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  1. Duff interview.

    Izzy reuniting with those guys is really his last big chip to cash in for a pay day. I wouldn’t blame him if it didn’t make sense. Maybe another time. Sometimes things don’t work for everyone involved and you’re the one who needs to step away. Cant blame anyone else involved either. Seems like they did and didn’t really go into this thing with the aspirations of a long term tour. So those few shows were kind of what they basing their commitment on. If it didn’t work out it needed to make sense for themselves financially to open that bag. In the end they found out they can still effectively work together. As a fan that should excite you. It means the band isn’t dead. I hope they try and more importantly successfully go through the writing/recording process. That’s the next hurdle (which historically where issues pop up). Don’t think you can ask for much else
  2. Think Axl had some serious writer’s block at the time. I remember a quote where he claimed all of his ideas were too depressing and focused with what was going around him personally. He wanted to free himself from that mindset. Going in a different direction musically perhaps could have jolted his creative spark. In the end, I’m not sure if we got anything different
  3. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    They were probably fine until they filed a trademark. That takes it too far and gets on the band’s radar. I’m sure they were presented with a Cease and Desist and possibly even an opportunity to make a deal to continue doing what they do. They obviously didn’t listen and/or were combative. They now face damages and took some pretty bad advice
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    YouTube takedowns aren’t just a GNR thing right now. It’s across the entire platform. Labels are trying to put pressure on Google to negotiate. The AI they use for song recognition/copyright violations has gotten good enough that it can recognize songs that are live versions and covers.
  5. Happens all of the time. Especially when a band is trying to renegotiate an advance, the label realizing a prenegotiated advance would lose them $ or the guaranteed marketing spend that’s contractualy guaranteed from the label is too much There certainly was a number/resources that UMG wasn’t going to commit for a new GNR record in 2010-2012 when you couple the band’s popularity and the industry’s declining business model
  6. A one off show at a festival isn’t usually the place to debut new music. Not enough of a timeslot and prob not the right audience. It’s a few days of rehearsals to refresh and play the hits for a good pay day Rehearsals to prep for a new tour/downtime between shows? Now that’s the spot to put in some new stuff
  7. I think the fax was more to publicly let Slash know or call some type of legal bluff that he was now operating under the new GNR entity with the banner of a new album The rest of it looks like he was publicly announcing to Slash that he planned to cut him off from any new revenue generated from the old partnership. He backtracked on all fronts with amount of $ the license from the old partnership could still generate and with his participation/release of Live Era
  8. At that point of time, it would have been 3 singles released w non album b sides. Who knows what they were or if they were even written by then, but that was common practice for a major release in the late 90’s. Seems like this was the moment where original partnership trademarks/logos weren’t going to be used for the foreseeable future and they were going to operate under the new entity