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09/4/16 - Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena

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On 9/5/2016 at 11:22 PM, BOSSY78 said:

So I need to vent. I had tickets for this...to me a once in a lifetime thing. I've had them for a while put the day off request in 4 months ahead of time. I've never requested anything off before. Had tickets when it was just ACDC when I learned Axl was fronting it made my day.

So tell me why I work 6 sometimes 7 days a week and couldn't get it off. I had to sale my tickets.

Am I mad at my Co workers whom I've covered and worked for all the time? Hell yea.

I had an attitude bigger than Axl's tonight. I almost beat a bi**h* arse tonight.


To all that got to go I hope it was awesome. I need to watch some videos and see some pics to cheer me up.



I walked right the F*^ck off a job in Albuquerque in 92 to see Metallica and GNR in Las Cruces.  I suggest next time you do the same.



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21 hours ago, Stiff Competition said:

The show last night was amazing. I flew in from LA yesterday morning just to go to it. I got front row center tickets off stub hub at the last minute and had the time of my life. Axl's energy, mood and performance are completely different with AC/DC. You can tell he is genuinely having fun up there. There are times when you just see him watching angus and smiling like a little kid watching his favorite guitarist. It's awesome.

Also, me and my lady were going to a bar late last night after the show and drove by the sheraton hotel and saw tour buses and crowds of people, so we stopped and went there only to find ac/dc was signing and taking photos. I just missed the line for Angus but waited around about an hour and Axl arrived and signed for everyone (unfortunately by that time it was mostly dealers) and took pictures with everyone. He was really nice and even mentioned that he remembered us from being right up front at the show.




What a memorable trip! That is awesome. Out of curiosity - around what time did you run into Axl? 

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