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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Well there’s insurance for all of that. But the cost to insure those guys would certainly rise costs for production and eat into profit on both the band and Live Nation’s side. It could have been from both sides to avoid them It comes down to $. GNR has a fee to book them and if Live Nation continues to make $, then that fee stays the same. When that fee starts to dwindle then they could perhaps look to bring those guys in the fold to generate interest again. It’s a cash your chip scenario. The 3 of them didn’t need those guys to cash in and the other 2 didn’t like the pay day to participate fully. They can now go back to the well when it makes sense bring those guys back. Izzy wasn’t going to blow a reunion pay day on that contract and Axl Slash and Duff didn’t need him to get their big reunion pay day. Instead they’ll go back later and get paid twice
  2. Super deluxe came in yesterday. $40 and free shipping is honestly a great deal for what you get. The book, litho poster, and blu ray audio is worth more than that price honestly. This should have originally retailed for around $90 instead of double the price. Not sure how they came up with that compared to other sets. The other stuff they threw in is a bit lame, but def captures the era. Cheap crap the label threw in to blow up the price. Really the only thing I’d want from the big box is the vinyl. So until the price drops to make that purchase worth it, I’m still out on the rest of it.
  3. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    You don’t even have to look far in the GNR world to see that. Tommy Stinson and The Replacements were a big part of that influence which Nirvana built upon. Always on the cusp of breaking through before tripping over their own feet. On a mainstream level, Appetite is really the connection between the lack of substance in the pop metal scene and the turn to Nirvana/grunge in the early 90’s. People wanted a bit more depth than just having a good time. It just needed to be presented better and more relatable than those bands beforehand to hit that stride. GNR were rockstars. That’s why they were looked upon and presented in that light at the time. Nirvana wanted to knock them off the perch and it’s easier to punch up than punching down. Thing is what happens when you’ve then reached the top? I don’t think Kurt or Axl really expected what that experience came with or handled it well. Few can.
  4. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Perhaps those entities expand into that sphere. I still don’t think the band does anything on making a vast quantity of shows available until their record contract is fulfilled or it’s completely renegotiated with the label to include an advance on such a project. I don’t suspect we’ll see many live shows released even in box sets until that is figured out. Why just hand UMG the revenue?
  5. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Yes, however labels now want more. Claims are valid regardless if the uploader doesn’t have the rights to distribute. I don’t think it matter who makes the claim. That’s more on YouTube’s end. All it takes is one person on the inside to uphold the claim. Until UMG/GNR comes in and says we want that content available that seems to be protocol. The thing is those parties won’t be coming forward to allow that for bootleg concerts and demos. There’s a lot of gray area there. My thoughts is that it’s always been available in the past due to Google’s size and strength. However rights holders are now pushing back and we’re seeing the result of a tolerance policy across the board. Anything that isn’t officially uploaded can possibly be reported
  6. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Disservice on a relevancy/marketing front for sure. Although touring and their comeback is at forefront of that engine. Monetarily UMG is prob affected the most. It’s an interesting time for rights on that front. Labels want more $ to keep the gravy train running I think it’s just impossible to get takedowns on their personal radar. The moment it gets brought up they prob turn off. It’s music biz bs that honestly they see none of the benefits. Not compared to their reunion tour guaranteed fees. Say people are getting attacked in their community and then the radar goes infinitely up
  7. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    YouTube and major labels are still battling videos like that out. The crux of it is that the band prob won’t take much of a stance when this stuff gets brought up. It’s a rights issue that’s focused on licensing fees. Lawyers, labels and management take care of those issues. The focus should be on harassment or attacks that may be associated to their circle. If you want them to pay attention keep hitting them with that message
  8. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Who knows what’s available after the UMG fire. Realistically I think we’d see: Albums on vinyl/cd/ and possibly cassette Tokyo shows remastered/Blu Ray Demos/unreleased/Spaghetti Incident UYI era UYI bloody logo related merch/lithos Photo Book Singles (You Could Be Mine might be tricky w Terminator 2 image) Possibly: Making FN Videos Pipe Dream: Perfect Crime Doc
  9. Not sure if they kept it under wraps or they were never really asked past the news cycle. I think mostly anyone involved with UMG/Vivendi and even NBC/Universal/General Electric knew the extent was most likely massive. I was living in LA at the time, and the word going around was that they thought everything was lost. With the bomb of the King Kong movie it made it even more cringe it was related to the freakin theme park ride
  10. UMG would have the original masters and possibly safety copies. Axl/GNR would have copies. With tape, the generation in which it was copied matters on a fidelity level. They very well could have still remastered whatever was available to them for AFD. I can’t remember either if they ever claimed it was from the original master or not. If they didn’t, then they used a safety copy or something worse that was still useable. Listening to it on Spotify or even on CD on most headphones/speakers setups you wouldn’t hear much of a difference. On vinyl through a top of the line sound system/speaker set up? You’d hear it in a A/B test. Unfortunately that means, the best possibly way to hear the album could never ever happen now. On the other hand, 90% of fans wouldn’t know they were missing out unless they were told so. So in that case, I doubt we ever get a comprehensive list of what was damaged. The perception would kill remastering efforts
  11. Had an idea of what happened years ago from people working there. Still devastating to officially hear. To lose the main source for those recordings is truly a loss for everyone. Especially if fidelity ever comes back to the forefront in people’s everyday listening habits.
  12. Correct. The original partnership never ended. They made decisions for decades when it came to the use of licensing, logo trademarks, merch with those trademarks, etc of everything that resulted from that band. New GNR is a completely separate business legally that just so happens to have the same name. For example, it’s why they never could use the bullet logo (it’s not their trademark). While still working together under that original partnership, they still wouldn’t allow each other to release dvd’s with GNR songs (a synch license is needed). Axl possibly tried to re-record AFD to circumvent the need for permission to use them in movies, and possibly why Izzy wasn’t granted equal footing when they reunited (he cashed out when he quit and didn’t put in the effort to keep a big reunion pay day possible). It’s a lot of work and their decisions (while possibly sabotaging for each other at times) did keep awareness for the band throughout those years and also created multiple revenue streams that they grew over time. I’m sure lawyers/managers made out like bandits
  13. Don’t think they’ve used his likeness in any new ways. Anything old from his time in the band, such as the AFD cover, is still owned by the entity and/or label. I’m also sure the settlement back in the 90’s tied up any loose ends on that front. He does still receive royalties/publishing from his writing credits which is separate.
  14. From my understanding there’s the original partnership entity and the newer GNR entity which are separate. They could operate under an agreement that incorporates the original partnership, while still keeping the newer entity with certain things falling under that umbrella. So in that case it could be both. Having different managers is nothing new in a band. Especially in this case which involved a ton of negotiation to make things happens. You need people that represent your best interests otherwise you’ll find yourself unhappy which could jeopardize the band. Nobody wants that There’s also multiple ways for bands to be legally constructed. They can also change over time. As long as it makes sense for everyone involved they are all valid. GNR is no different than many bands in that regard. Dont get too hung up on the way these things are constructed. It shouldn’t sway your opinion on what’s authentic and what’s not. GNR has been a business entity since their first paying gig and has changed the way it’s constructed multiple times since then. What matters is the music. Judge them on their shows and hopefully whatever gets released down the line.
  15. Duff interview.

    Izzy reuniting with those guys is really his last big chip to cash in for a pay day. I wouldn’t blame him if it didn’t make sense. Maybe another time. Sometimes things don’t work for everyone involved and you’re the one who needs to step away. Cant blame anyone else involved either. Seems like they did and didn’t really go into this thing with the aspirations of a long term tour. So those few shows were kind of what they basing their commitment on. If it didn’t work out it needed to make sense for themselves financially to open that bag. In the end they found out they can still effectively work together. As a fan that should excite you. It means the band isn’t dead. I hope they try and more importantly successfully go through the writing/recording process. That’s the next hurdle (which historically where issues pop up). Don’t think you can ask for much else