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Izzy Stradlin says he is NOT involved with the upcoming GN'R - shows

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Izzy has made his way to twitter and has sent out a few tweets to clear the air on his role in the GN'R activities coming up.

on his twitter account he tweeted the following:

This story first broke today by @Chopaway (twitter) who has in run the site Chopaway.com a site dedicated to Izzy which has been shutdown.  He also hears from Izzy from time to time like today.

What is your view on this?  Have your say in our thread on the subject:

You can find Izzy on twitter @IzzyStradlin999 on twitter

Thx to @chopaway for the heads up!


Please keep in mind that although this came from a reliable source he could have been deceived.  Unless confirmed by Mygnrforum staff it is always possible it is in-accurate.  So for now... UNCONFIRMED


EDIT: CONFIRMED by Izzy himself!  This is 100% Izzy Stradlin twitter account

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