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  1. I would say the label would be the evil party IF they actually didnt back an album after Cd. Keep in mind, Axl didn’t help promote Cd. An Album that Axl worked on for 14 years and that cost 14 million dollars. Would you blame the label for being Leary of jumping into round two of that? And lol if Axl turned in a remix album for release. That surely couldn’t have happened. That would have been a ludicrous move on GnR’s part.
  2. New music. 100% Axl/Slash/Duff did hundreds upon hundreds of shows together in the 80s and 90s when the band was in their absolute prime. When they were literally the best rock band in the world. And they were touring what might be the best rock album of all time....plus playing brand new material. Seeing GnR in the late 80s and early 90s was like lucking out and making love to the hottest girl in school....and her twin sister at the same time. Seeing half of GNR in 2017 is like going to your 30-year high school reunion and making love to the girl you always had a crush on. Except now she is 48 years old, has three kids and the stretch marks to prove it, and she has put on 50-pounds. Axl Rose is the best frontman of my generation. One of the biggest tragedies (music related) of the last 30 years is that he has chose to go a route of not sharing his music with his millions of fans. I would take new music all day, every day over paying $200 to see a half-reunion featuring GnR playing songs they made famous 25-30 years ago. Without question. tl/dr Give me The General, Atlas and Checkmate over over seeing Melissa and Frank play It’s So Easy.
  3. I’m reading one of the GnR books and there is a quote from Axl pre-Illusions release where he said that he is writing lyrics for eight songs that Slash submitted. I apologize if this is common knowledge. But do people know what Illusions songs those were? I’m assuming Coma is one. The other seven are?
  4. I didn’t say he was overwhelmed with doing shows. I specifically mentioned that Fortus was a great guitar player, but Gilby was known for his studio work He has a recording studio that is in constant use by other artists. He is in high demand for his producing work. Some goes uncredited on albums, as it’s often a matter of Gilby helping out friends. An example would be a band writing and recording an album. They are stuck on a song or are in a rut. So they go spend a day or two with Gilby and he helps them work through the issues with the song. Gilby is extremely respected in the rock world. The only place I ever read criticism of him is on GnR forums. This would be an odd thing to lie about...but it’s ok, my feelings won’t be hurt if you don’t believe me.
  5. I don’t care who is in the band as long as Axl is on vocals. I just wish some incarnation of GnR would release new music.
  6. Gilby is actually extremely popular and respected by musicians in the rock world. He has more work - and offers - than he can keep up with. Gilby has his own studio and is constantly helping and working with artists on their music. Fortus is a great guitar player. But Gilby does it all. Guitar, writing, producing, mixing, etc.
  7. Bro I agree 100% that if he was going to bring Slash and Duff back he should have had a real reunion. Not just half of one.
  8. What does he complain about? His band not releasing the music they created? “Complains too much” indicates a large body of complaints. Can you share 6-7 times he “complained” about band items? He didn’t fit the GnR “aura”....but a pink haired rave girl as the 2nd keyboard player did? When you think of Guns N Roses, what comes to mind is a 2nd keyboard player, who has rainbow colored hair, who can’t say a sentence with using Rad and Lit.....that screams Guns N Roses to you? ******* As for Gilby and Matt and who is in GnR now. It seems more simple than some people are making it out to be. GnR was short a bass player and guitar player. Duff was available and Axl was perfectly comfortable using him. With Duff back and GnR still needing a guitar player....feelers were sent out if Slash would have any interest in coming back. And the rest is history. GnR didn’t need a drummer, they had one (Frank). It seems like Axl had zero interest in putting the old GnR back together. He didn’t want a GnR reunion. He had a band of soldiers that stood by his side for the last decade to 15 years or whatever it is. Why replace them for guys he didn’t feel had his back? Axl had a group of musicians that he liked. And he had an opening for a bass player and guitar player. He made the most perfect choices he could make - Slash and Duff. And tried to throw Adler and Izzy a bone so they could be involved. It just didn’t work out.
  9. I wonder what the general response from the public would have been if GnR would have released a song they had already released as a single a decade earlier. Especially on an alllbum - Chinese Democracy - that some say was the most anticipated release of all time. “Thirteen years and fourteen million dollars and the first single is a re-release of a song that tanked on its initial release?”
  10. Year in review

    Thank you buddy. I will send you a PM on how I did it. Hope to have it sell a thousand copies at it’s one-year of life. Then just a couple hundred a year after that. I believe this is how a lot of authors make a living on Amazon. They build up a following. They release a book and it only sells a thousand copies in a year. Maybe they make $7 per book. That’s just $7,000 for the year - not too much. BUT if you have ten books in your library.....now you are making $70,000 a year. I’ve published four books. One sold about 2,500 copies, but it’s shelf life is done. Regional book, very specific in regards to topic and region. So now it only sells like 25 copies a year. Basically a one-and-done project I had two more than died upon arrival. One sold like 10 copies. Ten total copies. The other maybe hit 100. But is has died, selling 2-3 a month. A lot of time and work for very little return. The fourth one is still selling 2-to-8 copies a day. I would love for that to continue for as long as possible. I have to assume it will gradually taper off. Honestly I thought it was done a month or two ago. But somehow she still sells a few copies every day. I have a huge series up next. Hopefully within two months. I’m thinking it will have four books in it. Like I said. You don’t need one book to sell 10,000 copies. If you can have 7-8 books that just sell 2-3 copies a day....then you can make a nice chunk of change. Lol, with that said. I could release my series and it could bomb and sell 29 total copies. Then that’s four months of work to earn $200....or roughly 5 cents an hour.
  11. Year in review

    Thanks man, appreciate it.
  12. Slap those onto ITunes for a dollar each. Fans would devour them. Fans get new material. And those old band members would make some money as well. Axl could easily blow fans away. Release a new song on a movie soundtrack (like he did for If the World on that Leo/Russell Crowe movie) that comes out in Jan or Feb. Keep his favorite 4-5 CD songs and let Duff/Slash add their parts. The current band could have recorded 3-4 songs over the last two years. And add two three covers - Back n Black, Seeker and some new one. Boom - easy album just in time for the touring next year. And before that (tomorrow) release the other 10-15 CD leftovers on ITunes Fans would go crazy with joy
  13. That’s very true. I was just listening to a classic rock station. Back in Black and Thunderstruck. Then Enter Sandman by Metallica. More than a Feeling by Boston. Jump by Van Halen. Refuge by Tom Petty. And then Paradise City. All classic songs. Lyrics not really important on any of them. Back in black. Hit the sack. Something something glad to be back.
  14. Year in review

    Lost both parents in a four month period. Dog escaped the fence one night and never returned. We fear the coyotes got her. On the positive, published a book that has sold about 600 copies on Amazon. And bought a new house that is my wife’s dream property. Five aces, big horse barn, three car garage and two mother in-law apartments. Plus it’s in the country, away from the city! And we got a new baby beagle that is the cutest puppy in the world. So a very up and down year.
  15. We all know that Axl once said that he would hate to be an artist that just relied on his past catalog. And forget about the 13 million dollars and 13 years leading up to CD. Since then, why do you think Axl has chosen to not share his music with his millions of fans? He said CD2 - with 10 B-sides - would be coming a year after CD was released. And it’s been reported that Cd was supposed to be a two or three album run. That was a decade ago Beta said there were a 100 songs. Axl said something like 24 or 39 songs were done. Multiple band members desperately wanted to release GnR music. Several talked about songs they worked on. And several left because they got tired of just covering other people’s music. There is no doubt Slash/Duff would love to release new GnR music So we know there are completed songs. We know band members wanted to release music. We know fans would buy millions of copies. And currently the GnR “brand” is higher than it has been since the mid-90s. A new GnR album released at the start of this year would have sold 5 million copies and spent several weeks at number one. Why shitcan CD2 and all those b-sides? Why not take the best CD2 songs, let Slash and Duff work on them, add three new songs and release that album? Then put the leftovers on ITunes? Hell, people would have lost their minds if they would have just played 1-2 songs on this tour. Your thoughts on why Axl has changed and turned into an artist that chooses to not share his music with his fans. Especially knowing that millions of his die-hard fans would LOVE it.
  16. If Axl called you and said “bro, we can only release one of these three albums. Which one do you think we should release?” which one do you tell him?
  17. Why would they feel stupid? If Axl released and played new music for the next tour, all the people you are talking about will be thrilled beyond belief. Fans love hearing new music from their favorite bands. Axl has released one album of original material in the last 27 years - so his track record (of almost 30 years) would indicate no new music is coming. But obviously we all are hoping and dreaming that it happens.
  18. Hopefully at this point in his career Axl doesn’t focus on the few people who would complain. Hopefully Axl is an artist who cares more about his millions of fans than he cares about a few critics or guys who didn’t like the music. Whats more important? 10 million diehard fans.....or a few random internet trolls or 7 online music bloggers? Gotcha. Sorry about that. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
  19. Why should a musician release music? Typically that’s what musicians do. Write, create and share music with their fans. Thank God Axl and the boys didn’t agree with you between 1985-1991
  20. Bands with creativity and that want to share their own music with fans DON’T do covers of other bands......oh wait, whoops. Never mind.
  21. Isn’t the OP referencing a quote from Axl Rose where he said he wanted to “bury” Appetite? And then later said he never wanted to be an artist that didn’t create new music and instead just lived off their old material. Your point is true. No doubt. But shouldn’t fans be able to comment on things that Axl Rose has actually said? It was also said that Axl was trying to create a masterpiece with CD. That he was trying to create the next legendary album. I agree that at this stage of his career GnR shouldn’t be worried about burying their greatest album. But it would be amazing if Axl decided to share some of his latest (even if that means 15 year old) songs with his millions of fans. Slash and Myles aren’t trying to create the greatest rock album of the last 20 years. They are just a pair of musicians trying to create an album that their fans will enjoy. Wish Axl has the mindset concerning his fans. I don’t care if CD2 isn’t on the same scale as Appetite. I just yearn to hear new material with Axl on vocals.
  22. Why would somebody fight you over your opinion about guitar players?
  23. Rolling Stone is basically a public relations outlet for the democrat party and for the far liberal left. So I don’t really read it that much. I stay away from anybody or any outlet that is obsessively tied to one political party or 100% to one side (conservative or liberal). Back in the day they were one of the best magazines for music related feature stories. I can’t really comment how they are now though.
  24. As a former 20-year member of the media I can promise you that a lot of current “journalists” are specifically looking for click-bait answers or they are trying to get Slash to get angry and go off on a rant. Reporters and news outlets use to report the NEWS. Now....it’s all about promoting their agenda and trying to get headline quotes. Slash is a rock guitar player. He is getting ready to release a new album and go on tour. That’s mainly what he is trying to promote. And remember. The alternative is he pulls an Axl and just turns down all interview requests. But instead of talking about the upcoming album and tour and some questions about the partial- reunion, these reporters are desperately trying to get their tmz fame. They are asking questions about Perla. They are asking financial based questions about the tour. Questions about Izzy and Adler. Questions trying to secure a controversial quote about Axl. It has to be frustrating for the artist. It’s like going to dinner and drinks with an old friend. And ALL they want to talk about is your old high school shenanigans. “Remember when we got drunk on that jv basketball trip”....”remember when Joe’s parents were out of town and we had that huge rager.” After an hour of that you just want to sneak out the backdoor.