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  1. Whoever they brought in were musicians doing studio work. Could have been part of a local orchestra that rehearsed with each other, or could have been a random collection of musicians that someone brought in. Those people don’t necessarily need to be credited. It’s paid work for hire As far as other recordings, studio trickery has been done many times before. Live albums get touched up in the studio on a lot of releases by many artists. Uncredited studio musicians do get used from time to time to play other members work, however it’s usually done for budget reasons if the player can’t play or they can’t get a quick useable take without the budget being blown. As far as SOYL, the only reason they’d do something like that is if the original tapes weren’t useable. I find it hard to believe they’d go to that length and re-record the foundation of an old song for a reissue campaign if that we’re the case. You’re listening to a 30 yr old tape that was meant to be a demo that has been polished up with compression, eq, and mastering in 2018
  2. For this entire process, Axl Slash and Duff have taken things step by step. If they are indeed releasing only a cover at first, it would align with how they’ve approached things thus far w the reunion. It gets them in the studio for a GNR project that has limited level of stress and gives a taste at how the process could work moving forward to something bigger. They’ve also used covers in the past to get things kicking in the studio for their own material. if it’s true and happens, just hope it’s better than how things went with Sympathy for the Devil
  3. If it lights a spark for a reason to say something new, that’d be great. It seems like his songwriting comes from life experiences. Whether that’s living on the street, the perils of fame, or decades worth of writing about overcoming breakups Hearing a record centered around his new experiences or views with what’s going on around him would certainly be something else if that’s the direction
  4. Unlike “anyone”, people pay attention to what he has to say. His words carry more weight than some random twitter egg. Artists certainly have used their voice beforehand in certain situations and this is no different Now you may certainly disagree with his stance and what he has to say. However, he certainly hasn’t been a stranger to voicing opinions publicly beforehand. Axl’s “rants” have been a part of the band/public life for decades
  5. I don’t think anyone no matter what their standing with axl over the years has been, has ever insinuated him to be disingenuous. They may have disagreed with his version of the truth, called him an asshole, or disagreed with how things were handled, but it never came to intent. In fact it’s usually the opposite. Just because one might disagree with one’s comments, it doesn’t make it “disingenuous”... Lots of people are having their lives completely torn apart from this. This is not just wealthy individuals. There’s a wide range of people who live in those areas. It freakin sucks... Instead of needlessly pointing fingers (for political gain or not), a little bit of compassion and action for help for those affected would probably go a little further.
  6. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    From my own experience stocking shelves back in the day, you gotta ask someone who is in the act of stocking, preferably in the department. Mostly because they’ll remember seeing it in the back. They’d love an excuse to take a walk to break up the monotony. If they’re walking around from somewhere else in the store or in the process of running around for anything else it becomes an added task and they might give you that line.
  7. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    Picked one up last night. They didn’t have anything out on the floor, so i asked someone working in the ever decreasing media section if there were any in the back
  8. Axl's 90s net worth

    A lot of times, they keep touring to help support everyone behind the scenes and make sure they have work. Bands at that level provide a good number of jobs and the best way to take care of your people is to get out on the road. Bonus if you actually enjoy playing shows live like those artists as well as the good payday
  9. Axl's 90s net worth

    There’s a difference between the legal band entity supposedly being cash poor and Axl. His personal finances are separate than what’s in the business coffers and he’s not really obligated to refill them personally. Especially if they’d just go out on the road to make up the difference (which seemed to be the answer to all of this multiple times) All these net worth sources are bs. Not to say they didn’t make $ over the years, but there are a ton of hands in the pockets in all aspects of a band’s revenue before it gets divided into someone’s account It’s not a surprise that they barely broke even on the UYI tour through 2 years. Ticket prices weren’t as pricey and the splits with promoters weren’t the same. Shows were essentially still seen at some level as promo opportunity to help boost album sales and to help procure big renegotiated advances from the label. There was a ton of overhead outside of those lavish parties to make those shows happen. While they certainly didn’t help the bottom line, it’s quite telling that they were seen as a hinderance to what they were taking home each night
  10. You also have to remember at first there were only contracted to get together for those few shows in Vegas/Coachella. They very well could have revamped the lineup later or gone back to their own projects afterwards. Especially if the prospect of working with Izzy/Steven long term after going through the process was thought to be too much handle. Nothing was guaranteed
  11. Seeing as though they weren’t in the most stable mental state when they hit big and it got worse as the years progressed, it prob became much easier for those in power to manipulate individuals and generate scenarios that either they thought it benefited the band or possibly themselves/industry connections to help further their own career. It could have went as far as pitting members against each other to facilitate their agendas by the end. Whether they ultimately had good intentions for everyone overall or not. The amount of trust an artist relies on in those situations is staggering at times.
  12. The top of his range has really never been an issue for him. Tuning down won’t really solve much of anything. The GNR catalog requires him to change registers pretty frequently over the course of a 3 hr set. That’s the main issue that people perceive. When he’s off it’s usually more due to his middle register and jumping back and forth from it. ACDC sounds more consistent because those songs don’t really deviate and are similar in range. Thing is Axl wasn’t consistent even 25 yrs ago. It’s always been hit or miss to a degree. However when he’s on it’s still freakin transcendent to this day. Victory or Death
  13. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Steven didn’t play to a click. They wouldn’t force him to in that situation. That’s if Steven could even play to one to begin with. Guest spots are a bit different and they adjust The Apollo show doesn’t mean they throw out how they’ve performed/rehearsed 100’s of shows beforehand. It would be idiotic to do something different than their normal routine in that space. They simply played their rehearsed set. That’s the show
  14. Has Frank gotten worse?

    That’s Slash’s band. Duff has not much to say about how the song is rehearsed there. GNR today plays to a click and it’s all synced to video, pyro, etc.. they also have different FOH engineer and production across the board. It’s purposely paced for their time slot. It’s just not comparable and a completely different show with different hierarchy if you want to nitpick on fills and that they don’t sound completely like the original, that’s on you. It’s a live show.
  15. Has Frank gotten worse?

    Does he play them with duff too? Totally different environment on multiple levels