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  1. Does Axl know he acted like a diva?

    Yep. More times than not tour rider requirements are for this reason. Promoters hire local crews to help build the stage, speakers, build the backstage, etc... all of it having specific step by step instructions on what to do. These aren't GNR's crew, so maybe they don't trust them as much. They don't want those workers taking shortcuts and something bad happening that spoils the show or perhaps causes something even worse or horrific. If people aren't following instructions on what's going on in front of the talent, then who knows what else they aren't following. Lots of it is necessary. A particular brand of honey (so that it's real honey) or mixing up the food with local options to keep things fresh, etc... However, maybe that cubed ham is one of the things that they looked for. Something quick to look for to put the tour manager and band's mind at ease that everything out of their control is in order.
  2. Seriously? They are that miffed that Funko decided not to use their licensing? Headstock and body are no where close to Gibson’s contours. They gonna sue ESP and everyone else who does LP style guitars? Those are much closer and create more confusion than a generic guitar shape on a toy
  3. I was a teenager around that time. GNR had passed its popularity by that point. Here was the rock scene at that time. Think about Metallica and their image/sound change with Load/Reload. Think about Nine Inch Nails, Manson, Korn, Rage. Then you had post grunge bands like Bush or other genres like No Doubt/Green Day. That was the rock scene in the mid/late 90’s. That’s where fans had moved to. Sonically those albums sound much different than anything that came out 3 years earlier let alone 5. To be on those bands level or the level where they were in 91, GNR needed to evolve its sound and approach. Did it need to be on the level of a complete tear down? I don’t think so. Could the Snakepit songs done quickly have an impact? Unfortunately not outside of the main fanbase. Would UYI III been accepted? Def not. It was something that needed to be in between and tweaked. Possibly an image change to update with the times. Def wear more black and shorter hair... People were growing tired of grunge let alone GNR by that time. Cobain’s death was the end of that genre’s growth. They wanted something different, something even heavier. They wanted to be shocked and rocked. Rap verses and rock choruses and Ska/punk were part of it. It was cool because you hadn’t heard it before yet it was familiar. They put it in a pop song structure. Manson being a freak surprised you, but the songs were anthemic etc.... GNR could of done a riff heavy album. Lean more on Duff and let Slash fill in with what he does. They just needed another a guy to fill in to modernize some of those riffs though. Axl was right in that regard if they wanted to dominate the late 90’s. Gilby wasn’t it. Izzy was going in another direction. Slash could do it, but it seems like that’s not the stuff he wanted to do at the moment. He wanted a more organic rock approach This is partly why they split. Seems like it was a philosophical disagreement with the direction of the band. Axl wanted to evolve the sound to be on the level and compete with those modern bands, Slash wanted to do an album that was in line with what they had done before but not as complex. He didn’t want to be in the studio for 2 years to find that sound Both of them had valid points, but unfortunately were too far apart to find a way to do it.
  4. While they did bring in song doctors, they still wrote a lot of material on their own during that time. There's a lot of deep cuts on those albums that sound more like 70's Aerosmith, instead of trying to reach top singles lists. They needed that second career after blowing through much of their $. Done With Mirrors was a production/philosphy mess (although the songs are there) and ultimately a commercial meh, so Geffen wanted them to bring in outside help. They were in no position to argue. Ultimately with Aerosmith, Tyler & Perry couldn't be left in the same room together past the mid 90's. They haven't really written material together since that time period.
  5. They will most likely have that model in a few different price ranges. 8 grand being the custom shop version..... Would I pay 8 grand for a guitar? Not unless I had a boat load of $. There's not much difference to deal with those price points as other models. I'd rather have my entire collection of guitars instead of just a R9 or something like that. How about those Firebirds though ?!?!?