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Hemp is the food and fibre cousin to pot, just about to make some granola with hemp in it! Is it looking like pot will be legal there soon? Why are people so excited when its illegal? Pretty classic reason for people to cancel a meeting, though :lol:

Thats cool that youll still have the watermelon. Great idea for the display garden!

I have a conundrum, I needed to get a new dehumidifier for my grow room. I will also be hang drying my laundry in the room. But in the meantime, the electric heating is really messing with my nose - the air is so dry. So therefore I need to get a humidifier. So in a small space, how does this all balance out? Do I just need the humidifier?

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Jan 1st, medical marijuana is legal here.

Does it really get that moist in there with the clothes hanging up to dry?  I would think your fan would be good enough to keep the air circulating and disperse that, maybe crack the window.  Turn off the humidifier when you're doing laundry.  Of course you would need a gauge to measure the humidity and need to know the range for the plants you are growing to get it right.  I'm on my way to the greenhouse so I'll talk it over with Marsha.  That's if she's talking to me this morning.  I told her I thought her expense for stepping stones is an extravagance for the number of people we have coming to visit the gardens.  That didn't go over well. :lol: 

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I have no idea where everybody was this morning.  We said around 10, still didn't have folks there by 10:45.  I left for a while and when I came back, there was still nobody there.  But I will talk to Marsha about the humidity.  She may not like what I said but there's no way she'll let me have the last word, lol.

I don't know about what I'm doing with the lantana seeds.  I have them in what's called a potpourri crock to keep the water warm.  I've already added water three times with about 8 hours to go.  I think I'm running way too hot.

Did you see?  Apparently Kevin didn't suck up all my fertilizer on my green path.  omg, I'm so happy with that.  Going to have to stop ripping on Kevin, maybe.  He's going to have to stop doing shit that makes me scream his name.

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