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  1. Sorry I said that wrong, I wouldn't randomly kick anyone TBH for any reason. If I had a reason sure but in this case I don't see a reason why she or anyone deserved that
  2. If I kick you in the face for NO FUCKING REASON and then say sorry should you not charge me? I would expect charges which is why I don't do that myself can you explain how you think this was some kind of accident? Maybe I watched another video but he was already passed her and brought foot back to kick her or the camera whatever. There is ZERO way this was an accident.
  3. Very unlikely before Christmas. VERY unlikely...
  4. You trying to get banned? ;P
  5. Can you tell us when the lighting guys climb the rope ladders on the stage?
  6. Showtime was 7:30 for Guns... Not sure whatsup
  7. Is anyone here at the show?
  8. Afd epiphone thoughts

    Save up and buy at least a studio Gibson if you are looking for the sound. the Epiphone isn't gonna cut it, the AFD version one even worse because its cheap quality
  9. Malcolm Young Passes Away aged 64

    Please see the thread already create for Malcolm, RIP.
  10. From what I can tell he was elsewhere last night
  11. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/218650-the-axls-voice-thread-please-keep-all-discussion-here/
  12. Ask Staff Anything!

    Only way I am able to trigger it. Perhaps @Downzy can have a look
  13. Ask Staff Anything!

    are you attempting to use https?