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Was it petty to give Axl flack for not going to the HOF induction?

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What a great feeling that was watching Slash, Duff and Steven performing those songs along with Gilby and Matt. They sounded fantastic. 

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Axl and Izzy should have been there.


The only members that deserved induction were Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steven, Dizzy, and Matt.  So they did get that right.

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On 14.4.2017 at 9:24 PM, estrangedtwat said:

It wasn't petty at all.  It was an insult to the fans and the band and everyone involved in the industry that helped Axl along the way.  Everyone that enabled him to live the lavish lifestyle of luxury that he's enjoyed for thirty years.  And he couldn't take ONE night to stand on a stage next to them?

What an asshole.

And now he's out there actually doing shows with them, so the money must have finally been an issue.  Sure makes his boycott seem small and petty now, doesn't it?  Seeing as how adamant he was about not even standing in the same room as Slash and now he's running around on stage with him.


If by "Classic Axl" you mean belligerent self serving asshole that ruins everything for everyone around him, then yeah.  Classic Axl.

Axl is one thing. But that Izzy didnt show was actually the weird part. Thats one of many reasons why didnt get a good reunion offer in 2016

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Posted (edited)

It was a disappointment at the time, but why would anyone expect Axl to reunite with Slash just because the Hall of Fame was trying to force it? 

Also it's curious that no one seems to be enraged at Izzy for not showing up. Because of course he is allowed to be elusive and mysterious. 

Who cares now anyway, they reunited in their own time.

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