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  1. Disney land and Disney World

    I drank a lot of drinks in disney world a few years back, this isnt a first at all
  2. IMO it would be better as a statement rather than a chat here but he is free to do whatever he wants
  3. Slipknot

    I dont mind some of the stuff... Snuff is killer for sure... SS I can dig though and want to see them
  4. no worries tensions are high I get it. Lets not get into in fighting over it all good m8
  5. Lets save the personal attacks on ourselves, the band, anyone and take a breather. As Downzy stated this is being investigated and as soon as we can we hope to provide more info
  6. I think you are assuming a whole lot in that post. I also think you may be wrong.
  7. Hanger on? The guy is the tour manager and a DAMN good guy. If you ever went and saw Guns live in the past I donno 30 yrs or so, you have Del to thank for that!
  8. GN'R Ex-Guitarist Busted for DUI SWEET MUG O' MINE!

    he has been driving drunk for years... dont feel bad for him.
  9. GN'R Ex-Guitarist Busted for DUI SWEET MUG O' MINE!

    DUI ? Isnt that bullying with a fucking car? What a skumbag
  10. lostrose.com cross art

  11. Fly GNAIR

    Um... I actually have nothing to say here
  12. The camp is aware, not sure about Axl himself
  13. The Exorcist III here is the scene from the movie
  14. They are not being leaked intentionally...
  15. Forum Staff Changes

    Great addition! Welcome!