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  1. I still can't work out if it's genius or a piece of shit.
  2. That is not youtube compression in any way, that is outputting the final edit at a low bitrate. None of their other recent HD updates have this problem (or anyone else's for that matter).
  3. Whats with the shitty bitrate?? I hope it's not like that on the blu-ray.
  4. People complaining about a lyric video being boring are hilarious.
  5. Anyone want to hook me up? Cheers!
  6. The editing is great but the effects are horrible.
  7. Man, he sounded so good for the first 30 minutes. Damn.
  8. He sounded great in 06 and with AC/DC. I just got to Better and holy shit that is BAD.
  9. The mix isn't the best but the band sound great, Axl sounds good to me, SO MUCH better than he has in the last decade.
  10. vimeo probably wont pull it down if thats easier