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  1. But then shouldn't we count releases by Velvet Revolver, Slash, Duff, Bumblefoot, Sorum, Stinson, Dizzy... ?
  2. One I like (and is meaningful to me): Oasis had their whole recording career between the release of The Spaghetti Incident and that of Chinese Democracy. That's 7 studio albums + 2 or 3 album worth of b-sides.
  3. Old School Tix

    Well, that was when people still bought records and that was were the money was. Tours were meant to support records.
  4. Old School Tix

    Being 45, that's my idea of an old fashioned ticket... Once they started printing them out on demand, that was over.
  5. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    That I know of, it was Don't Cry on a TV show around the time IUY was released.
  6. I don't think it's fair to either GnR or West Arkeen to call the latter an "outside producer". He was a friend of the band's & wrote It's So Easy with Duff in that capacity. Hardly the same thing as bringing Desmond Child in to try and get a hit.
  7. Sorry for nitpicking, but all double albums are released simultaneously -- as two records in one box. UYI came out, not as a double album, but as two albums, and it probably cost more to buy both than to buy a double album.
  8. Songs about GNR

    On the radio We heard November Rain That solo's really long But it's a pretty song We listened to it twice 'Cause the DJ was asleep