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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Hoping to get a return trip to St. Louis at some point
  2. FYI - Saturday only GA tickets have moved to the final price point - meaning if you want to go for just Saturday and haven't purchased tickets yet, you may want to. I am guessing Saturday will eventually sell completely out.
  3. Agreed, and I hope to hell they do decide to start putting stuff out for the enjoyment of making music - would make me and everyone on this site happy. But, if I am Axl, Slash, Duff, etc, I ask myself 'what is the point?' if the plan isn't to tour more and make more $. Perhaps there is a desire to stay busy and prove people wrong by releasing a bunch of great music over the next few years. Perhaps they realize that the opportunity to cement a legacy is closing as they near their 60's. I don't know. I just know that they dynamics of how musicians make money has flipped since the 90's, and pumping out new music in and of itself does not move the needle on $ - the motivation has to be from something else.
  4. There is almost no money at all in a simple release of new music these days. Touring is where the money is now, and thus is the only way to move new music. Hell, a lot of musicians have started giving copies of their newest CDs away with the purchase of a ticket. Recently happened for me with Jack White.
  5. this has to be a translation issue. there is no way Slash would say that with a 'mini-tour' scheduled, etc. My honest guess is that he implied the opposite of the quote, as in "I think it will finally happen". Pretty easy to mis-translate with an extra word in the quote.
  6. Boom! just bought tickets for Saturday night!!
  7. Hell Yeah! I am going to try and make this happen. Curious to see who else is on the bill for the 28th. Hopefully we can buy tickets for just that day.
  8. while not my favorite song (although easily top 5'ish), I have to go with WTTJ here, as it has always been the song that defined GNR for me.