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  1. Don't like getting the old begging bowl out but I have been searching low and highhhhh. I won't get to get what I'm after. Can I get a PM please. Apologies to those who hate the seeker.
  2. As I posted earlier in the thread, there is a rough/alternative mix of the song which doesn't fade out like the album master but rather ends like the way the live version does with Axl speaking that part. Not sure I can post the youtube link or not? Apologies if not. Pretty Tied Up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BJP2zZfhns&index=3&list=PLIXA8sinfLhiAZQByriMJ9CfUATxsxqT2 14 Years (with extended outro, which I mentioned earlier also) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAUS0igIhhg Cheers.
  3. You mean pretty tied up. The master that is on the album fades out but there is a rough cut out there whereby the song continues rather than fading out and ends like the live version with Axl saying the ''tell you a thing or two" line. he extended 14 Years outro from the same tape is outstanding.
  4. Velvet Revolver feat. Brian Johnson

    I was at this show with my brother. I was on holiday with family in Orlando and heard an advertisement on local radio advertising that fact that VR were playing the Hard Rock. They were due to play in New Orleans but had to cancel due to Katrina. If memory serves me right, they put this show on instead, with all proceeds being donated to the relief effort. No smart phones back then so haven’t got any pictures or videos from the show. I did have some very scratchy looking pics that I took on an old battered Nokia, but they have long since been lost. There was probably less than 400 people there. Brilliant show from what I can remember. Particular highlight was the very poignant cover of Wish You Were Here. Rumors before the show was that AC/DC were performing… that rumor was at least half true. I had seen VR earlier in the year back home in the UK. Was an arena show in Birmingham. This show was far superior, from the sound, the noise, to the amount of people at the show. Being able to actually make eye contact with the guys is something special. I can remember getting a nodding head of acknowledgement from Duff during ‘For the Kids (probably my favorite VR song). Meeting Bam Bam Bigelow of wwe fame at the show was also a particular highlight. Huge guy and his hand absolutely dwarfed mine. Talked to him about seeing him wrestle the BossMan in the UK. I think he passed away not long after this.