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US Politics/Elections Thread

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Bannon accused of stonewalling the House  Intelligence Committee during his 10 hours of questioning.  Angry Lawmakers from both parties are accusing the White House of  directing Bannon not to answer questions related to certain topics. It is one thing to refuse to answer questions in Committee but it will be interesting to see if Bannon does thee same if and when he is called in front of  a Mueller Grand Jury.


Considering Trump called Bannon a bit player in his campaign over the Wolff book it is curious they are afraid of what he might reveal in open testimony..........JMO but I am convinced Mueller is going to be patient and continue to dig for the truth......I don't think this investigation is over by a long shot....remember it took several years before Watergate broke open......


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14 hours ago, Kasanova King said:

Saw previews for the show on Netflix...I'll have to get it going tonight. 

It's a must see.  Letterman is one dude that has laid it all out there on national television over the years. So it is how I perceive him.  M still a little cloudy on that thing of a spat he had w/harpo...

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