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  1. I absolutely love this one, the melody is fantastic. Hope Axl releases it with vocals. that's what I've been doing too!
  2. I’m glad he cut his hair short, it looks better. Also, the term “fat” is being overused here. His arms, butt and legs are toned. He just has a belly, big deal. That’s not fat.
  3. I like the vocal on this a lot. If it was re-recorded without the Pittman wank noises on there, I think it could be a really good song.
  4. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    The movie is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but kind of laughable as well. As for the criticism they are getting about the portrayal of women in it, I think it's well deserved. That may have been the norm in the sunset strip eighties, but to portray it as they did in this movie (Sixx telling Vince to muzzle his girlfriend, Tommy's physical abuse, the girl under the table), they seem like they are proud of it to this day which makes them seem like out of touch morons imo. I can't figure out for the life of me, why Tommy Lee would agree to being portrayed in the movie as punching his girlfriend in the face. But I suppose in his mind, he thought it was a defense, she is shown as stabbing him and calling his mother a name, so she "deserved" it. The lack of self awareness just turned me off. Three of them, (Sixx, Lee, Neil) seem like bad behaving adolescents that never grew up.