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[FLAC/MP3] Guns N’ Roses @ Melbourne Cricket Ground - Melbourne, Australia 14.02.2017

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Thanks to longvoyage for the recording.

Thanks to GNRbootlegs for the link.

MCG, Melbourne 

Recorded with Roland Edirol r-05, CA 14 cardioid mics @96/24 by longvoyage.
I am quite happy with how this turned out considering the MCG is not a great venue for concerts. Unfortunately there aren't that many venues here that can hold 70,000+ and they certainly weren't going to try Calder Park again. 
There seemed to be a lack of bottom end in the sound and Duff's bass was quite 'tinny' for lack of a better word. Axl's vocals are difficult to hear at times. The show, however, was fantastic. 
The main headline that arose from this show was the announcer mistaking Melbourne for Sydney at the beginning. 


CD 1 
It's So Easy 
Mr. Brownstone 
Chinese Democracy 
Welcome To The Jungle 
Double Talking Jive 
Live And Let Die 
Rocket Queen 


CD 2 
You Could Be Mine 
This I Love 
Civil War 
Slash's guitar solo 
Sweet Child O'Mine 
Whole Lotta Rosie 
Riff Raff 


CD 3 
Wish You Were Here 
November Rain 
Knocking On Heaven's Door 
Don't Cry 
Paradise City


MP3: https://mega.nz/#!JUMQSCoA!LY3Z7X0EBcOdw522tVxippQI-3bJ9A0KpFbEMUS1khI


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