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  1. On 6/10/2020 at 9:55 PM, Tom2112 said:

    Seems to be a lot of "Don't you get it!? I was in GNR and the cult!!" to be fair people shout about much less, but he doesn't get it; in most peoples eyes, he was just someone those bands hired to play drums... they don't really view him as THE drummer of those bands. When you think of GNR his name is high on the list, but most people still talk about Steven first and foremost - just as who was most popular, I'm not talking ability.

    Maybe Duff didn't tell him about Guns because he knew he'd ask to play and it was just going to be awkward... we all have those friends who love you when you're doing stuff for them and flip as soon as you don't come running 1 time in 10.

    It's amazing he's had the career he's had considering the chip on his shoulder.

    I think it's a really bad decision on Matt's part to slam Slash and Duff like this.  You're right, a lot of the perks he has enjoyed over the years is because of his association with them.  But he isn't and never was the star.  He seems to think he is though.  

  2. 10 hours ago, Lio said:

    I haven't finished the book yet, but I wonder if it's shelved because of all these things. I am far more apalled/grossed out by all of that than I am shocked by his sneers towards Slash, Duff or anyone else. Seriously, I am not a loud feminist who yells ME TOO! at every corner, but all of this I find genuinely awful, and reading on here: 'He's just a guy fucking as many women as he could' as if it's some kind of feat? Ugh. He's talking about breaking in and rating exploited girls FFS. And as far as I can see, he feels quite good about it. Drawing the parallel with what's going on today, could you imagine a slave handler breaking in some n***s and a publisher publishing that book?

    I have never liked Matt, but reading his book makes me find him an absolutely atrocious, despicable person. I read Duff's and Slash's books too, and I'm not saying they were/are noble men, but this is taking it a whole lot further imo.

    I agree, he sounds like an idiot.  I get that rock n roll memoirs mention a lot of sexual escapades, but there is a bragging tone to this that is a real turn off.  "Young" girls?  Ugh.  You would have to a be a real moron to be quoted like this in the year 2020.  

  3. 11 hours ago, Powderfinger said:

    One of these days, when I was out shopping ahead of the party, I got a call from a girl who worked for Heidi Fleiss.
    “Matt,” she said, “we’re going to break in some new girls, and, uh, Heidi wants to try them out.”
    “What do you mean?” I asked.
    “Could I send them over to your place so you can rate them for us?”
    I didn’t know quite what to think, but the very next day, the girl I had
    spoken to came over with a couple young girls. I fucked each of them— together and individually—and afterward, I had to give them a rating and feedback. The same happened the next week, with a bunch of new girls. I remember one of them in particular, because she was super hot and brought a suitcase with a gigantic dildo inside.
    We all took GHB, and the girl and I went into the theater room, where she started working herself with the dildo. The thing with GHB is that if you take too much, it can make you fall asleep, and that’s exactly what happened to her—with this gigantic dildo still buzzing away inside her. I went over and yelled for her to wake up, but it was pointless. She was out of it for the rest of the evening.

    :facepalm:  :facepalm:  What a knob...... 

    That seals it for me, what a douchebag!

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  4. On 2020-06-05 at 1:21 AM, vloors said:

    Love INXS myself.

    Slash in his book though said they hated the band with a passion.

    I do remember an article from the eighties where guns played before INXS at a festival.  Apparently guns were having a bad show and either Hutchence or some other member of the band was quoted as saying “does it get any worse than this?”  I bet Axl never forgot that.

    didn’t like INXS much myself.

    i guess I should have listened to the podcast first, they actually mention this festival!


  5. On 2020-04-09 at 12:48 PM, LunsJail said:

    His attitude towards Slash and Duff is incredible. He really isn’t positive about them at all throughout the book. He acts as if they’ve left him hanging. I never came to an understanding of what he thinks he’s owed by these guys.

    There is some behind the scenes dirty laundry on the NITL lineup. He’s airing some shit that probably should have remained confidential.

    They didn’t owe him anything, I mean they didn’t even have to use it for VR.  I’m sorry, but Matt has always sounded very unlike able to me, big ego for little reason.

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  6. The movie is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but kind of laughable as well. 

    As for the criticism they are getting about the portrayal of women in it, I think it's well deserved.  That may have been the norm in the sunset strip eighties, but to portray it as they did in this movie (Sixx telling Vince to muzzle his girlfriend, Tommy's physical abuse, the girl under the table), they seem like they are proud of it to this day which makes them seem like out of touch morons imo. 

    I can't figure out for the life of me, why Tommy Lee would agree to being portrayed in the movie as punching his girlfriend in the face.  But I suppose in his mind, he thought it was a defense, she is shown as stabbing him and calling his mother a name, so she "deserved" it. 

    The lack of self awareness just turned me off.  Three of them, (Sixx, Lee, Neil) seem like bad behaving adolescents that never grew up.


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  7. 11 hours ago, MaskingApathy said:

    I hung out with Steven back in January at NAMM, and after spending a couple hours around him I understand why they would be hesitant to bring him on the tour full time. And it's not because of drugs.

    I have to agree with this as well.  Even besides the drug problem, he’s an immature person.  Which may be endearing in small doses, but definitely not full time.  

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  8. On ‎27‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 9:08 AM, StrangerInThisTown said:

    Bach, Corey, Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, Scott Stapp, M Shadows are all people I could see doing that. My money is on JB. If it can be Jack Black it could even be someone like Weird Al lol.. he chose "entertainers" instead of singers so that's something.

    I can't see any of these people playing with Adler......well maybe, Scott Stapp, I'm sure he needs a job.  lol

    More likely a reality show contestant...like Constantine or someone.

  9. 2 minutes ago, LikeADog93 said:

    His speech is slurred because of a stroke he had in 1996. He's lucky the stroke only messed up his face and not his hand eye coordination. My uncle had a stroke 5 years ago and to this day the whole left side of his body is paralyzed. Steven is very lucky in that regard. And being a recovering heroin addict myself, I can spot an active user from a mile away, and I can tell you with full confidence that Steven is sober.

    If you say so.  It's not really his slur I was referring to.  I watched that tv interview he did with his mother to promote her book and I really thought he was on something there.  He was rambling, jumping from topic to topic, didn't seem sober to me.

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  10. 8 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

    Well, Axl is getting ripped to shreds on FB for his Twitter comment haha!! 

    There were over 1000 'STFU fat Axle' comments! 


    Honestly, who cares if he is getting ripped by Trump supporters?  Good for him I say.  

  11. 12 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:


    When I said Yesterday's is his worst song I meant vocally. It was by far the worst I have ever heard him sing on both nights in London and looking at what people have said from shows after, it hasn't improved at all. Its really bad every single time, unlike songs that I usually pick at him for like YCBM. I can find great vocal performances from this tour of YCBM as well as really bad. Yesterday's is always just bad. 

    I think Axl sounds really good in this YCBM.

    I can't find any Yesterdays that sound in any way 'good' they should just drop it. The set is long enough, they don't need to replace it. Imo. 

    As for not playing Don't Cry and Patience, that is one the most infuriating decisions they make. It doesn't make any sense why they won't play them, but then Axl would not play Estranged until 2011:shrugs:

    I don't know why people think Yesterdays sounds bad live.  It sounded fine when I saw their show and the crowd enjoyed it. 

    I would like to hear Your're Crazy or Think About You, fat chance on the latter I guess, without Izzy.

  12. On ‎26‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 4:08 AM, amaninjapan said:

    Guys... guys. We were overthinking it and looking it it from completely the wrong light.

    Winnipeg litho is based on this image from the Manitoba Department of Mines and Natural Resources from almost a hundred years ago.



    I thought I KINDA recognized the art style and sure enough, after being pointed in the right direction, it turns out it's a style that is synonymous with a very famous poster artist by the name of Tom Purvis. I recognized the artwork but never knew the artist's name until now. If you've ever seen old British propaganda posters (which Purvis did a few of) or the classic series of vintage London Rail posters, you would probably recognize the style. But if you're like me, you'd have no idea about the name of the artist. Well, now I know. I can't confirm whether the original Manitoba artwork is by Tom Purvis but it is at least done to imitate his style. Some of his famous rail posters:




    Thank you for that!  Great sleuthing!