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  1. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    I've met Slash a few times after concerts. Twice while he was with MKC and once with VR. The recent ones with MKC was more formal- line up, he signs something and you're on your way (hand shake as well). When he was with VR, I actually met him at his hotel bar. My friend and I decided to try going to the only hotel that was nice enough to house famous people. It was the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, so not many acts came through our parts, at least not back then (2004). I jokingly asked one of the bell men if Slash was here and he said "yeah, he's at the bar." I was stunned. My friend and I went straight to the bar and engaged in conversation with him. Very cool and easy to talk to. He was amazed that I remembered about his blues ball band...lol. We asked him for a pic and he said of course. We would have kept on talking with him but Perla called and he said he had to take it. He sat talking on the couches in the lounge area with her for a while, but then just suddenly got up and went to his room. I remember he was drinking wine. We asked for some as well but were denied because it was 3 am and apparently only Slash was able to be served (cut off in Texas is 2am). After reading all of the stories about meeting Slash, the only thing I can reason is that he is more conversational and engaging when drinking. I think a lot of us are like that. Meeting him was one of the highlights of my life....he has really made a deep musical impact with me.