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  1. True. It doesn't change the fact they could tune down even more.
  2. Neither the host nor Duff seemed to remember Axl playing guitar live on Dead Horse in 1993.
  3. My call: they aren't.
  4. TV & radio also use editing and can twist one's words.
  5. At this point Axl already had This I Love, so this could have been included.
  6. Slash says, "Axl’s got a ton of shit that he recorded already" and that he & Duff could contribute to, but how much of that material is actually Axl, creatively speaking? Wouldn't it weird be if they were to rework songs written by Stinson or Pitman? Maybe not... After all, we already have a Rose/Huge track performed by the (almost) classic line-up.
  7. Ax£ might work better.
  8. Just saw this on nme.com : Slash has indicated that a new Guns N’ Roses album is on the cards, speaking in a new interview with Eddie Trunk on his Sirius XM show Trunk Nation. The legendary guitarist said of a potential new GN’R LP: “It’s been talked about. I think everybody wants to do it, and we’ll just see what happens. We’ve been busy doing this running around the planet.” Read more at https://www.nme.com/news/music/slash-new-guns-and-roses-album-chances-think-everyone-wants-2363857#Q0podlllPBCO3xSq.99 Sounds like something Fortus would say, but it's nice hearing it from Slash...
  9. Does anyone actually think of these as "Guns n'Roses"?
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I can't help thinking that if Axl had gone for that kind of sound over all and released CD as a solo album, it would have been a triumph! I'm not saying I prefer this over the released version (I actually don't) but with a clearly different intent and his own name, the legacy question wouldn't have loomed so large.
  11. That song--maybe not the exact same track--but that song was on the 1st GnR record I ever bought, the LALD single. I never listened to it much as I felt it was nothing special. So I find it hard to get excited now.
  12. Older bands usually have a slower output, but GnR in the mid 90s were by no mean an older band. They were current. By the way, Oasis did all their recording carreer between the release of TSI? and that of CD!