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  1. lostrose.com cross art

  2. Fly GNAIR

    Um... I actually have nothing to say here
  3. The camp is aware, not sure about Axl himself
  4. The Exorcist III here is the scene from the movie
  5. They are not being leaked intentionally...
  6. Forum Staff Changes

    Great addition! Welcome!
  7. Alan Niven New Interview

  8. He doesn't appear to know the words... Then again I dont dig cover bands much
  9. Interesting for sure. Are they even allowed to perform CD title track there?
  10. Canada 92-93 bootlegs

    If you ever find a better version on Hamilton 93 let me know that was a great gig
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

  12. Driving home from shopping the boy and I were shocked to hear SOYL on 97.7HTZ FM in Ontario Canada
  13. Want this bad.. saw them a few days before that in Hamilton March 12th 1993
  14. Maybe not this song specifically but as we move through the digital age with apple, google and spotify we must remember that at any time a song/songs we love could be pulled for reason, or no reason.