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  1. HQ recording 17th June London 2017 request

    I'd love this too..
  2. Thank god. I hate that song. Happy that they played Rosie and Don't Cry tonight - out of the options, those are the ones I'd rather have. Just back from the gig. Awesome night - I think everyone played really well tonight - Axl seemed quite happy and into it too. Sorry to anyone I said I'd meet up with but didn't end up doing. I'm a disaster. Had quite a busy day though!
  3. I'm near Euston station.. just had a few beers with @Dazey - gonna check in to my hotel, then I'll come and find people. When are people planning on actually going to the gig? @alfierose
  4. I'm up for a meetup. Might try and meet you there, @alfierose
  5. My ticket came yesterday. Woo!
  6. I can only afford to do one night, so I'll be there on the Saturday (got a GC ticket)
  7. I've been trying to rebuild my bootleg collection but I'm missing this gig. Don't suppose anyone has and could upload this please? (Pretty sure I used to have Axl's IEM, or a mix of that.. So if you had that, it would be greatly appreciated) Thanks