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  1. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    And dont forget to use the code GNR10 for additional discount
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Lets assume he is in trouble come election time, who do they have to rival him if Hilary could not? Keep in mind pretty much all mainstream media election night said he would be defeated until it turned around. Do they have someone powerful enough to invoke change? How can we trust the same media sources to give us a real indication of his approval rating etc? There are so many issues with trying to figure it out when the reality is the last election was not what seems like so many thought it would be. We can all hate Trump but at the end of the day who is going up against him? They need a figure that can swoop in and crush him.
  3. I would say there is a delay in processing for some reason. Depending on how it is being shipped it could also already be in the system just hasn't updated yet, I get that all the time with Canada Post. For instance, I have a package coming from Amazon tomorrow via Canada Post... Amazon says it will be here tomorrow and its on its way, Canada Post site says Not found in system... Amazon knows more than Canada Post I guess. Hard to say and if musicvaultz doesnt have good contact that isnt where I am going to buy mine
  4. Can anyone tell me the ring size of the 5 rings? I am hoping I can wear them if I get the set
  5. I disagree... Bumble yes... DJ and genuine should never be used in the same sentence.
  6. From Musicvaultz shipped from and to Canada?
  7. Anyone else use musicvaultz.ca ? Just wondering for those in Canada how long it takes currently to receive packages
  8. IMO Niven is once again looking for attention
  9. I know folks all don't agree about TB however I gotta say if it was not for TB we would not even be discussing anything for the last decade but the past.
  10. Every year this comes up and my answer remains the same... what fan would want the band to perform a trickery show to a recorded track? F that
  11. Ashba got bored? He was a lot of things but I can't imagine he was bored.
  12. I can play it on cell phone no issues
  13. 2002 Tour Promo

    I unfortunately so not have this
  14. 2002 Tour Promo

    It's been far too long since you had your ass kicked properly! I think I may still have this, need some time to find it. If I do I'll post here