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  1. The acts now pay the NFL for the performance slot through sponsor ties. Beforehand they didn’t get paid at all. They also make you pre record the performance Unless you have something you need to promote, there’s little to gain for playing that show. Things would have to be dire for GNR to agree to those guidelines. I would never personally want to see Axl lip synch a performance with Slash’s guitar unplugged
  2. Gnr Missing Out

    That prob covers their production costs and team being flown in. That’s not unheard of. The band prob doesn’t make anything in that scenario
  3. Gnr Missing Out

    So they’re the one’s who are greedy because people were stealing songs? Got it. Granted it was shortsighted, nor was suing fans a great strategy, but up until that point they made $ off of their royalties as constant long term stream of income. I’m sure if a collection of people took a certain percentage of your income you’d be looking for answers in how to stop it and get it back... prob frustrating to find out you can’t find them or do anything about it. To say they were a bit concerned at the thought of that suddenly disappearing might be an understatement. They knew what was to come. Record sales are drastically different from 1998 to 2008, and then again from 2008 to 2018. They were right to be concerned about their long term revenue stream. It’s pretty much nonexistent. Then people wonder why ticket prices keep rising They've since adjusted to the times multiple ways since then. As far as what they offer today, If it’s not worth the price, don’t buy it and send them a message. Supply and demand.
  4. Gnr Missing Out

    The archives are there and it’s great for their fan base. Obviously there’s a sense of gratitude for what the tape community did and provided for that band. Not everything is available in the archive though. If something was officially released, they won’t allow it to be shared. So all of the shows, compilations, Dick’s Picks, etc that have been released over the years won’t be found in there. Sort of similar to the GNR tracker that was around for those few years. Maybe one day the band will be in position to offer something like this. I just don’t see it right now with their label situation. That needs to be addressed before opening the vaults and making a large quantity of stuff available
  5. Gnr Missing Out

    The Napster angle that they don’t care about fans is cute....It was a different time. The sudden realization that you’re losing out on your nest egg of royalties prob didn’t sit well for them. PR wise it was a disaster. However it all worked out for them in the long run. They adjusted. Just find it funny when people say they didn’t care about fans, when it was fans who didn’t care enough to buy a record. Be angry at the labels who were pushing 18.98 SRLP’s, not the band who were looking at less than a buck per record after the label decided they recouped on the advance and stopped charging 10 bucks for that Pepsi they offered you in their meetings
  6. Gnr Missing Out

    They signed that deal back in the early 90’s. Not much they could have done outside of releasing albums and for UMG to accept those albums to fulfill the deal (Frank Zappa killed the ploy of releasing albums without label acceptance and time frames to get out of record deals) The label wants control of all releases and more importantly during the last decade, a possible release with Slash’s involvement. No management team can get them out of their deal. UMG would rather put the band in limbo than drop them and lose out on that revenue
  7. Gnr Missing Out

    Perhaps their record contract with Universal doesn’t make something like this worth visiting. They can’t just release shows and have a streaming site without losing the majority of the revenue to the label and working out a deal. Metallica now has their own independent label to facilitate releases and also owns their old masters. Not really fair to compare the two
  8. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    The focus up until that point was on AFD era songs plus the covers (YCBM and November Rain being written during that time). The Illusion era songs weren’t performed live by that era of the band until later iterations
  9. Lots of old Recordings

    I don’t see why just because those demos were bootlegged beforehand it had anything to do with what was on the AFD reissue. That’s what was available. Just because the stuff that got around (because the band prob shared it with everyone while getting started) also correlates with whatever they could find on tape at UMG, it doesn’t mean there was some conscious decision to withhold material. Plus there were some things we hadn’t heard before. Does that mean we won’t hear any of that stuff in the pic? Can’t see why you’d say that. It’s certainly more of a possibility now than if they couldn’t find those tapes (which does happen) Does that mean we’d see any of it or any of it soon? Most likely not. That’s the kind of stuff that gets released when a band is no longer active as it’s not really a part of an album that can be included in a reissue. Who knows when or what they’d do with it. It’s just now a known possibility where beforehand it was just old interviews to the fanbase. Since they now have the tapes, the possibility we see it someday is surely greater than it was yesterday. The tapes are now known to be located
  10. Lots of old Recordings

    That’s how GNR operated when it’s 3 member partnership would try and sabotage each other’s projects. I think it’s not surprising to think they couldn’t get a reissue/remaster campaign looking back now. That has now changed. We will see what happens. The live releases/documentaries could be tied up with current label strategy/logistics. They may want to save the option of releasing that stuff themselves. It might be better to get a new deal/or fulfill the current one before heading down that road in 2019. They can’t currently just put that stuff up on a server and stream without UMG dipping their hands into the revenue. What’s the benefit in that? Plus something of that nature needs to be timed when they aren’t out on tour. The demos/rehearsal stuff most likely falls under UMG domain now and into the future. There’s less options on what to do with that material besides having a UMG release
  11. Lots of old Recordings

    Yep. If anything this means they possibly now have better sourced material if there’s anything on there worth releasing in the future. Sometimes things get lost and bands/labels have to decide if it’s worth using a 3rd or 4th generation copy is usable on top of the material Management may now possess the physical tapes for the time being, but UMG likely owns the exclusive rights to release anything from those sessions in the future.
  12. Lots of old Recordings

    They just released an Appetite reissue containing many recordings that are comparable. Say what you want on the packaging, execution and price points, but it happened. That’s a positive outcome when it comes to “in the vault” releases. Slash and Duff having a working relationship with Axl has opened up, even slightly, the possibilities of this stuff seeing the light of day. Compared to 10 years ago where they wouldn’t sign off on this stuff
  13. Lots of old Recordings

    If it’s worth listening, it prob has a better chance now than anytime beforehand in being released in the future. Maybe these tapes are better than what they had available. Maybe it stinks and they’re better off buried. Such a mysterious time period in the band’s history. Weird to physically see something that’s actually associated with it
  14. Record labels had evolved drastically between 2010-2016 and then fine tuned how they generate revenue. Also UMG, went through some considerable changes internally that could have made the process less volatile. With a better understanding in what they’d could expect to generate from a release, maybe that changed some perspective...or not Still who knows how close they were to an actual release. I believe the band/Axl legitimately wanted to release the material. However over those years, it seemed to be only if it made sense in the execution and somehow benefited themselves with their situation. They’d most certainly want some backing from the label on a marketing/priority level and also possibly an advance at some point. That’s possibly a big commitment for the label considering what they might owe on a record option when that contract was signed (who knows what the number is in how many times that’s been renegotiated) compared to what they’d forecast an Axl led GNR release would generate mainly through streaming and less so physical sales. Thing is this. Relying solely on streaming/physical is not exactly how they make $ today on a large scale. Especially if they are putting marketing spend behind the project. UMG would want a hand in multiple rev streams to guarantee the financial backing of the project to the band’s liking. Touring, merch, etc.. Would GNR had been willing to negotiate on that level to facility the type of release they wanted? Or was GNR now in a position where they had to concede, renegotiate a low cost release in UMG’s favor just to reignite interest on a touring level? Suddenly the Slash/Duff option starts to look a little bit better.
  15. They prob borrowed from the other future advances on some of it later on in the process. However there’s no way they took all of it. Even if it were just 1- 2 million left on the advance for album #2, it wouldn’t make sense for the label to release when it might move 150k units. Theyd want a piece of your touring, merch, etc... which wasn’t going to happen. That’s all changed now that Slash/Duff could be involved If the contract stipulates you get an advance to release a record, why shouldnt he demand it? That’s the deal they signed back in the 90’s