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REQUEST: Caram mixes of Sirius shows!

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As far as I know, nobody has these recordings.  As far as I know, they may not even exist.  But I just wanted to make this thread as a reminder for people to keep an eye out for them and hopefully share them with everyone if/when they surface.

Rumor has it that the band wasn't thrilled with the mix for the Apollo show and that when it was rebroadcast, it had been remixed by Caram Costanzo.

No idea if it's true...just repeating what I heard.  So if he did that for the first one, then maybe he'll do it for the second one.

Just wanted to throw this out there....thanks!

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On 29/12/2017 at 5:23 AM, estrangedtwat said:

So the Inglewood show was being mixed live by Caram as it went out on the air?

Yeah he did that show

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8 hours ago, estrangedtwat said:

Looks like maybe a Japanese fan just burned it to disc....no way to know if it was the remixed version or not.

I swear I've seen that one before, just a few days after I uploaded my version, for what I've heard it's just my recording from the original broadcast burnt to a cd

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