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Will there be new songs at RiR2017?

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On 9/7/2017 at 12:49 PM, RONIN said:

Yes, new songs will be debuted at Rock in Rio.

This will be the teaser for a giant retrospective box set releasing in Christmas which will feature AFD Remastered w/rarities from the AFD sessions, UYI: the original "naked" mixes w/ rarities (1/2 the album will feature the original drumming of Steven Adler), the 1996 "Lost Album" sessions w/ Izzy and Zakk Wylde, and Chinese Democracy era unreleased songs + the original "2000 Intentions" version of Chinese Democracy produced by Sean Beaven and a remixed Chinese Democracy featuring Duff and Slash. For nightrain members only, they will be bundling the box set with retrospective documentaries of the Appetite tour, UYI Tour (w/ backstage access to their legendary theme parties featuring vintage interviews w/ Mike Patton, James Hetfield, and Chris Cornell at the parties), the 2000-2002 shows and a pro-shot compilation 4k blu rays of the 1989 Rolling Stone/GnR shows, the 1991 UYI warm up shows, and the 2000 HOB show + warm-up shows at The Joint in 2001.

A bonus retrospective documentary blu ray of the "Wilderness Era" (1994-2005) will also be included in the box set. The "Lost Album" era and Chinese Democracy sessions are the focus of this documentary. It will be produced and directed by Werner Herzog in collaboration with HBO and narrated by Axl, Slash and Duff. The documentary will feature new interviews with the great Paul Tobias, Trent Reznor, Buckethead w/ hand puppet Herbie, Brian May, Izzy Stradlin', Matt Sorum, Josh Freese, Moby, and many others. These will be spliced with commentary and interviews from former producers and Interscope executives who worked on the Chinese Democracy project. Nothing will be held back. All the secrets of the last 25 years will be revealed....at last.

  • You will get behind the scenes footage of those final Fall 1996 sessions w/ Slash, Duff and Matt rehearsing at 3AM with Axl while Del James and Paul Tobias sit in and observe.
  • You will see Zakk Wylde and Robin Finck jamming with Duff, Slash, and Matt. Plus the "lost" 1995 Izzy sessions w/ Duff.
  • The infamous last jam session with Matt Sorum, Axl and Paul Tobias where Matt yells "Fuck you Yoko" at Paul in the parking lot.
  • Behind the scenes footage of Axl taking Slash to dinner and trying to convince him to sign on as an employee of the new Guns n' Roses in the fall of 1995. We will also hear the final phone call between Axl and Slash in 1996 and Axl's secret recording of the final dinner Axl and Duff have in 1997 where Duff quits the band. 
  • You will see long hidden "media" footage of Axl running over albums sent by Interscope with his silver Ferrari and Buckethead terrorizing record execs with a butcher knife.
  • The infamous late 90's Halloween Party at Axl's house where he's mistaken for Barney by a kid. The uncomfortable footage of Duff, Matt, and Paul Tobias drinking beers and trying to interact at the 1996 Halloween party (the day after Slash quit) will also be included.
  • The crucial 1995 seance with Yoda/Sharon Maynard where she reveals to Axl that Slash and Izzy have bad psychic energies and may have been taken over by evil spirits trying to destroy Axl. Beta is seen in these sessions comforting Axl. Slash is rumored to be present at the seance, having flown out to Arizona in an emergency effort to save the band.
  • Late 90's footage of Josh Freese and Billy Howerdell jamming and putting together A Perfect Circle out of boredom waiting for Axl to show up.
  • The "lost" Brian May sessions with Sean Beaven.
  • Buckethead's recording for Chinese Democracy w/ a dog shit smelling chicken coop and hardcore porn being played in the background as the man creates his genius compositions while Roy Thomas Baker stares in horror.

If that wasn't enough, a double album tentatively named "The Perils of Rock n' Roll Decadence" is being worked on now for a summer 2018 release and a three year "farewell" world tour to support. The 1996 "lost album" and original Velvet Revolver sessions featuring Slash, Duff, Izzy and Matt will be reworked with Axl (and Josh Freese)  as the first album. It will be a hard rock album in the vein of AFD and UYI 1. The second album will be more progressive and experimental like UYI 2 and feature four original tracks from the reunited lineup (including Izzy and Josh Freese) + Chinese Democracy II big guns (reworked by Slash, Duff, and Izzy featuring Buckethead, Josh Freese and Brain): Thyme, Soul Monster, The General, Oklahoma, Atlas Shrugged, Oh My God Remixed (industrial elements stripped out) and a new final trilogy of odes to lost love w/ Stephanie Seymour written by Axl and Izzy Stradlin'. There will be some high profile guest collaborations on the 2nd album including Daft Punk, Maynard James Keenan, Dave Navarro and Josh Homme. Richard Fortus, Melissa, and Frank will not be featured on the album nor will they be joining the tour.

Both albums will attempt to leverage vintage Axl vocals from the 90's and 2004-2010 as much as possible - anywhere from 30-50% of the album will be culled from these vintage vocals.  There will also be a controversial hidden track to stir up some bad PR and keep in tradition with previous album releases by GnR. An instrumental only double album will be downloadable on gunsnroses.com for everyone who bought the album. Mike Clink will be producing the double album along with David Bottrill (Tool) and James Ford (Arctic Monkeys). The instrumental mixes will be produced by Trent Reznor, Empire of the Sun and James Newton Howard (Collateral).

The three year stadium world tour will be a celebration of the legacy of GnR and a final farewell to fans. Songs will be debuted at the Superbowl, billboard and mtv awards. All members of the band will be doing press prior to and during the tour. Some of the opening bands for the world tour will be Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Smashing Pumpkins (reunited), Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails. There will be a collection of co-headlining shows with U2 and Metallica planned to kick off year two of the tour. Steven Adler will be joining the tour to play all of AFD, Lies, and UYI material with Matt Sorum filling in as needed and playing the maracas and helping Dizzy with the bongos. Josh Freese and Brain will also be joining the tour to share drumming duties on Chinese Democracy and new material with guest appearances from Buckethead, Dave Navarro, Bono, and James Hetfield. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the band will be throwing mega theme parties all over the world after each show. Fans with VIP passes to the shows can hang out backstage with the band and attend these theme parties. There will be a rockumentary produced of this tour by Oliver Stone and HBO which will be released on gunsnroses.com to celebrate their final show. Live Blu Rays of these shows will be released + bonus songs jammed on tour with Izzy and Buckethead will be included on a three album greatest hits collection for the holiday season after the final show of the tour. 

It's a great time to be a GnR fan!

*gets aroused, sexually.*

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