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Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed comment on possible new GNR album

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Guest NGOG

The full video interview with Dizzy Reed

Noise11: Richard's been talking about the potential new Guns N' Roses record, you've been working on that.

Dizzy Reed: You know, it's in the works. Right now, things are on hold a little bit as far as playing. I think they're getting tracks together.

The full video interview with Richard Fortus

Noise11: What's the status of Guns N' Roses?

Richard Fortus: Doing a new record. Working on new stuff now. So I'm trying to balance all this out. So far it's worked out alright. So far everything is good. Actually, Guns wanted to be touring right now in South America and I'd already committed to [The Dead Daisies], so we had to postpone that to next year, but I'm hoping that we get an album out very soon.

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