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  1. It's amazing that Axl use to play songs like Perfect Crime and Don't Cry before Appetite even came out. Imagine going to a show in 2006 and Axl busting out songs that weren't even on CD, but that were slated for CD2.
  2. What happened to GNR?

    I'm glad Axl brought two old members back and gave the fans a cool tour to enjoy. Wish he would record an album featuring those two dudes. But alas...... Now I'm just hoping that my favorite singer of all time will go full scale Prince-Mode for a couple years on us and will release CD2 with 10 b-sides and CD3 for his millions of fans to enjoy.
  3. I don't collect music memorabilia anymore. But I have to say that some of these tour Litho's are pretty amazing and well done.
  4. Hardcore Superstar is the best pure hard rock band out there right now. Would be cool to see GnR take them on a few dates and let them get some American exposure.
  5. Hopefully we would have had 3-4 albums worth of material from GnR.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Were democrats bashing the Clinton's back when they made these speeches? I don't recall them being called hateful racist bigots, even though they are saying pretty much the same things that Trump is saying now. Seems like a bit of a double standard? Serious question, not being a smartass. I'm not one of those people who see EVERY issue strictly through the eyes of their political party, which seems odd to me, but to each their own. How does somebody who hates Trump for his views on illegal immigrants not feel the same anger towards both Clintons?
  7. Basketball question

    Generally - no. The major hole in that strategy is what if the other team was doing the same? Your boys are only going 80% speed......what if the other team was just going 75% speed, and you let them have the lead half way through the game. So start the second half, your team is trailing and the other team has more energy/stamina left. IE - your team is screwed. If my team is in better shape, why would I fuck around and let you keep the game close? The closer the game, the more weird stuff that can happen. If my team can build a 10 point halftime lead why would I want to go into the half trailing by a bucket instead? What if my star player twists his ankle and then one of the refs makes two horrible calls and puts my other stud on the bench with foul trouble? With a ten point lead, I still have a chance to win. If I'm trailing by two.....my team is screwed. Typically in basketball you go the opposite route (of your question). You want to be better conditioned than your opponent so that in the second half your guys will still be going strong while your opponents are gassed. To do that, you do the OPPOSITE of what you asked. You want to take it to the other team and wear them out in the first half, so in the second half they are out of gas, while your boys are still going strong. It isn't like boxing where you let a guy punch himself out. There is a strategy of slowing the game down to try and keep the score close. But that's really only done if one team is way less talented and the coach knows he only has a tiny chance of winning. You slow the game down, meaning less possessions, giving you a better chance of pulling off the upset. Imagine if you fought Floyd Mayweather. And you get a million dollars if he can't knock you out. Which option would you take: you only have to survive one thirty second round ..or.. you have to survive 10 rounds? You'll never see the better team play a stall offense in the first half to try and keep the game close. Basically, you want to take your opponents heart and will to win OUT of the game. The sooner you do that, the better. tl/dr: You don't conserve your energy in the first half. You want to make your opponents use up as much of theirs as possible. ********* Very common. Really depends on how close the half time score was. And what kind of foul trouble each team is in. How good the coaches are. Lots of factors come into play after halftime.
  8. Member Picture Thread

    Amazing pictures. Love seeing the younger generation out there exploring and living life to the fullest.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    Len - would this be something that would help eliminate a lot of the crazy scoring we get at some of these major fights? Four judges instead of three. The majority/accumulation of their scorecards each round would count as ONE score - not as individual scores. At the end of the fight you wouldn't have three scorecards, you would have one final card. Joe wins the decision 115-113 or what have you. It's a really easy system that would basically eliminate the crazy scoring that Adelene or whatever her name was gave. Example: If all four judges give boxer A the round - fighter A wins the round. So the one/only official round is scored for fighter A 10-9. Three judges give round to fighter A, one judge gives it to fighter B. Official scorecard: 10-9 round for fighter A. If two judges give the round to fighter A and two give it to fighter B - then it's a 10-10 round. It's that simple. Four judges just gives it more weight than three judges. If 3 judges though fighter A easily won....but this woman judge gave the round to the other guy....her vote is basically eliminated. Second - why not make the scoring available each round, like they do in all other sports? How much would it change the fight game if after 9 rounds, both fighters knew that fighter A was ahead on the cards 87-83?
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    http://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/351495-it-looks-like-obama-did-spy-on-trump-just-as-he-did-to-me#.WcJ82eZprf4.facebook Scary stuff.
  11. That post should close the topic. Free Bird nailed it with one sentence.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Did a democratic senator really say that she wished somebody would KILL the president? That is some crazy, violent and hate filled talk right there. Whats the consensus on here? You guys must be outraged and calling for her to resign. There is no place for disgusting hate speech like that.
  13. Whitesnake outdoes Guns n Roses. Who's next?

    No one claimed that they were on the same level. I just find it amusing that whenever somebody says something that isn't 100% praising GnR, some people feel like they have to go into attack mode and downgrade the other bands being talked about. ***** The Coverdale ripping Page off thing is a bit of a myth. It's funny that people bash on Page/Plant for ripping off old bands for their music. But then when Plant gets pissed at Coverdale for doing in album with Page....people take Plant's word as gospel? Were a couple of Whitesnake songs influenced by Led Zep? Of course. Just like pretty much every other 80s rock band in the world were influenced by them. Coverdale had a nice run with Deep Purple in the early 70s. And for a 4-5 album run in the 80s and earlier 90s, Whitesnake was pretty huge in the rock world, scoring 10 top 20 songs on the Billboard rock chart. To dismiss him - or Whitesnake - is just confusing "personal preference" with what is actually factual information. With that said....Personally, I am not a huge fan of his voice. The one thing I can appreciate though is in him releasing 18 studio albums (deep purple, Whitesnake, solo). I can only dream of what my music world would be like of Axl Rose had released even half that amount.
  14. Whitesnake outdoes Guns n Roses. Who's next?

    It's always a fun time when bands care enough about their fans to share new music with them. Nobody said LA Guns were on the same level as GnR. Not even close. But they share their music with their fans. They do lots of interviews. And you can go see them in a small club for $20 and find yourself chatting with the band. It's really silly to downgrade what is a great experience for fans of the band because that band isn't as "popular" as GnR, who are one of the biggest bands in rock history. Did anybody claim they were more talented? Should we only like the most popular bands in the world? I'm confused about your comment. I like lots of bands that aren't on the same level as GnR, U2 or Metallica.
  15. Whitesnake outdoes Guns n Roses. Who's next?

    Apparently not. I shall go edit.