to STL, I would likely go. Closest on this list is Indy and I just don't see it happening.
  2. Equally tired is all the bitching about setlist, weight, hair, etc. Nobody is forcing anyone to go, or even pay attention. So many people complain and say ‘I’m done with this shit’, only to be back next show with the same tired complaints
  3. Awesome! Glad you had a good time and haven’t turned into one of these entitled ‘fans’ that somehow believe they are owed something while they angrily pound on their keyboards.
  4. Perhaps they are bringing back Izzy and Steven for a true 'reunion'. hey, that would sell tickets and add another year or so to the money train!
  5. Lies

    I Love Lies! Can't put it above AFD or even Illusions, but strictly vocally speaking, I think the acoustic songs are some of Axl's best. AFD, Illusions, Lies, Live Era, TSI, CD in order
  6. Congrats! After having one for 6 months or so, I have realized that the coolest part of the whole thing is the actual box. That is not a dig on the music or trinkets, just that the box itself has really become the gem of the whole thing IMO.
  7. whoa! Just catching up. Personally I thought Dead Horse sounded great!
  8. Question for anyone at the festival today. Are there several merch tents, and are they selling Guns stuff today? Just curious what will be available for Guns when I arrive tomorrow.

    was initially tempted on the bat, but then wondered what the hell I would do with it. Most of the trinkets I have bought over time sit in a closet, which is where this would likely end up as well
  10. 1. RQ 2. WTTJ 3. SCOM 4. Patience 5. ISE Yeah, a lot of AFD era for me in top 5. The next 10 are largely dominated by UYI tracks. No Chinese or Spaghetti in the top 20. Not ranking leaks. Lot of movement in top 20 for me at any given time, but Chinese and Spaghetti top out around 22.
  11. That was damn good! I’ll take that at Louder than Life next weekend!
  12. based on recent history and GN'R honoring rockers who pass away, I wonder if we'll get a little 'Two Tickets to Paradise' at this show.... honestly think Axl would do a great job on this song
  13. meh - finally heard Atlas, and it's ok but not a tune that I would play over and over again. Nor would I get super pumped to hear it live. Fits right in there with CITR, Prostitute, and other CD good but not great tunes.
  14. SIAP, but will there be a lithograph for this show? Not sure if they do them for the festival shows or not and certainly don't want to get there super early if they won't even have one.
  15. Yeah, this whole situation is annoying. I jumped on the SDE early on, and then jumped on the box at $499. Wasn't too upset for a while - thinking I got a good deal on the box at least. Now, I am pretty disappointed as they have resorted to breaking up the boxes and discounting out the pieces. Honestly won't be surprised at all when they start selling empty L&L boxes - hell that may be worth it to some that never jumped if the price is right. Nice piece of 'art' to store your GN'R stuff in.