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Seattle - Key Arena December 16, 2011

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It was a great show. When Duff's band Loaded was announced as the opening act, buying a ticket became a priority.

The show was only half sold out, and cut-rate tickets were dumped on Groupon a few weeks before the gig. Duff jumped into the crowd during his set (on top of me ... the guy is light) and was clearly having a blast. A bunch of us waved inflatable toy dolphins at the start of Estranged, which made Bumble laugh. Even Axl seemed to get a kick out of it. Kudos to the guy who handed them out before showtime.

The entire band was in a good mood. Bumble threw me a pick and Axl gave a speech at the end, talking about what a good time he'd had, with a promise to come back.

The highlight was Duff joining the band for "You Could Be Mine." He paced the stage like he owned it. He has a presence that the other guys, as well as they play, simply lack.

A great night. And there was a Monster energy drink truck outside the arena after the show, handed out free cans. Those made the pre-dawn drive home a lot more manageable.

Dexter Intro

Chinese Democracy

Welcome to the Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


Shackler's Revenge


Rocket Queen

Richard Fortus Guitar Solo

Live and Let Die

This I Love

Riff Raff


Baba O'Riley

Street of Dreams

You Could Be Mine <--WITH DUFF!

Ballad of Death

Sweet Child O' Mine

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

Gran Torino/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

November Rain

Pink Panther Theme

Don't Cry

Whole Lotta Rosie

Civil War

Knockin' on Heaven's Door









Paradise City

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I was at that show as well.

The crowd/attendance was pretty light. We literally just walked into the arena and right to our seats. I've been to maybe 30 concerts and this was the first one where I didn't have to wait in line. I'm talking not even 10 seconds. And by the end of the show a lot of people had left. Not so much because of the performance, but because of the time. Loaded started an hour after the ticket "start" time.......they played for maybe an hour, then another 50-55 minutes before GnR came out, then they played three hours. I think people just got tired and ended up leaving.

Was cool to see Duff perform, but Loaded was pretty boring to watch after the first couple of songs.

GnR was great though. Axl sounded great for most of the night. He sounded horrible on a couple songs, but all in all, I'd give the overall show a solid B rating.

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I was beside a guy who had a jacket that had "SHACKLER" across the back of it, after Sorry we starting chanting "SHACKLER'S! SHACKLER'S!", it was cool that they played it when they heard us chanting it. Also, at the end of Rosie, I got Bumble's pick (he handed it to me, when he was hanging off the end of the stage letting the front row play his guitar). Also got Loadeds set list from the stage. Wish I'd seen the Monster Energy truck, we drove to Vancouver right after the show cuz we were going to the following show, didn't get to the hotel until around 4:30-5 am. One thing that kinda sucked about this show was that Duff only came out for YCBM, and Axl botched it. At least he did Civil War the next night....

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