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  1. this is a great topic of conversation. I did not love the Illusions albums out of the gate, as I was expecting a sound more like Appetite. I learned to love both albums, but have always favored UYI 1 just a little more. I can really now say that I appreciate/enjoy the UYI albums on a level similar to Appetite, but in a different way. As many have stated, the sound/composition/direction changed. This doesn't make it bad or worse than Appetite - just different. Looking back, it is actually quite amazing how GNR were able to reinvent themselves for Illusions and do it so successfully. I hope there is a box set / celebration around these albums around the 30th (or 31st lol) anniversary. I will say that I do tend to skip certain songs while listening to Illusions, whereas I have never had a problem listening to Appetite straight through - every song is tight on Appetite, while there are some just plain bad songs on Illusions (Back off Bitch, My World, Shotgun Blues to name a few)
  2. video closing in on a million views - so I guess there is that.
  3. After a few days of listening, I really like this official version of the song. Good rocker.
  4. So, I took both the GNR site and Amazon all the way to 'submit order' status to see the price diff. Oddly enough, buying from the GNR site ends up being around $2 cheaper LOL! HOWEVER, from past experience I know that the GNR site charges you right away, whereas Amazon charges you when shipped. The only time GNR delivery was bad for me was when I was trying to get my Nightrain stuff. Otherwise, it has been pretty decent. Just my 2 cents.
  5. suck it up and enjoy it when it arrives. you can probably sell off individual pieces to recoup the money you spent and then some later in the Summer.
  6. Super Deluxe all the way. May have considered L&L at a cheaper price.
  7. well, i was on the fence at $650 - leaning slightly to 'yes' depending on the whole package. at $1000, I can't do it. I went ahead with the super delux though. I'm a sucker for memorabilia, and that package appears to have the bulk of what is in the box - minus the 'hand made' stuff. I bought through the gnr site as well - not sure why, but that is the way I went.
  8. My guess is that this will be a remastered AFD, blu-ray/4k dvd of NITL tour, some sort of art work / picture booklet, and some remastered b-sides, etc. Potential for an all new song? I'm probably game to buy it, but price/content will certainly be huge factors.
  9. Count me in the camp that likes GITR.
  10. Great topic! I share the opinion that some have expressed here, and honestly this is a topic that I have thought about quite a bit recently as a result of the tour, etc. Like many, I considered UY2 to be the stronger when released and held that position for a long time. I now consider UY1 to be the better of the two albums, and honestly I am not sure it is even close. The biggest weakness (as a couple people have already stated) on UY1 is Back of Bitch. I have always considered that track to be weak - it has an ok vibe instrumentally, but lyrically I am not a fan. I've read over the years that Back off Bitch was the last song cut from the original AFD track listing, and what a genius decision that ultimately was. Appetite is a classic and every single song on it is very strong. Having Back off Bitch on there would have been a huge error.
  11. They can do both! They'll have 6 months of downtime to focus on finishing the album. Note I said finishing, as I am sure there are plenty of tunes laying around that they can polish, record, etc.......
  12. Whoa, thats cool! Id possibly be willing to buy or trade for one. The only available trade i have right now is st. Louis though.
  13. Pink joining is pretty cool imo!!
  14. Best litho since St. Louis in my opinion!