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  1. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I can't help thinking that if Axl had gone for that kind of sound over all and released CD as a solo album, it would have been a triumph! I'm not saying I prefer this over the released version (I actually don't) but with a clearly different intent and his own name, the legacy question wouldn't have loomed so large.
  2. That song--maybe not the exact same track--but that song was on the 1st GnR record I ever bought, the LALD single. I never listened to it much as I felt it was nothing special. So I find it hard to get excited now.
  3. Older bands usually have a slower output, but GnR in the mid 90s were by no mean an older band. They were current. By the way, Oasis did all their recording carreer between the release of TSI? and that of CD!
  4. People who mention aging to explain Axl's declining vocal abilities should take a look at McCartney's; it's not so good now, but he still was a great singer in his late 60s--and he did his fair share of shouting over the years.