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  1. It’s a great concept. They should have hooked you up w something. A print or shirt at the very least. Again, who knows who’s in charge and ran w taking it. I hope it’s not a general practice. Also people would have complained if they used the full imagery too.
  2. All I can say is that hopefully it’s a lone wolf situation or an outside vendor that they hired and not something indicative of an overall theme behind the scenes. That’s just bad on multiple levels. I cant think of any artist who wouldn’t be willing to at least send a care package in this situation. Leads you to believe someone stole the design as a way to cut corners
  3. The Replacements output in the 80's was one of the biggest influences for whatever happened in Alternative Rock in the 90's. Every major artist pretty much looked up to them and you can hear the influence. The 2 Bash and Pop albums are also really good and I'd highly recommend them even to GNR fans. 2 different bands recorded them, but the concept was the same in that they got into the studio with the songs and churn them out in a few takes. The 2nd one getting very Stones-esque to my ears at times.
  4. I’m not exactly sure, but I believe something happened beforehand w fake profiles and $ going out. I vaguely remember something w Replacement reunion shows and illegal merch/charity related. They could just say that as a general warning
  5. Interesting. So why did he name the profile page Tommy Stinson?
  6. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    And there lies the disconnect. This community should be barometer of that level of fan. If they are looking to grow and nurture fans to this level where they subscribe to Nightrain and participate, then knowing how to relate here is essential to nightrain’s long term success
  7. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Agree to an extent. However they and their partners do rely on this part of the fanbase to an extent for their VIP packages, big box sets, big priced items and eventually supporting any new releases outside of the reissues and live material on their social channels down the line. This is the top of the pyramid and the forum community does factor into the overall health of that market somewhat. It's probably a headache and a half to deal with it where there are serious cost/benefit discussions on an energy level to factor. They do like some aspects of having a community. They've just done things in the past to try and incorporate and nurture a community on their terms in the past (gnronline, Nightrain, etc..) The issue is that negativity seems to amplify more so than anything positive on the internet these days. The forum Q&A prob scared them for life. Maybe this situation forces them to comeback. Sometimes you just have to address the noise. Even if you find it obnoxious, naive, a pita, etc... it gives the perception that you are at least around from time to time and that you listen (even if you don't). Those are just my personal thoughts. Who knows what else they deal with on a day to day.
  8. Let’s be honest and say they released 2 albums separately so that you had to buy 2 separate releases, Geffen could fudge numbers with more breakage & promo, and that made more $ instead of bundling together for less. That line was BS if Duff believed it or not I think it would be a disservice to their continued long term success if they took that stance on uploads. My guess they will continue the current policy of more or less hands off on fan recordings. The demos and leaks may be another issue all together
  9. Threats are a serious matter and deserve the most attention. As far as YouTube crime, it’s only a crime to be taken seriously if UMG/GNR decide to litigate the matter (which they won’t outside of a simple C&D). Otherwise it is nothing that would or should dissuade from reporting online threats
  10. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    I think some are pretty naive to think that the parties involved weren’t going to capitalize on the renewed interest in the band. Especially in this modern music business environment. No one is going to run things like it were 1988, 1993 or even 2008. It’s not feasible. That doesn’t mean I necessarily agree or like the direction some of this has gone. Is GNRAir tacky? You bet. Is a targeted email from UMG to people who purchased an item unexpected in 2018? Absolutely not. Could it have been worded better? Definitely, yes.
  11. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Doesn’t mean they were lazy. They were barely high school educated and that meant they could get general labor jobs. There was def a ceiling at what they could obtain and they prob didn’t make much $. So yeah I would call them lower class in the USA
  12. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    Try and be committed to a band on that level and see where your career takes you. Nothing to do with laziness. Maybe priorities. Being a line cook wasn’t exactly a great paying gig. At least not enough to claim he was anything but lower class
  13. GNR jumped the dolphin (finally)

    You say all of this as it relates to $, but he was also poor as hell wearing cowboy boots and dressed drag in the street in the mid 80's in LA. The guy wore assless chaps. They were all sort of misfits who dressed weird, listened to weird bands and looked a little out of the norm. You could say all of that came from some tangent