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What are you currently playing? Last game played?

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1 hour ago, Oldest Goat said:

Yeah I've been put off. Seems like a poor man's Yakuza.

So far, yes. Trying to stick it out since I’ve heard such amazing things from people about it. 

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On 10/3/2018 at 8:40 PM, OmarBradley said:

It's pretty good so far. The main character (I picked Alexios, but I believe Kassandra is canon) is much more likable than Bayek IMO. The story and setting are a bit more gripping too. Although still taking place a couple thousand years ago, the historical era is a bit more well-known and relatable than Origin's was,

Regarding the graphics, the same thing happened with Origins, but I'm not as impressed with the visuals as I hoped I'd be. I see a lot of people noting the graphics as one of the game's best qualities, but I don't think it looks exemplary. I'm playing on mostly maxed out settings with a GTX 1080. I really think at least their rendering engine needs a significant upgrade, and a surprising amount of the textures look poor. This has been the case with certain textures since at least Unity, and I'm blaming it on console optimization. But other series' release hi-res texture packs for PC, while I don't believe AC has. Very annoying, as a lot of the textures in question really take away from the game's overall aesthetic. 

A lot of the mechanics from Origins were basically dropped into Odyssey with little revision/updating: the ability system, the inventory system, and the items/loot systems are pretty similar, as is combat (but a parry mechanic has replaced the shield/blocking). I've noticed things like the squeezing between two rocks to get into/out of a cave and the Eagle Vision system being about identical to Origins' systems as well. But honestly, all of that stuff works so it's not a major complaint. And hopefully there are new mechanics being introduced throughout the narrative, since I'm still pretty early on.

Overall, so far it's pretty fun, I just wish it had more of its own identity and looked a bit better. This is running a lot better than Origins though, it's less taxing on my hardware and I've encountered no stutters/crashes or bugs (yet).

Okay, I was wrong about the graphics. While there are a few surprisingly poor textures (namely, rocks on mountainsides and a few others here and there), this game looks incredibly good. Once you get past the first area and start seeing the sights and the rest of the isles/mainland, it's really pretty spectacular. Though this game shares a lot of assets with Origins, the shading is a lot better and the color diversity is mesmerizing at times. The lighting is well done, except I think midday is too bright and sometimes dark spaces act oddly in regards to light. But overall, this is an excellent looking game. Though I still maintain a hi-res texture pack for PC would be welcome for some of the lower quality textures.

The Greek cities are perhaps my favorite cities in the series, simply because of how good they look and how they are designed. And there are so many! Not all of them are huge, but most are decent sized and it really makes the world feel more populated. Obviously with Origins, you had a large portion of the map being uninhabited desert, so it's no surprise the small Greek isles feel fuller than Egypt, especially when a city/town takes up a quarter (or more) of the island/map. A decent portion of this map is also water, something to consider.

For the first time (didn't use it in Origins), I was actually compelled to use the photo mode, and I got some pretty awesome shots (double click to enlarge):


Now, this is on PC at 1440p with one of the top gaming monitors with maxed settings, but I have to imagine the game still looks darn good on consoles or lower powered rigs.

After I finish, I think I'll do a more general review, but I am thinking this is a contender for GoTY.

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Finished Metro Last Light, started Bioshock Infinite. 

Was playing Fifa 14 and had a go on Forza Horizon. 

Solid 10 hour session. 

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