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  1. Still looking for 4 pit tix for Toronto night one or two. Anyone have them pm me even if last min
  2. RIP Gord Downie

    Canada closed today, we lost a friend, FUCK RIP
  3. They are marketing this as "an evening with Guns N' Roses" as such there are no openers, that could change however
  4. I had almost same seats for opening night in Detroit last year, you will enjoy it for sure! BTW I know @Bono asked for thread to be locked but there is exactly ZERO chance I am doing that Enjoy the show!!
  5. I don't love pop in general but I do have a thing for Pink cool shit!
  6. Loving The Alien

    This song always affected me as my brother in law died suddenly with a lethal cocktail years ago. Then Scott died and I listened to it, this song gets me every time. I had a good cry
  7. BBF Solo Shows In Michigan 10/13 & 10/14

    Enjoy whoever is going, unfortunately not gonna happen for me this time around and I am pissed about that!
  8. Ask Staff Anything!

    I have spotted this as 0gcl, it isn't you! @downzy I believe it to be ad placement right top forum
  9. Guns never went bankrupt however.
  10. Use Your Illusion 1 on Spotify

    Here is the sales pitch from Spotify: What’s on Spotify? Music There are millions of songs on Spotify. Play your favorites, discover new tracks, and build the perfect collection. Playlists You’ll find readymade playlists to match your mood, put together by music fans and experts. New Releases Hear this week’s latest singles and albums, and check out what’s hot in the Top 50. (unless of course they remove something.....)
  11. Mass Shooting, Las Vegas, 10/01/2017

    There was no answer I want... I am generally curious to see responses on how to fix the problem when a mass murderer acts on his evil ways. I am not opposed to change at all. I genuinely do not see the relationship between the changes you proposed and the prevention of this. Why? Because there was nothing in his checks that would have red flagged him in anyway. I am not saying change nothing and expect change I was asking how we can prevent a madman from doing this again. A lot of people think gun laws, sure that is obvious but if we could go back in time what specifically could of possibly prevented this? I am not sure any side has an answer to that. If guns themselves were the issue solely we would have a lot more mass murders in Canada wouldn't you agree? We have millions of gun owners here too. The route to get a gun here may differ but if your clean you are clean and you get a licence no issue. It appears there is a line in between law abiding gun owners and evil, this guy stepped over it for unknown reasons. I think that beyond guns there is something else at play be it mental health, poverty or something we can't see that puts America in trouble with violence. I don't have an answer but thank you for your response Bono
  12. Mass Shooting, Las Vegas, 10/01/2017

    What changes would you like to see that could have prevented this attack?
  13. Mass Shooting, Las Vegas, 10/01/2017

    We don't know his experience with the guns however as people get more experience the high capacity thing doesn't do much to make me feel any better about a madman hellbent on as many kills as he can. Why? Because a shooter with experience can change them fast enough to keep the shooting going pretty fast. In THIS case he had a lot of time to change them out. there isnt a process you have to get through really, you simply unclip the mag and pop another in, we are talking seconds for an experienced shooter. Yes you would need to carry more of them sure but being perched in a room he had the option of having hundreds of mags if he wanted. An experienced shooter does not mean some military man who has training, I am talking about the average Joe who goes and practices at a range and builds speed and accuracy. Of course again in THIS case he didn't need accuracy either, he simply had to point it towards the crowd and fire then keep firing in the same general area, he was going to hit someone it didn't matter how accurate he was. As far as bump fire goes, bump fire stocks were legalized under Obama. The NRA is giving them a bone by asking them to review it, it passed twice so I can't imagine they will overturn it but if they do so be it, it is low hanging fruit for the NRA.