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Appetite for Distortion: Ep. 17 - Rachel Lorin in studio

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Our Guns N' Roses universe brings Rachel Lorin to our NYC iHeartRadio Studio. Scotto hasn't stopped talking about the 22-yr-old rocker since she opened up for Sebastian Bach in Poughkeepsie.

We bring Rachel to the AFD Show to find out how GNR shaped the model/singer/actress' career and how she wants to bring rock music back to mainstream radio. Lorin also joins Brando & Scotto's debate on whether GnR and other iconic bands should still release new music.

Also what does Steven Adler being asked to stop talking about GNR mean? All this and more on episode 17 of Appetite for Distortion! Please subscribe on iHeartRadio & iTunes.

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favorite podcast of all times....but not a fan of this episode. yes, it is cool talking to miss lorin, but im very disappointed we didn't hear more grn topics this episode. I wish they would've covered more gnr related stuff ie adler not talking anymore, izzy shouting out mygnrforum, etc.

cant wait for the next episode! these guys rock

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