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  1. Not perfect of course, i mean these were only rough mixes, but i wish they would have mastered and released this in 2000/2001. Pitman stuff: its a bit too much for me, but could have been toned down during mastering. As for Atlas, not my cup of tea but blends in well i think with these rough mixes.
  2. Wow what version of the album it is, after a few listens... Those drums on Catcher are so great, you have to hear that on a good sound setup with good bass. Love that version. I agree with you guys on Atlas, and on the insiders calling out the "big guns" haha.
  3. Great stuff! That album would have been great in 2000/2001. Still dont get Atlas though. I somehow expected an epic track i dont know why, and this is...ok. I do love Perhaps. People would have been blown away 18 years ago. With a proper tour and a lot of these tracks added to the setlist it could have been huge. Of course there was no Slash, but there was material for sure.
  4. Haha sorry guys i was tired last night and didnt mean no disrespect about these. I understand some people are excited about this. I agree its interesting to see/ hear the creative process,
  5. So these guys are leaking the actual album we all got 11 years ago? Amazing!?
  6. Great stuff. Now we need one of these guys to release the good transfer HOB (is it a coincidence the 10GB version just leaked? I dont think so). The 10GB version quality is a disgrace to all video transfers out there.
  7. I love the wifey stories in this thread haha. Itdontreallymatta lol. Anyways, my fav leak of them all. The piano riff is amazing. Not a big fan of all the other tracks really, but this one has an actual Illusion feeling to it.
  8. I did, i do have a 3GB MP4 converted from that crap, but Fransad said it all. Garbage in = garbage out. I cant believe they screwed up the transfer that much, unless they want to trade the "real" version... I tried to watch it on a HDTV in full screen, quality isnt worth it believe me (1.5, 3 or 10GB version).
  9. There was a title i remember, Eulogy of a Broken Heart, but it turned out to be another song or a fake title maybe?