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  1. I love it but that is me and I don't speak for anyone else
  2. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    You are right there are many boxes of them.
  3. I don't get the politics on either side, sure Trump said stupid comments absolutely however isn't it far deeper than that? If it is truly lack of federal funding then why did they have fires under the previous administration everyone holds so dear?
  4. No Axl is overseas on tour... hello
  5. Axl, you sexy beast.

  6. THIS is a Classless Act to be sure
  7. Axl, you sexy beast.

    photos from Getty
  8. We have been down many roads along the gnr fan highway... this is just another, maybe they will?
  9. Disney land and Disney World

    I drank a lot of drinks in disney world a few years back, this isnt a first at all
  10. IMO it would be better as a statement rather than a chat here but he is free to do whatever he wants
  11. Slipknot

    I dont mind some of the stuff... Snuff is killer for sure... SS I can dig though and want to see them
  12. no worries tensions are high I get it. Lets not get into in fighting over it all good m8