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  1. Every single day i repeat to myself: "no", but there's plenty of evidence everywhere: Axl is, indeed, argentinian. Southamericans will be laughing loud now but, for everyone else, we, the argentinians, use to do EVERYTHING backwards. And then, when someone tell us "that's the way!" we just turn and go against everything. "If people had told him not to play, he'd probably have made sure he did!!", well, that's what any argentinian would do!!! (Yes, we're so fucked up...)
  2. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    2019 schedule, just leaked: 01-Play Shotgun Blues and release a single for the "new song" 02-Re-record chinese stuff, then have a nap, then tell media they have been recording but no one knows anything about releasing the stuff. 03-Tour with new backgorund animations and new microphones and call the tour "NITLT Reloaded" 04-Shut down YT channels and fanpages on mondays, because mondays are boring.
  3. Hi there! It's been a VERY LONG TIME since my last post here. I've felt so bad because what happened with my channel and then with several amazing channels that i started to feel some kind of deep dissapointment with the band itself. If there's a chance to see our channels back, or at least start new ones with autorization form band camp, well... that would be awsome. I really miss all the fun we had and the community. Here's the link to one of my dead channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYBAAPhhp8mBa3CvBYwX4Kw And here's a link with the "story" of the channel: https://www.kedoo.com/youtube/en/channel/noise-pollution-guns-n-roses/UC7oswxRKfiSYWbd4XQOay5w
  4. Problem is, can't share any links here my friend... we're living really dark times
  5. Hi friends, can someone please send me a PM? Thanks !!!
  6. GN'R Reaction Videos On YouTube

    And... they're not getting any strikes??? They're using the actual official record! WTF
  7. I've wrote Duff also, not expecting anything but, who knows?
  8. Oh!!! I've missed that "little" fact. How in the world do they have an IFPI account? That explains a lot!!!
  9. I've had soundboard audio videos since Apollo show and there was not problem at all, even with UMG. They've never bother me with anything, this is absolutely different.
  10. Maybe some FORUM MEMBER being able to have a chat to one of them now that they are in Europe. It is not so hard. I'm journalist and you can get to almost anyone with a good strategy. BTW, it's a good idea. Do we have any email adress from team Brazil or personal managers? (I mean Slash, Duff or related musicians -Loaded, Myles Kennedy-) We need a direct contact line and maybe we can all comeback to sanity and turn bad times on good times.
  11. About Dailymotion i think you're right. In the other hand, i'm not so sure it is not the management. I've recieved all the strikes from IFPI, not UziSuicidal or whatever their fake names are. I think they started the whole thing, but now it gets bigger and bigger. Forums, channels, cloud accounts, all erased in four weeks? And keeps getting worst. I mean, or this guys are really good or we are talking about organizations like IFPI responding to managers. I'm sure it is not a decision coming from Axl, Slash or Duff themselves, they're in another planet. But if we can reach one of them maybe that's the key to make a difference for once and for all of us.
  12. Don't worry, i've enjoyed the ride. Time to move on. Thanks for so much appreciation!
  13. Thanks my friend, i'm tired, really. If friends here want the videos on Dailymotion i'll upload all of them, but as i said, enough for me for a while at least. I'm going to focus on Nine Inch Nails and some other bands i love. BTW, anything i can do to help in any way, just let me know. I'll be around here, but not the way i did in the past.