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  1. Shirt and litho if at all possible.
  2. People may not like and may feel like the bands are sticking it to them, but in the end, it truly is a business and it is capitalism at its finest. The bands are selling a product on the market (concerts, merch, music) and they do so at a price that is designed to equal out supply and demand while maximizing profit. A band like GNR is really no different than a company like Apple. Apple sells their iPhones at ridiculous prices compared to how much it costs to produce them. Why? Because their loyal following will pay those prices. If enough people stopped paying those prices, basic economics would force the price down for future iPhones. Same is true for GNR - as long as they are at an optimal Supply/Demand price point, why change? Why sell a stadium of 40,000 seats at $30 when they can do so at $130? It will change when economics forces it to. This isn't meant to sound cold, but companies (bands) are typically not in the business of making less money than the the market will support.
  3. Honestly, its just not a good song.
  4. Actually, a much cooler video than I was expecting. Would be fun to see them play it live. It was never one of my favorite songs of theirs, but fun to see the band doing videos again somewhat.
  5. Ok, so I will run the risk of exposing my lack of technological expertise here, but I do have a question. I got the SDE and when I put CD2, 3 or 4 in a computer or car CD player, it does not bring up the song titles - it just has 'Track 1', etc. Do I need to do something? I wanted to create my own digital copies of these eventually without having to re-buy, but am a little lost as to why it does this. Thoughts?
  6. Received my Super Deluxe yesterday and have had time to give the remastered AFD a listen. IT. SOUNDS. AWESOME! One thing I did notice is that Steven's drums seem to be a bit more prominent. All in all - great job on the remaster
  7. I bought the Super Deluxe and the Vinyl-only package. Gives me the best of the L&L box (IMO) for about $200
  8. after watching the videos, I am happy with my decision to get the Super Deluxe and then compliment that with the purchase of the remastered AFD LPs. Some of the other stuff in the L&L box looks cool and I would love to have it, but a little too pricey. I was leaning yes when the expected price was $650, but not at $1000
  9. There is a standalone Vinyl option on Amazon for $30. I did this Super Deluxe and the Vinyl standalone to accomplish basically what you are looking for. Total price of $175 on Amazon for both.
  10. Fly GNAIR

    meh - if the shades are reasonably priced, they may be worth a look. The rest is kinda weird - if you want to represent for GNR, why would a GNAIR shirt/hat/etc be the choice?
  11. Honestly, I think everyone on here knew what I meant. But please, continue to analyze every word of my comment.
  12. I think it is cool that they did Slither. I hope it remains part of the set - shows Axl is willing to at least recognize (and perhaps embrace) other members side project works.
  13. this is a great topic of conversation. I did not love the Illusions albums out of the gate, as I was expecting a sound more like Appetite. I learned to love both albums, but have always favored UYI 1 just a little more. I can really now say that I appreciate/enjoy the UYI albums on a level similar to Appetite, but in a different way. As many have stated, the sound/composition/direction changed. This doesn't make it bad or worse than Appetite - just different. Looking back, it is actually quite amazing how GNR were able to reinvent themselves for Illusions and do it so successfully. I hope there is a box set / celebration around these albums around the 30th (or 31st lol) anniversary. I will say that I do tend to skip certain songs while listening to Illusions, whereas I have never had a problem listening to Appetite straight through - every song is tight on Appetite, while there are some just plain bad songs on Illusions (Back off Bitch, My World, Shotgun Blues to name a few)
  14. video closing in on a million views - so I guess there is that.