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Appetite for Distortion - Ep. 44, Roxana Shirazi

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2 minutes ago, Top-Hatted One said:

I wonder if her 2nd book will include stories about Slash now that he’s divorced from Perla. She kept alluding not being able to talk about certain members. By process of Elimination I figured it to be Slash. No way it was Duff. Maybe Scott too


If she really doesnt wanna be stuck in this whole GN'R thing then she should just shut up and write about something else.

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2 hours ago, beautifulanddamned said:

Christopher Thorn and London Hudson are both musicians. That is their base connection with GnR. Shirazi is...a groupie. That is her connection with GnR, take that away and her connection is taken away.  That is her entire frame of reference.  If she was just a traditionally raised Iranian girl exploring her sexuality no one would give a shit.  She wouldn't get a book out of that. 

I guess I just don't understand all the dancing around the issue. Having read her book (and re-read it when I found out she was going to do the podcast) she is absolutely a groupie and so what? She has sex with guys in bands (not just guys in GnR) because she wants to have sex with guys in bands. Get your rock n' roll dick, girl. Who cares? There are stories to be had that are relevant to the rock n' roll experience- but she would be a far more interesting and relevant guest if she accepted who she is and went with it.  

I absolutely do not expect every guest to talk about their connection to the band for the entire broadcast. I like to hear outside perspectives and it's nice to hear from people I didn't previously know much about. But the Shirazi episode stood out to me as being confused and lacking perspective.

She has the potential to be interesting. She just needs to pull a Pamela Des Barres and accept who she is. She always comes off as discombobulated because she is trying so hard to intellectualize the fact that she's a groupie.  

I do appreciate the need to establish trust with someone being interviewed, but having seen several interviews with Roxana this seems to be par for the course with her.  

I'm not always going to interview musicians, but obviously there has to be a connection somewhere. Her ties are what they are. Personally I don't like the word groupie with her, to me it's such a dismissive word to her whole story. All these yrs later after reading the book, her story still stuck me with so I reached out. I have female listeners and with sexual conduct/#metoo being "topical" right now, it seemed like a conversation worth having. That being said I still appreciate your feedback and understand not every episode will please everyone. Kinda making this up as I go along! :)

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1 hour ago, Gambit83 said:

Very interesting. No promises, but Roxana said she will try to get me the lead singer of the Maniac Street Preachers for an episode with her co-hosting.

That would be fantastic! 


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