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I‘ve been a fan of GN‘R for a long time and I joined the board in 2004 after a few years of lurking. This place has always been my go to place for anything GN‘R and for the most part I‘ve enjoyed reading different point of views from the many great people on this board. We‘ve had our ups and downs through the years but it‘s always been interesting. 

Our present situation is something I never thought was possible, Slash and Duff have returned and GN‘R are touring the world and receiving mostly praise while doing it. I know a lot of people who saw them this summer during the European tour and everybody was loving the shows. It seems like for the most part the only people complaining are some of the hardcore fans.

My advise (if anybody wants it) is to try enjoy it while it lasts, try to stop worrying about set lists, line ups, rasp, AC/DC Axl and guest appearances. I‘m not blasting anybody by the way, people are entitled to their opinions and I enjoy reading different points of view but at the end of the day building up frustration about something one has no control over is exhausting. 

I‘ll be travelling to the US to see this version of GN‘R for the fourth time in just over a year on next Monday, I‘ve always enjoyed it and I know that I‘ll be having a great time. Hopefully they‘ll continue for a good while yet but you never know and I for one intend to enjoy the ride while it lasts.


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