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  1. You also have to remember at first there were only contracted to get together for those few shows in Vegas/Coachella. They very well could have revamped the lineup later or gone back to their own projects afterwards. Especially if the prospect of working with Izzy/Steven long term after going through the process was thought to be too much handle. Nothing was guaranteed
  2. Seeing as though they weren’t in the most stable mental state when they hit big and it got worse as the years progressed, it prob became much easier for those in power to manipulate individuals and generate scenarios that either they thought it benefited the band or possibly themselves/industry connections to help further their own career. It could have went as far as pitting members against each other to facilitate their agendas by the end. Whether they ultimately had good intentions for everyone overall or not. The amount of trust an artist relies on in those situations is staggering at times.
  3. The top of his range has really never been an issue for him. Tuning down won’t really solve much of anything. The GNR catalog requires him to change registers pretty frequently over the course of a 3 hr set. That’s the main issue that people perceive. When he’s off it’s usually more due to his middle register and jumping back and forth from it. ACDC sounds more consistent because those songs don’t really deviate and are similar in range. Thing is Axl wasn’t consistent even 25 yrs ago. It’s always been hit or miss to a degree. However when he’s on it’s still freakin transcendent to this day. Victory or Death
  4. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Steven didn’t play to a click. They wouldn’t force him to in that situation. That’s if Steven could even play to one to begin with. Guest spots are a bit different and they adjust The Apollo show doesn’t mean they throw out how they’ve performed/rehearsed 100’s of shows beforehand. It would be idiotic to do something different than their normal routine in that space. They simply played their rehearsed set. That’s the show
  5. Has Frank gotten worse?

    That’s Slash’s band. Duff has not much to say about how the song is rehearsed there. GNR today plays to a click and it’s all synced to video, pyro, etc.. they also have different FOH engineer and production across the board. It’s purposely paced for their time slot. It’s just not comparable and a completely different show with different hierarchy if you want to nitpick on fills and that they don’t sound completely like the original, that’s on you. It’s a live show.
  6. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Does he play them with duff too? Totally different environment on multiple levels
  7. Has Frank gotten worse?

    No. It’s pretty obvious that he’s playing the songs the way they want him to. If you are nitpicking issues it’s prob more of Duff/Slash thing. They are trying to pace the show for 3hrs and Frank is doing his part to fit in there and give them space to play. No one is there to see him, or to try and replicate the other former members sense of swing/timing. That’s not what they are trying to do in a arena show in 2018. The focus is on the Big 3 and it’s their show He’s a good drummer. He can play to a click as that’s the way they want to run things these days. There’s a lot going on outside of Franks playing between his sticks and what you hear out of the PA or soundboard. Maybe if they’d brought in Matt, he’d be more vocal about how he’d like things. However that seems to be a sense of conflict going back to the VR days. Maybe Steven would give them that swing. However that may detract from what they want to do on a stage show level with video, lighting, pyro etc...Not to mention the other issues Seems like they’re just at the point of wanting to play with who they like. Not who the fans or the message boards believe they should be working with. As well it should be. It’s their band and that’s the way things have been throughout their history
  8. Prob. The thing with those players, especially Finck, is that it’s not only technically challenging at times but the phrasing is totally out of right field in parts. The way things hit a climax and how they either bend notes or fast scale runs are completely different than how Slash would approach things. It’s like trying to speak a sentence back to someone in a different language. You can either do your best to mimic the words/sounds you just heard or you can just sort of say in your own way what the translation is. The latter prob has more conviction and understanding coming from you personally
  9. That’s a good example of what people are talking about here. They’re also called song doctors. They essentially come in and take an idea to flush out or bring in fully written songs themselves. Aerosmith used a few of these people from the 80’s onwards. After the lackluster response to their reunion album Done With Mirrors, they were essentially on their last legs. The label offered to bring someone in to help with the songs, and they had massive success. The band enjoyed the process and kept working with them. Those hits recaptured their career. With Guns, that never happened. They would write with people who hung around the band from time to time. However it wasn’t anything that the label, management, A&R, etc tried to facilitate. They weren’t the group that took any outsiders input very well for that to work anyways
  10. Let’s be honest. Refusing to answer a question outright would get just as much flack. Or he could of said beforehand that Izzy is off limits and people would complain that the question was never asked. Damned if he does or doesn’t I guess...He’s a pro. He gave an answer that was a non answer. The interviewer picked up on that cue and then moved on. It’s a 2 hr interview with lots of stuff that I never heard before. They recorded November Rain live on the floor with piano. That’s nuts.
  11. When you listen to the NR demo you are hearing the same lyrics and melody. The chord structure is all there. What you are referring to is the arrangement. Obviously from 1986 to 1991 it evolved and changed. Songs sometimes change over the years when they are being worked on. Some songs are done in their form in 5 mins, some take years. There’s no formula here. Producers can change or they can bring in outside help, but that doesn’t make them a songwriter If they used outside writers, they’d own part of the copyright and would be listed in the credits. Outside of the guys they’d normally would write with, there’s nothing there
  12. Not everything in life is demanded to be answered upon. Everything is not an open book. So yeah if he doesn’t want to delve into the business side of how things went down, that would be pretty consistent with how things have played out so far Who’s to say who’s at fault? Sometimes things don’t work out. Has to make sense for everyone involved. They could all very much be on speaking terms right now. Doesn’t mean they have to work together, nor does it mean Duff has to answer questions that could splinter a relationship. Saying he went to business school to make sure he wasn’t getting screwed/take over his personal wealth seems to be the extent of what he talks about on that subject. There seems to be a line there that’s been pretty consistent over the last few years. Doesn’t really delve into GNR biz stuff. What’s interesting to us may be a bore to him that takes away time from things he’d rather be doing
  13. Maybe, who knows what he knew. You and I can’t prove it. But since when has this band catered to expectations in how they are supposed to act and react? That’s pretty much been the antithesis since day one. They all pretty much go about things in their own way. I think it’s obvious he doesn’t want to broach the subject. He chooses to do so in the most comfortable way for him, not us
  14. What is he supposed or going to say besides nothing? You think Duff is going to be up front and honest on those types of subjects? They aren’t gonna throw anyone under a bus at this point in this lives. Especially people who they’ve known for over 30 years and aren’t there to defend themselves on a podcast. Same thing with new music talk. They aren’t gonna spill the beans on the whole operation/plans on podcasts and during a promotional tour on a solo project. There’s a time and place for all of that Lots of great tidbits of information in that interview. Touched upon a ton of subjects. Such as where the band was mentally during the process of recording the illusion records. How they were under a time crunch to record as the studio was booked and they needed a drummer. Basic tracks being done live on the studio floor with Matt having to learn the material in a short amount of time. Lots of insight to Izzy during that time period and diffusing some rumors that he was pulling away from the group. How involved he was etc...
  15. Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Firebird

    You can find used Slash epis for around 600-700 if you wait and look around. When you consider pickup upgrades/ pots and capacitors the cost difference to just grab one is almost negligible. Especially if you are not doing the mod yourself. All that stuff comes stock on those models. Its just that they sound pretty particular (you sound sort of like Slash). Players may not find them versatile enough as a main player and would rather have that $ freed up elsewhere in the rig. If I want a LP sound I’ll grab my studio. If I want that Slash growl, the Slash models do replicate that very well. I would expect the new Firebird to do pretty much the same thing. Which isn’t any different than all the other models they have ever released save for the Snakepit guitar. Maybe the response on these will be tepid and they don’t release any more. Could make it valuable down the line as a limited run. That’s the only thing that would make me buy one at this point