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I don't care too much about merch even the OTT stuff but it would feel a lot less grabby if accompanied by an album which, lets face it, is what most fans want!

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1 hour ago, Tom-Ass said:

That is usually how I feel about it.. If you don't like it don't buy it type of thing but this truck is getting kind of pathetic.. A fucking toy truck? They are a rock n' roll band.. How about releasing something that has to do with music? Fuck.. Talk about a deprived fan base compared to other bands. I don't even care if they release new music to be honest but how about a live album or a proper box set with true unreleased music from the classic days or both.  For a band as big as they were there is hardly anything out there from the classic era.. Something half as good as KISS' Kissolgy set would be great. That was an amazing release for fans.. They could throw whatever they have for live shows, TV appearances, one off performances, backstage footage, old commercials.. Scrape up everything you can find and release it for the fans. Trucks and Pink Pop toys are just lame... I even have the stupid Pink Pop dolls because someone gave them too me as a gift.  They would have been a lot cooler if there was am Izzy one.. 

I can relate to this sentiment. People I like to pal around with seem to be happy about the truck, so.. I'll just leave it there. I get gifted GNR figures and such too, ugh.

I will say that Ive seen these kinda trucks before but with different branding. They were given out as parting gifts for people who worked on a project to re route actual trucks that ship nation wide. A friend was on contract for the project. He and the lead truckers got these toy trucks with the food companies branding - otherwise they look identical to these.

I kinda wonder if in a similar vein, the GNR road crew was given them as gifts and then TB realized theyd save more cash if they bought in an even larger bulk quantity? And then cash in more on the fanbase by trying to sell us the additional trucks. But that would at least make some sense and not be pure greed, so Im sure Im wrong!

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21 hours ago, nycgunner said:

I don’t get why people want this truck or the dolls. Seems strange and childish to me. 

I think they are cute and keeping them in the box for future generations is a good thing.

Look at all the crap people kept for a million years and now are making tons of money on ebay. Who would have thought when I was a kid, people would be paying a lot of money for a doll or a board game I had back then.

I think it's cool to collect these funco dolls. I have tons of horror ones like Jason, Michael and Freddie. I have them all on a shelf.

It's just like buying anything else you like.

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The trucks are just a licensing deal. They band sells the right to someone to put stickers with their IP on an existing product. Same as t-shirts, koozies, etc.  At the end of the day its up to the band or its management to decide what to license. 

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