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What's wrong with a delicious Spaghetti? :shrugs:

I always get hungry when i saw the cover

maybe Axl became fat because he looks too much for the TSI? album cover?

WTF :lol:

maybe he gets hungry everytime he starred on the album cover on his mansion and call Beta to make him some Spaghetti and some other goodies? for 6-7 years straight? :shrugs:

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Good songs on TSI --- Human Being, New Rose

Songs that should have been good but aren't -- Down On The Farm, Hair Of The Dog, Ain't It Fun

Terrible songs -- Buick Mackane, Black Leather, Raw Power, Attitude, You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory, Look At Your Game Girl, I Don't Care About You

Interesting song, neither good nor bad -- Since I Don't Have You

Absolutely. Although Ain't It Fun might just be a terrible song. Not sure. Agree with everything else.

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