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Guns N' Roses to web stream Chicago show Sunday night

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DATE: 02/17/12

TITLE: Guns N' Roses to web stream Chicago show Sunday night


Nightrain Members Stream PPV For FREE This Sunday!

We think about you.

And thanks again for jumping on the NIGHTRAIN!

With all the excitement around the NYC Takeover of clubs during Fashion Week, we’ve decided to bring that energy out to you our friends, fans and family who can’t be at any of the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL shows by way of a stream this SUNDAY, February 19, 2012 LIVE from the HOUSE OF BLUES in CHICAGO on GunsNRoses.com

Don’t you cry (or worry) if you can’t watch it LIVE. We know it may be a lil late or a lil early depending on where in the world you happen to be when Axl hits the House of Blues stage in Chicago, so know that your purchase allows you to watch the show for a full 24 hours from the actual performance.

This stream is complimentary (FREE) for the entertainment of our NIGHTRAIN members. Simply visit us on Sunday around 10pm Central US Time (Chicago) for all the fun and games HERE (http://gunsnroses.com/ppvfc)!

And even better, as NIGHTRAIN member we want give you some access to your friends with 40% off the $5 price plus a free month’s worth of access to NIGHTRAIN. Just have them click HERE to get the $3 price on what is sure to be a highlight of anyone’s PRESIDENT’S DAY WEEKEND in the US.

Be sure to also share the Jungle your friends online via Facebook, Twitter or simply email your peoples with this special discounted link http://gunsnroses.com/ppvff . They’ll be west coast strutting with you, Axl, Dizzy, Tommy, Motha Goose, Richard, Bumblefoot, Frank and Dj! LIVE! Or anytime they want over that 24 hour period following the show!

Thanks for being here and helping us make this another best time we can remember.

Happy Belated VALENTINE’S DAY! We love you! You know that we do!

G N’ R


SOURCE: http://gunsnroses.com/news/63262 as well as an email from GN'R

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