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  1. Isn’t the OP referencing a quote from Axl Rose where he said he wanted to “bury” Appetite? And then later said he never wanted to be an artist that didn’t create new music and instead just lived off their old material. Your point is true. No doubt. But shouldn’t fans be able to comment on things that Axl Rose has actually said? It was also said that Axl was trying to create a masterpiece with CD. That he was trying to create the next legendary album. I agree that at this stage of his career GnR shouldn’t be worried about burying their greatest album. But it would be amazing if Axl decided to share some of his latest (even if that means 15 year old) songs with his millions of fans. Slash and Myles aren’t trying to create the greatest rock album of the last 20 years. They are just a pair of musicians trying to create an album that their fans will enjoy. Wish Axl has the mindset concerning his fans. I don’t care if CD2 isn’t on the same scale as Appetite. I just yearn to hear new material with Axl on vocals.
  2. Why would somebody fight you over your opinion about guitar players?
  3. Rolling Stone is basically a public relations outlet for the democrat party and for the far liberal left. So I don’t really read it that much. I stay away from anybody or any outlet that is obsessively tied to one political party or 100% to one side (conservative or liberal). Back in the day they were one of the best magazines for music related feature stories. I can’t really comment how they are now though.
  4. As a former 20-year member of the media I can promise you that a lot of current “journalists” are specifically looking for click-bait answers or they are trying to get Slash to get angry and go off on a rant. Reporters and news outlets use to report the NEWS. Now....it’s all about promoting their agenda and trying to get headline quotes. Slash is a rock guitar player. He is getting ready to release a new album and go on tour. That’s mainly what he is trying to promote. And remember. The alternative is he pulls an Axl and just turns down all interview requests. But instead of talking about the upcoming album and tour and some questions about the partial- reunion, these reporters are desperately trying to get their tmz fame. They are asking questions about Perla. They are asking financial based questions about the tour. Questions about Izzy and Adler. Questions trying to secure a controversial quote about Axl. It has to be frustrating for the artist. It’s like going to dinner and drinks with an old friend. And ALL they want to talk about is your old high school shenanigans. “Remember when we got drunk on that jv basketball trip”....”remember when Joe’s parents were out of town and we had that huge rager.” After an hour of that you just want to sneak out the backdoor.
  5. Thoughts on Madagascar?

    Always thought it sounded like an Illusions reject that got from dropped because it was too boring. I’ve alwaya found it interesting that two of the songs Axl loved the most from CD were two of the most generic songs from the album. Maddy and the title track.
  6. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    My favorite song off the album. Twat. Catcher. Better and The Blues. Axl’s best work during his version of GnR post-slash/duff
  7. UYI box>AFD box

    @Euchre @Fashionista Great debate. You both are making excellent points. The rock crowd in my area loved the Illusions. But the fans into the harder rock definitely started moving away from the band. Pretentious is a word that was used a lot. Axl’s late starts, rants, diva behavior, etc really started turning some fans off of the band. I remember watching Estranged with a group of friends and when Axl is swimming with the Dolphins one of them turned to me and said “dude, really? What happened to Axl Fucking Rose?” Money and fame really changed the attitude of GnR as a band.
  8. UYI box>AFD box

    Owe - not own. Conversely, we also don’t owe them anything either. There is no rule that says people must kiss the ass of a band and praise their every move. We live in a free society where people are allowed to share their opinions - whether they are positive or criticism. Axl is famous for bashing and criticizing people. Do you get mad about that? Put your demand into perspective. You are telling people they shouldn’t complain about something....while YOU are complaining about gnr fans. So only you are allowed to voice your complaints? Why the double standard? Also. Look up quotes from all your favorite artists. You will find almost every single one of them with a quote saying “we owe our success to the fans.” Most people realize that it is a relationship. Without fans, Axl would be fronting an 80s cover band at the Whisky opening for Ratt. With fans.....dude is worshiped and is worth more than 200 million dollars. TL/DR - 90% of the comments about GnR positive. It’s perfectly fine for fans to share their positive and negative comments. And unless you are a member of GnR, then you shouldn’t care if some anonymous screen name from a guy in Seattle wishes Izzy would have been part of the reunion. Do you work for GnR?
  9. UYI box>AFD box

    Material makes a lot of complaints disappear. All the bands you listed have much larger catalogs than GnR does. You might not like a Metallica box set...but then fans still have a TON of other Metallica material to enjoy GnR fans have to go back and talk about albums that are 25-30 years old. GnR released The Illusions in 1991. CD in 2008. And then a portion of the band reunites...and instead of a new album (which Axl said would happen a decade ago) GnR releases a $1,000 box set full of trinkets and old music, including eight different versions of one song. Nobody in the camp thought “instead of the 7th and 8th version of the same song, maybe the fans would enjoy hearing a brand new tune?” Some People are complaining simply because GnR never seems to go all the way in giving fans what they really want and desire. You say fans complain no matter what? That simply is a huge exaggeration and not true at all. Imagine this scenario. 92.6% of the complaints would be gone. (((Short answer - CD2 in 2010, CD3 in 2013. Reunion features entire classic lineup and they release an album of new material. All complaints go away))) Dream Answer: 2010 - CD2 2012 - CD3 2014 - Solo album from Axl featuring his favorite piano type songs. He loves billy Joel and Elton John and Stephanie seymore ballads. 2016 - reunion. Featuring Slash, Duff, Izzy and Adler rejoining Axl. 2016 - GnR releases double-set. An album of brand new material and a DVD of the Troubadour show. 2017 - Appetite Box 2017 - GnR allows fans to purchase all the old concert footage that fans clamor for . Pick the 20 most requested shows and make them available for a couple bucks apiece 2018 - brand new GnR album 2019 - Axl autobiography 2020 - DVD live album, EP featuring four new songs and four covers or live songs 2021 - Illusions Box No fans would be complaining. TL/DR - new music and a real reunion and most complaints go away
  10. UYI box>AFD box

    But would we get eight different versions of IRS on it? And would they spell band members names incorrectly?
  11. UYI box>AFD box

    All day, every day. I've seen thousands of GnR live performances. Several in real life, and then the thousands of times on YouTube. I have no interest in paying to see more lives shows from 25 years ago. What I would most like to spend my money on is brand new music. But in all reality, there is no reason that GnR can't do all of that. New music, CD demos and b-sides, old UYI live shows, Illusions rejects/alt-versions/b-sides/etc. Everybody involved is super rich already. Why not just clean out the vault as a "thank you" to the fans? Release a new album. Release CD2 and CD3 on Itunes. And release all the old concert footage on the official GnR website. Everybody wins.
  12. Why isn’t he in the band now?
  13. It’s odd for Adler to sign an Axl Rose impersonator If he wants to be taken seriously. Might as well stuck with the lineup he had with Marq Torien and DJ Ashba.
  14. If there are 2-3 songs that really mean something to Axl, bring those to Slash/Duff. Releasing the remaining CD session songs on ITunes. It cleans out the vault. It gives fans new music. And it allows guys like Bumble and Bucket the opportunity to get paid for their work. And since it’s an iTunes songs release, Axl doesn’t face the pressure and criticism of releasing a “gnr” album that doesn’t have Slash:Duff Current GnR write and release a new album in Summer of 2019. Nine new songs and the three songs Axl brought with him (the general and Atlas or whatever). As a fan I would be in hog heaven to get 20-25 new Axl Rose songs in the next year.