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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What did you guys think about this speech from Bill Clinton? Agree or disagree?
  2. Yet somehow, thousands of albums are able to be released every year. Axl has access to the top “music industry” lawyers in the business. The label has access to the best industry lawyers in the world. Imo he isn’t holding up releasing an album because he can’t figure out what credit to give to buckethead on some of the songs. A more realistic guess would be him doing it out of spite and holding a grudge for ex-members leaving the band. He doesn’t release certain songs because he doesn’t want those ex-band members to get fat checks from them.
  3. That’s certainly one way to look at it. But most artists and creative types don’t think that way. I’m a writer. Right now I’m balls deep into a baseball history book. My final draft will look 75% different than my first draft (comparable to a music demo). I’ve worked in this book for about six months. If you leaked my first draft I wouldn’t just give up all the work I’d put into creating it, just because somebody saw a rough draft. I would keep working on it and perfecting it. Then I would publish my “baby” for the baseball world to read. Most musicians aren’t going to flush their “art” down the drain because 50 people on line listened to the rough demo. The final versions of Atlas and HS are going to sound a LOT different than what a handful of us have heard.
  4. Bottom line though.....this is what happens when you release one album of original material in almost 30 years while band members and band management continually talk about how much unreleased material the band has in the vault, and how the band is getting ready to release that music. Didn't Axl himself hint that CD2 was coming out the following year (something about the bat channel)? And I believe it was Axl who talked about releasing 10 b-sides with CD. Several band members (past and present) have talked about how many finished songs the band has, how they wanted to release an album. Hell, I think even Beta mentioned the number of songs that the band had in the vault. Even the semi-reunion is a couple years old now. And that version of the band has had more time off than they have touring together. The demand is there. Millions of fans would LOVE new music from their favorite singer and band. Axl could put out an EP by the current group to support the next leg of the tour AND put out an album in December that closes the door on the CD sessions. Both albums would sell. And before the "albums don't make money" crowd chimes in, let's remember that most artists create music because they are artists and not just to make money - and do you want Axl to be a musician who only writes songs for cash?. And, the tour these guys just finished ended up as being one of the three highest grossing tours of all time. Axl made what, a fifty-to-hundred million dollars on the tour? So he shouldn't share music with his fans because the album would only sell a million copies? Come on now. Whomever from the GnR camp that monitors the forums, it's a pretty simple fix. Fans are going to buy, steal, trade and leak unreleased material as long as you guys refuse to share new music with t them. The fact that fans are freaking out over 20 year old UNRELEASED songs should tell you all you need to know.