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  1. I don't think it will finally happen ? I feel like something is lost in translation here
  2. Yeah he is in a few episodes and other stuff
  3. The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa Hologram Tour

    Ill just watch real footage on youtube of a real person.... I dont get this at all
  4. It's likely they leave it as is when they work on it so yes, it could stay there.
  5. He likely purchased as many as he could before the re issue
  6. They just finished a very successful world tour. Don't think they are on some oldie circuit
  7. New pro-shot ? 13/04/1993 - Detroit

    They didn't. That stage is too big with the wrong light rig. They had no backup singers in 93 as it was the skin n bones tour without the singers.
  8. Julian Assange Arrested

    Fucking leave him alone! Anyway looks like the USA put up a bogus charge to get him there faster... typical.
  9. The Dead Don't Die

    Shit that looks awesome! Someone had mentioned this to me the other day and I forgot to check it out. Thanks for sharing it, nice to see ya around @Zint
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Indeed and not just CNN although they were one of the worst. In reality they made a shit load of money on this...
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    cnn.com must be freaking out having to write this shit, they have been so upset since the day he was voted in, by americans in an election... You can't say Trump won however for liberals all over this was the "ah ha" moment they were waiting for that never came... All I can say being Canadian... I am glad they had a 3rd party look into it fairly and reach a decision. Here in Canada our Liberals decide what happens when our Liberals do anything shady... You heard me right, the same party gets to decide... On to the next "ah ha" moment for Trump! When will the madness end? Are you entertained?