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  1. this is ridiculous people. There is nothing to defend about axl`s performance. i`ve seen him sing on different nitl shows, with ACDC, in 2012 and at RAR 2006, so i know what i`m talking about. i know some people try to believe you can`t make the voice out when you`re caught in the moment, but i guess they know that`s bullshit themselves. of course you can hear him. the concert in berlin was a desaster. i was there. i`m very rarely posting here, but this bullshit i`m reading is getting out of hand. this goes for the same old "he`s bad at the start of a tour" bullshit as well. does anyone seriously believe that? he might be getting better with time, but in berlin it was different. axl had some very serious vocal problems. it wasn`t just the sound or whatever. i was afraid he had to end the gig early to be honest. if you paid attention, you could clearly see him fight through it. he was skipping several lyrics in most songs and sang some parts completely different like in this i love. this was because he just couldn`t do it. he also was constantly talking to the band through the in ear monitors and left the stage anytime he could. at one point i could see fernando talking very angrily with tom mayhue, but i`ve obviously no idea what went on. but it was obvious they had some shit going on. and then they skipped you could be mine, coma, yesterdays and so on... you guys saw the setlist. i know some people thought his last performances in 2017 were great, but he was having problems back then too. i`m speechless, that only so few people actually hear that. and whatever problem he had seems to be getting very serious now. i know some of the problems came from the sound system, but axl`s voice was cracking so hard, i thought it could be completely gone at any moment. he couldn`t even hit simple notes... and people next to me didn`t even notice. i have tickets for the show in Gelsenkirchen and i hope they`ll find some way solve this.