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  1. Hard School on GNR's setlist!

    Reality check. 99% of fans, those who have bought millions of albums and buy NITL tix to hear the big hits, are not checking every day for new leaks and trying to hunt them down.
  2. I love axl but not to the point of deafness. Your points are valid. The auto tune comes in during HS, not as badly and noticeably as it does in parts of the finished album. Or in the looney tunes song. But hey, he’s human. I’ll buy whatever he puts out. the Beatles released “let it be naked” without the overproduction. It would be cool to hear a similar release.
  3. I’m guessing the majority of tickets are sold to people looking to hear the hits and/or get drunk at a fun rock show. If the shows can sell out and merch can be sold, why introduce new songs most people wouldn’t care about? The average person would probably like a cover of Freebird over new stuff. I am speaking to the big festival and arena shows. Remember, we are not average casual fans.