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Gracii Guns

Axl, you sexy beast.

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Nothing like a few spousal abuse cases to get the girlies goin' giddy eh? :lol:  Oh it would've been SOOOO luffly to meet you Axl, why i can just imagine your right hook slamming into my jaw, jolting me and making my vision go like a fuzzy tv channel, and as you stood over my cowering body screaming 'YOU MAKE ME DO THIS!!' I'd truly know that there was love for me in this world. :lol:  And 20 years later, after our divorce and my public shaming at the hands of your fans, I'd hear a song on your newest release Japanese Democracy, about how beating me made you feel sad :(

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On 5/12/2016 at 9:11 AM, Gracii Guns said:

Use this thread to appreciate Axl's overall sexiness. 

Axl, if you're reading this (and why not?!) I just want to say that I really fancied you throughout my teen years. I was in love with you. I turned a blind eye to the cornrows and those rumours about your bad behaviour. I dreamed that I would one day marry you just like in the November Rain video. 

I then one day realised that I wouldn't find anyone quite like you, and married a ukulele player. (Was a lovely day, nobody dived through the cake). 

Today I saw this photo, and regret giving up on ever meeting you. Your legs and bum look just perfect. You hide all your goodness under that massive hat, and you look really happy. 



i couldn't have said it better myself! :wub:

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Does anyone have the ability to create a still shot from the '92 Tokyo concert where he's wearing the purple jacket during Estranged, there's this one part during the close up when he whistles that just turns me into a pile of mush... every time I see that I pause it there...:dance:

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4 minutes ago, AxlsFavoriteRose said:

i know it's like i would love to be inside head and know what he's thinking...i love the second one on top :wub:

isn't that from inside the limo in the Estranged video? ;)

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