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  1. Ohhh, nice to see how good the band is with fans. I already knew that, but this video gives me a deeper impression about the nice, loving people they are. I'm really happy to see how Guns N' Roses, @Dexter and @Fernando make people feel welcome. They're the kind of people we all want around right? RIGHT?
  2. Well a new disc has leaked, it contains 6 versions of Maddy, 2 CD, 2 The Blues and 2 Rhiad. PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR LINKS! Tracks details: https://ibb.co/1r3jvzP
  3. I'm not prefering one over the other, i like 'em both
  4. I love the RTB work on the title track (CD) Both versions are the best versions i've heard so far, mostly the first. Amazing stuff.
  5. True, 100% but not new songs with vocals included. Only two instrumentals
  6. So we've been trolled, again @GNRfanMILO ?
  7. What i've downloaded was corrupt. Or maybe the link was removed while i was downloading, or it could be fake. But there's listed as a real leak on "leaks" section at the discord group, so i can't tell you what's going on untill i know for sure guys. At this point, i believe it is happening, but who knows?
  8. NOW I'M HAPPY. I fucking love Silkworms, is all i wanted to hear, really!!! Love every single minute!
  9. You know i'm pissed off with the band, bla, bla. But i need to say Atlas is a good song. Really, something different from the usual Axl Rose (not epic, not rock, not even industrial) is welcome. I like it, needs some work (it's just a demo) but is better than Scraped and even If The World. Not saying is a piece of art but, i think is a nice little song. And that's fine for me. It's confirmed Brian May is making the solo @RussTCB?
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    I'm going to brake my promise to never come back to the "GN'R" section just to say: And when I said that it was TB's responsibility, many people in this forum accused me of being a crybaby and wanting to attract attention. I'm so sorry for this band...
  11. Can you send me a PM?


  12. What Are You Listening To 2019

    This Nirvana cover band is just amazing
  13. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Nice version!
  14. What Are You Listening To 2019

    A lot of QOTSA