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  1. Except that time line isn’t close to being accurate. They’ve spent more time not touring than they have together touring since the partial-reunion took place.
  2. Because he is a musician? And as a musician who is worth more than a hundred million dollars, one would hope his reason for being in the business wasn’t solely just to make money, but to create the best “art” that he could. It’s odd that people bash pop artists for vine sell outs and just trying to make money.....but then people say that Axl should do the same thing. I guess I’m just old school. I miss the Axl that released four albums in five years. The young rocker who once said he would hate to be in a band that just played and relied on their old hits.
  3. Why would a leaked song or two prevent Axl from working on the new album? The current lineup has been together for two years with very limited touring. They could have easily already written, recorded and released an album. And the leaks are 20-year old songs. Axl has had plenty of time to finished them. Chinese Democracy came out over a decade ago. Axl has more free time than anybody.....a leaked 20 year old song isn’t going to prevent him from recording a new album.
  4. If only there was an easy way for Axl to prevent this kind of thing from happening.....
  5. That makes it even worse that he doesn't do it. Axl doesn't need the money....but the other musicians who are credited on the songs surely do. If Ron has a writing credit or two, I'm sure he'd welcome the songs be up for sale so he could make a little income.
  6. I'd buy each of them for $2 each! Axl is my favorite singer of all time. But man, the guy has some real issues in terms of how he views his fans (and all the spoils those fans have provided him. Hundreds of millions of dollars, living the life of luxury, living in a mansion, hot chicks throwing themselves at him, etc). Obviously it's his career, his life and the songs he creates are his songs (as well as the band members who helped create them). BUT just speaking for myself, I couldn't keep my work away from my fans like Axl chooses to do. If I created 20 songs and I knew that 3 million of my fans would love to pay money to get to enjoy them.....in good conscious, I couldn't say "I don't owe them anything" and then sit back in my mansion and let those songs collect dust for 20 years. My feeling would be "hey guys, thank you for all the support over the last 30 years. Here are some songs I worked on twenty years ago, please enjoy, I hope you dig them." And I would want to get that music out to the fans, not have people stealing CDs and leaking unfinished versions. Again - Axl can do whatever he wants with his songs. I'm just saying what I would do. At some point, when you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, when you are worshipped by millions of fans.....it's OK to do those fans a solid and let them buy an album of your work. Even if you don't think those songs are perfect, it's OK to just do something to thank your fans.
  7. Why do people get so excited about AFD99? Am I missing something? Isn't it just the 99 version of GnR covering the album? I'd much rather hear brand new music as opposed to hearing a different version of GnR musicians covering what might be the best rock album of all time. Appetite is almost as perfect as you can get.
  8. Whatta ya think Team Brazil and Axl are doing right now? "Ahhh, fuck it. What can we do. Let's watch Netflix and order a pizza" or losing their minds and trying to figure out how to stop this?
  9. $15,000 is a lot of scratch to drop on a normal albums worth of music and a lot of miscellaneous music parts. It’s too bad that Axl didn’t just “clean out the vault” and release all those decade-plus old songs for his millions of fans to enjoy. Then he could have made a bunch of loot and all his fans would have been overjoyed. And he never would have to worry about leaks like this.
  10. “Hey Intern Chad, go clean out Zutaut’s old locker. Throw away or keep whatever you want. If you see a bunch of band CDs, you can keep them or sell them. “ Its odd how the story keeps changing. First a guy bought a storage until and sold the contents on Ebay. Now it’s a personal locker and he sold the CDs on another platform. In one version he didn’t know much about GnR. Now he is getting $15,000 for them.
  11. Wait.....are you subtly trying to say that you've got unreleased Toad the Wet Sprocket material???
  12. What would you do if YOU were the one to buy a storage unit and then are shocked to find it contains these 20 CDs of unreleased GnR music. Do you 1. On the sly, covering your tracks, share the music online for other GnR fans to enjoy? 2. Sell them to the highest bidder or trade them for other unreleased GnR music? 3. Send a tweet to Fernando and say "dude, I've got 20 cds that you guys probably want back. I don't want money, I am not releasing them on the net. Hook me up with Axl for a taco lunch, and I'll bring you guys all the CDs tomorrow."
  13. Since these CDs were purchased legally and not stolen, would there be any legal ramifications from posting the music? If you legally purchase a storage unit then you own the items inside it. If Axl was going to go after somebody, wouldn’t the original owner of the storage unit or Zutaut be the responsible party?