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Black Sabbath

"What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

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12 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

That is my favourite of his '40s films. 

Its quite beautifully photographed, isnt it?  And like almost all Hitchcock films there’s very little fat on it, which is probably one of the characteristics of his films I enjoy the most, the narratives are flawless.  As someone obssessed with the mechanics of cinema its really quite a sight to behold.



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10 hours ago, Oldest Goat said:

Death Wish (1974)


Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin'


The tiger and tink tink still make me laugh and I've seen em a thousand times :lol: His first one, it might just be Katt Williams Live, that's his best. He's wearing a plaid coat and a baseball hat.

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