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GN'R bootleg DVD's

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grogmug    40

I remember buying a gn'r bootleg from 2006 a few years ago from a trustworthy site that sold new gn'r dvd bootlegs. Can anyone point me in the right direction or let me know where I can buy some GN'R bootleg DVD's? Thank you in advance.

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RussTCB    8,706

I bought some things from that site a long time ago but quickly realized that you can get a GN'R fan to give you almost any show you're looking for. It really bothers me that they're selling so much stuff that was mean to be free. For example, they're selling both of my recordings on their site for $18.49 a piece. I made those recordings for the purpose of sharing them with other GN'R fans for free. They're been put up here, htgth and gnrevolution for FREE as they were intended to be. Yet that guy is selling them on his site. Shady.

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