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F*ck Fear

Guns Reunion Pic

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Hey everyone,

I have been thinking of getting a new sig as of late. Something similar to one I seen on this site a while ago. I saved the pic as I liked the way it looked. It's what I think a reunion would look like if it were to take place. Here is the pic.


Now I think that looks badass, and I'd like one that is similar to this. A pic of Axl from 2006 and the other guys from Velvet Revolver but with Izzy Stradlin instead of Dave Kushner. Having them standing next to each other like they would in a group photo, but with the Guns N' Roses 2006-2007 logo behind them.

Here are some of the pics that could be used.


This pic of Axl, or the one where he is wearing The Beatles tshirt, and standing next to that huge mother fucker :rofl-lol:


Velvet Revolver


Or whatever works better I suppose lol.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.

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Actually you're right dude. This thread can be deleted. I made that request a while ago lol.

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