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  1. I think it's a really bad decision on Matt's part to slam Slash and Duff like this. You're right, a lot of the perks he has enjoyed over the years is because of his association with them. But he isn't and never was the star. He seems to think he is though.
  2. I agree, he sounds like an idiot. I get that rock n roll memoirs mention a lot of sexual escapades, but there is a bragging tone to this that is a real turn off. "Young" girls? Ugh. You would have to a be a real moron to be quoted like this in the year 2020.
  3. That seals it for me, what a douchebag!
  4. I do remember an article from the eighties where guns played before INXS at a festival. Apparently guns were having a bad show and either Hutchence or some other member of the band was quoted as saying “does it get any worse than this?” I bet Axl never forgot that. didn’t like INXS much myself. i guess I should have listened to the podcast first, they actually mention this festival!
  5. Honestly, I think the sole reason for Matt and Izzys “friendship” is to annoy Axl. That’s it.
  6. They didn’t owe him anything, I mean they didn’t even have to use it for VR. I’m sorry, but Matt has always sounded very unlike able to me, big ego for little reason.
  7. Yeah agreed, don’t think so.
  8. I absolutely love this one, the melody is fantastic. Hope Axl releases it with vocals. that's what I've been doing too!
  9. I’m glad he cut his hair short, it looks better. Also, the term “fat” is being overused here. His arms, butt and legs are toned. He just has a belly, big deal. That’s not fat.
  10. I like the vocal on this a lot. If it was re-recorded without the Pittman wank noises on there, I think it could be a really good song.