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05/27/17 - Dublin, IE - Slane Castle

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22 hours ago, slash(dean) said:

What a gig! As much as people are moaning about the setlist and stuff, I thought there was a great balance in it. When I heard Slash & Duff were coming back I was praying that CD would not be swept under the carpet (kind of like what Metallica did With St.Anger and that other album they did with Lou Reed). But to hear them play a few of the songs is great to see.

I have to say though, and I might have just missed it while skipping through all of the pages on here - No mention of how amazing New Rose was?!? I always rated Frank from the 'CD tour' lineup and was delighted that they kept him on because Matt Sorum could never really pull off that Damned cover properly, and Adler probably wouldnt be able for it these days. 

Nice Balance between all of the albums in my opinion, and an absolutely cracking show!

As for Slane as a venue - Any Irish music fan knows how iconic Slane concerts are, but also how much of a pain in the arse the place is to get to and from. This was my first time there and I had been well warned, but in fairness I expected a lot worse. Yeah I was sitting on a bus in the carpark for about 2hrs but Ive heard of people walking 4/5hrs to get home.

Just praying that they do an arena tour with this lineup over the next few years because with the 3arena sounding so well Id say that would blow everyone away!

+1 to everything you've said! I loved the CD songs too, I enjoyed them way more than the recorded versions. They are awesome live and it is beyond cool to have Slash and Duff playing them. The balance between all albums and covers, plus the tribute to Chris Cornell, was outstanding.

21 hours ago, Blake Sabbath said:

Exactly, the same scenario for me for both London shows.. Fuck I'll be pissed if I can't be on Slash's side for at least 1 night

Yeah I found this a bit of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong I love Duff. But I missed out on a lot of Slash's stuff, which I'm only catching up on now by watching other people's videos on here :)

Fingers crossed there won't be the stupid barrier down the middle of GC in London.

20 hours ago, AFD5 said:

Tbh that's a cracking set list there reall is something for everyone hits, cover versions, even an acoustic Patience. 

I'm glad you reminded me about the acoustic Patience - I wasn't expecting Patience and it was amazing. And Axl's whistling!! One of his underrated skills!! ;)

15 hours ago, IncitingChaos said:

Nice tribute! On a technical level I like Axl's voice here. When he's switching between the high notes and low notes Is when it sounds weird to people. The high notes aren't off by much though, when Axl is on those notes are rounded out with a hint of rasp that gets you closer to that classic Axl high vocals that he had in 06 and could pull off a clean sound...now the note is rounded out by sounding like he's run out of air. Not sure why that is but in a more humid environment like Houston he can hit it. 

Also with AC/DC he compensates this by going up an octave to put more on the note dissipating the weaker notes. I think he could have done the same here but might possibly feel during a tribute that it's not the best time to showcase yourself and instead try to respect the original sound...who knows. 

Beautiful song though, love Axl and Duff singing together. 

I really enjoyed your comments about technical aspects of Axl's singing, I'm not knowledgable on this aspect, it's making me appreciate his artistry even more.

14 hours ago, no1gooner said:

What a fantastic show. I still can't believe the big three were back together and there in front of me. It could only have been better if all five were there. I've seen them every time they've been in Ireland and enjoyed every one. For me it would be hard to pick between 92 and Saturday night. 92 was hayday, Saturday night was longer. 

Almost 3 hours of non stop rock. I echo most of what has been said in terms of energy. They really brought their A game from start to finish. Everyone was on their game, including Frank. Richard is super talented and really compliments Slash perfectly and never tries to step into the limelight. 

Slane is a great venue. The big issue is getting in and more so out, but that's been covered already.

Thought the sound was great, maybe a little off at the start, but soon put right. I am a big fan off all GNR material. I followed NuGNR and really liked Chinese. But is it just me that thinks they didn't work as well as they should live. Can't really put my finger on it, but the mix didn't seem 100% on most CD songs bar This I Love. Also a few times you couldn't hear Axl in the mix and then next line he was way too loud in the mix. Is it that they layer the CD songs with tracks and it's harder to get the mix right. I'm no sound expert so not sure. Just my recollection, but I think they worked better live before, in particular in 06. But Maybe it was that they did SOD and Madagascar back then. But from memory CD and Better also sounded better back then. Don't get me wrong I thought they were really good, but lacking something. Proabably just nitpicking. On a side note, maybe I'm wrong but I guess it's easier to mix the sound at an ACDC gig. A lot of the songs are similar, where as GNR have a varied range of song types.

Great setlist. Long and something for everyone. I got to hear Estranged with Slash live at last. Coma was epic too. Loved Civil War and thought the acoustic Patience was great. TIL with Slash was great also. BHS was a real treat and suits them perfectly. Be a great one to add to the set. And of course the classics were all great too. Would have loved Catcher, but you can't have it all.

Of course casual fans will complain about the songs they weren't familiar with. It's the same for most artists. Sure when an unfamiliar song is played the casual fans go quiet and like it or not it does take a bit from the atmosphere. Bigger stadiums will result in more casual fans, so more of an issue I guess. I can understand it, but didn't bother me though.

Praying they will play an indoor gig here next year and I can get a ticket. Until then I hope you guys that will see them this Summer have a blast.If I win the lotto I will join you. Enjoy every minute, cause it flies by.

Love your review, thanks for writing it. Your comment about 92 versus 2017 is so good to hear for me having just been to my first Guns gig!!

I would so love an indoor gig here too. I was praying for 3Arena last year before the venue was announced. Even Croker would have been better for the attendee experience. Shane sucks as a venue in terms of access and waiting times for everything. On the plus side it's magic visually.

14 hours ago, MrSoftie said:

Hate to admit it but it was pretty good live. :lol:

Can't find it now but I really enjoyed your review of the gig. Where were you standing??

14 hours ago, FallToPieces65 said:

The seeker fucking rocked here!

I had only heard Seeker once before Saturday. It's a crowd pleaser and a great, short 'n' sweet song. It was mind blowing how much the crowd loved it. Axl nailed it vocally.

13 hours ago, IncitingChaos said:

Can we get a thread of Axl runs 

4:52 in second video...he's moving at a solid 4-5 mph here haha

my contribution 

Ha a thread of Axl runs, brilliant idea! How he can run and sing without getting out of breath I just don't know. I'm over a decade younger than him and I can't even run and talk!!

13 hours ago, OJones90 said:

So here's my story for anyone interested!

OH and to top it all off, GNR Airways was next to our plane @ Dublin Airportl! The stewardess was extremely excited when I was boarding and said it had been there for 4 hours already, she kept checking but no sign of them haha.


Thanks for reading, good fucking night!!

Awesome review, thank you! So glad you had a good time in little ol' Ireland! I'm still floating on a cloud after it.

10 hours ago, IncitingChaos said:

hes very capable. Or his voice coach is capable of getting him to sound good on anything...just takes some effort 

Totally. I don't understand negative reviews of Axl's voice after Saturday, especially based on scopes/video clips only. Live he sounds fucking amazing. He is a consummate professional and clearly takes good care of his voice. 

4 minutes ago, Carburetta said:

Beautiful review Money Honey, I was there too and loved it.

Out of likes, thanks so much. Where were you in the crowd??

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On 5/28/2017 at 11:05 PM, IncitingChaos said:

It kills live but I agree I think TWAT and Better need to take a seat. I hate the song on the album but Shacklers was a song that was awesome live, and SOD isn't bad live either 

if we have to have a CD song take those spots that would be my choice. CD Shacklers and SOD. But I can't believe You're Crazy has yet to make the set. 

I've been waiting to see Shackler's since the beginning of this tour.. Such a powerful song and pretty sure Slash will kill it.

As for SoD, I will change it with Madagascar. Really missed that one too.

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36 minutes ago, blackrose87 said:

Anyone else bummed that it's all done??! On a wierd come down today!! I need another summer GNR live fix!!

That post-show depression kept me going to 'one more show' until budget was shot.

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42 minutes ago, blackrose87 said:

Anyone else bummed that it's all done??! On a wierd come down today!! I need another summer GNR live fix!!

This is why i booked 7 shows and working all the over time i can to pay for it :lol:

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It really was my best GNR experience ever so far!! Slane....a castle....83.000 people...madness....what a night. I made some short clips. These 2 are my favorites...I also did put others on youtube





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3 hours ago, blackrose87 said:

Anyone else bummed that it's all done??! On a wierd come down today!! I need another summer GNR live fix!!

I'm trying very hard to find it in my budget to do another show this summer...

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Thanks to everyone that has written great review for the show. A few words from me - out of the emotions that every fan would normally feels, especialy in the golden circle.

I think that was a great start for the European tour - because of the venue and because of the setlist.

The most influential moments for me:
BHS - a really emotional performance.
Coma - because I thought it would be replaced by BHS. I think the performance was really good.
TWAT - it was a surprise that they included it in the encore. Very happy for hearing it live.

Wish everyone  great emotionas in the next shows.

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5 hours ago, Axl_morris said:

This is why i booked 7 shows and working all the over time i can to pay for it :lol:

you hero!!

2 hours ago, MrSoftie said:

I'm trying very hard to find it in my budget to do another show this summer...

me too. totally gonna hit another show in europe!!

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43 minutes ago, Carburetta said:

Slane held almost Vegas levels of enjoyment for me. In someways it surpassed it, can't speak higher of the event than that.

They weren't the right words actually, I didn't enjoy it more, but in someways Slane was better. Axl kicked serious ass in Slane and the crowd was obviously amazing. Anyway, that's enough from me on the subject! Onwards to London.

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On 5/29/2017 at 11:04 PM, OJones90 said:

So here's my story for anyone interested!

I got back to Wales last night, I flew over for the gig. I originally wanted London tickets but they sold out as soon as they went on sale (how?!) so quickly got Slane tickets instead.....received an email at the exact same time as my confirmation email telling me about a second London night! <_< But I'm glad I did go to Slane, the whole trip was an awesome experience, makes the whole thing even more special when you make a trip of it plus the venue is so unique too. I flew from Bristol so it was a decent road trip altogether from here.

Oh my god, the entire place had Guns N' Roses fever. :o I arrived in Dublin Friday evening and there were fans on my flight over, there were fans at the two hotels I stayed at (even though they were outside of Dublin really), fans everywhere walking around the city, everywhere I went I heard people talking about it and people approached me to talk about it (before & after the gig), all ages and nationalities.  Every receptionist I dealt with, every person who served me in any shop or place I went to, they were all so genuinely excited about it and wanted to talk about it. It was crazy. That really made me realise how big this band is and how big this gig is.  I went to the Temple Bar Pub the night before and it was outstanding with the atmosphere and live music, probably the best night I've ever had at a bar. Quite a few fans chanting and demanding they play GNR stuff between every song, we finally got Sweet Child a bit later on and it was bouncing. (I might upload the video when my GNR ones are finished, although my phone couldn't handle the loudness at times!) We don't have anything like that pub around here, so to mix that with a dash of GNR too was an awesome experience.

Getting to the gig was a nightmare.  I was with a friend but we were waiting for my brother and his girlfriend to arrive before heading up to the castle.  We'd originally booked the coach but there weren't many time slots available because we had to wait to figure out our plans for different reasons - I could only book 11am and they could only book 4:30pm which was too late. Neither time was great and we wanted to go together too so we tried to sort a taxi.  I emailed my hotel before I flew over and they advised to get a bus because taxi drivers wouldn't want to go anywhere near the place.  On Saturday morning when I was on my way to my 2nd hotel, my taxi driver was telling me how he saw Rolling Stones & Queen at Slane in the 80s, said taxis would be able to get just as close to the venue as the coaches, he knew where he was going and he offered to take us for 25 each (and we agreed on a rough time), and also said he'd pick us up from Dublin after it when we get off the coach! I was chuffed.  We ended up being ready for our taxi around 2-2:30pm which seemed decent as it takes roughly an hour to get there, we expected a little bit of a walk too but I expected to see almost the entire show considering it was kicking off around 3:30pm.  But it wasn't to be.  When I was FINALLY able to get in touch with my taxi driver, he was already on his way to Slane with someone else!!! <_< I got the receptionist to book a taxi from there but he took a while to do it for some odd reason, and then it took 45 mins to arrive when he said it would be 20 mins max!! So we left somewhere between 3:30-4pm I think, I wasn't too happy at this point and wanted to catch the whole thing but truthfully I wasn't really that bothered as long as I caught Royal Blood who I was expecting to hit the stage no earlier than around 6pm, and Ticketmaster said to aim for 5pm in general anyway. 

We got dropped off next to a load of coaches but oh my god.... I don't know how many different ways there are to the venue but we ended up having to walk quite a few miles from there.  I was getting pretty worried during the walk when I could see the length of just that one road we were currently on, and I could see hills in the distance and not even a sign of the venue to be seen anywhere.  It was difficult to move any quicker too when there was such a huge number of people, so frustrating.  As we got closer and entered the castle grounds, I could kind of hear Royal Blood, but it was so faint which suggested we still had a fairly long walk. I was so disappointed.  Looking at the time stamp on my pictures, after walking miles I finally walked through the archway and entered the castle grounds at 5:55pm, then entered the actual gig at 6:20pm after another fairly long walk. Christ what a huge gig.  I was overwhelmed, especially when I've never been to a venue/gig with more than about 20k people.  Seeing that from a raised up area at the back was crazy. The picture doesn't do it justice at all especially after it's been resized.


I don't know if they turned the volume down for the support acts, but I could barely hear Royal Blood from there. I grabbed a burger where I was, went to the toilets and they were off the stage by the time I made my way down there. It's a shame I couldn't enjoy them properly but at least I could kind of hear them for a few mins and they were the soundtrack to my journey around the venue to see GNR which was cool I suppose.  Everything seemed to take forever at the venue - Took so long being served for food even when I was at the front of the queue, the staff were so slow and just having a chat with each other.  Exactly the same at merch stands.... waited a while only to be told every tshirt was sold out in Small, Medium and Large!!

We decided on a spot - the right side of the stage had a good view, but we decided to go down to the left side of the stage so the castle would be visible for us too.  It was decent there but it seemed like the ground sloped a little from the right side to left because we felt a bit lower down and couldn't see the stage as good, but we stayed there anyway because it looked awesome with the castle.

We were buying tshirts at the merch stand on the left and that took forever too - as my friend was paying, the loud GNR guns came on the screen and the card reader stopped working because it messed with the signal! :lol::facepalm:  We finally sorted it after a while and moved into the crowd and the boys hit the stage not long after.  What an unbelievable gig. The atmosphere around me was so good.  It was amazing for pretty much every song, but Sweet Child, Out Ta Get Me and Nightrain in parti crazy.  Nightrain was bonkers around me with a mosh pit going - that's the best atmosphere I've experienced at a gig.





(You'd swear this was 30 years ago:)




I was a bit disappointed with the sound at first - I couldn't hear Axl that well during It's So Easy whenever he went into overdrive mode, they seemed to tweak it after that but it wasn't as loud as I expected for Jungle either. There Was A Time had a couple of sound issues too I thought but apart from that everything else was good from what I remember, even though Axl could have sounded a bit louder the whole night.  But it was fine.  On the topic of sound, I can confirm what others have mentioned (and i said this about the last 2 shows I went to) - videos do not do the band justice. They sound so much better live.  I've watched a couple of videos of the same song, and they're all so different.  Some have crap sound altogether, some have horrific sounding drums, sometimes Axl sounds nothing like he actually did because most videos struggle to pick it up properly.  Sometimes you can't hear Slash's parts that well.  All these aspects.  You get some videos where a certain aspect sounds good but I haven't seen a video that represents the actual sound of the whole band.  I took quite a few videos - the sound wasn't very good on my phone, but you do get a feel for the atmosphere and some songs sound better than others.  I'm tempted to steal someone else's audio for some songs and put it over my footage, that would be cool.  Here's one of my videos for anyone interested (this probably had the best sound on my phone)  Click on my channel for more - I'm still trying to upload a few more so check back soon. 



I thought the setlist was great - a couple of extra songs and surprises including There Was A Time, Black Hole Sun (which I didn't know they had rehearsed so that was cool), Johnny B Goode, and I was reallyyyyy hoping they played Out Ta Get Me so I was happy with that.  The only thing missing was Don't Cry, but Patience was really nice.  It felt like a special gig with those few surprises, slightly longer set, and the unique venue.  I consider myself to be pretty lucky seeing as the other two GNR gigs I attended were in London when Duff turned up for the first time then Izzy turned up the next time I saw them.

Thought Axl sounded great and clearly lost weight.  Slash's guitar work was mind blowing, holy shit.  A random solo straight into Johnny B Goode, straight into Godfather, straight into Sweet Child.  He killed it. 

It was only during Patience when I actually began to realise where I was, with a quieter song, more chilled atmosphere, getting darker and seeing the castle in the background, it was finally starting to sink in a little more that I was seeing a Guns N' Roses reunion.  Although, it still seems surreal and the whole thing feels like it was a dream  :lol:  We were only two songs in when my friend made the decision that we have to somehow get tickets for London too, haha.  (Anyone have any idea where the best place would be to get reasonably priced ones?)

Didn't see any trouble and everyone had a great time.  Apart from two drunken idiots who briefly attempted to grab my phone, they were messing around I think but they're lucky they didn't get a strong elbow in the face. I saw a bald guy towards the end crouching down fully naked and covered head to toe in mud, like a chameleon in the darkness.  Turned around when I walked past and he was flat out on the floor and people couldn't see him!

Getting back was a challenge too - took forever walking out of the venue in that crowd, then the long walk back to the coach.  Arrived in Dublin at 1am and was unable to get a taxi until 3am, who drove for half hr before pulling over and asking "where are we going again?" :blink:

Needless to say it was quite the adventure.

OH and to top it all off, GNR Airways was next to our plane @ Dublin Airportl! The stewardess was extremely excited when I was boarding and said it had been there for 4 hours already, she kept checking but no sign of them haha.


Thanks for reading, good fucking night!!

Only just read your review - fantastic! It brought back memories of the whole day - including the rain, mud and endless walking to get into the venue! Your video of This I Love is awesome and the sound is great on it. It was a fucking amazing day and night. 

Are you going to any of the gigs this year??

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