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  1. Original AFD Artwork Debate

    Sometimes I am really, really glad this stupid PC crap hasn't come to Central Europe in its worst form. We can enjoy cracking jokes about how America has gone mad and how it has become the country with the most ridiculous and triggered media in the free world (let alone your snowflakes generation). And yes - all this nonsense remind us our communist past on soooo many levels.
  2. So? Should Ozzy avoid mentioning suicide in his lyrics because some stupid idiot could actually attempt it? Then I guess the only safe way is to sing about flowers. This is Guns N' Roses, pal.
  3. If maturity = trying to avoid controversy, then yes. But I do not believe that's the case and especially not when it comes to rock'n'roll.
  4. As for the 'white millionaire' nonsense - Axl was definitely NOT the millionaire when he was writing the song. He was white, yes, but I don't care about people's skin color and I absolutely don't get the obsession with race.
  5. Exactly. Let alone the fact rock'n'roll has been offensive since the day one. "Offensive" was also the most used brand for punk rockers.
  6. Unfortunately you're right. Because the West is becoming less and less free and re-release of the song would destroy GNR credit (because of the media being full of PC fanatics). To me it's one of their greatest songs, especially Izzy's guitar input is cool. As for the lyrics, they're embarassing sometimes, yes. Izzy hated the racist parts too. So did Slash. But if Axl would be brave enough to re-release in PC world of 2018, I would be impressed anyway. It would be an act of artistic freedom. Not gonna happen.
  7. where's Pitman?

    Sir, your brilliant comments made my day! I can't stop laughing. Thank you very much, seriously.
  8. It's pretty evident Izzy was the one wearing the trousers in the band back then.
  9. Slash and Duff are also sometimes confused when it comes to dates and names. When I was making interviews with them, I remember Slash started to laugh after I corrected him for like third time. So I rather stopped doing that. :-)
  10. Yeah. And he's worked with tons other artists/divas since, so...
  11. Absolutely. I think Axl was taking lessons from Gary Sunshine, the guy from Circus of Power who's also playing on Oh My God.
  12. But not the Matt's part. Or I am blind.
  13. I guess this part was edited out of the final cut:
  14. I am not gonna start this again for thousand time. I did not say it was solely about money. I just say Izzy has every right to demand any amount that make him feel comfortable and being treated fair. And the other guys have every right to refuse. Your logic could be used the other way around - if they would be interested in something else than money, they would give him what he wanted. Anyway, this debate leads nowhere.