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Matt Sorum To Write a Book - Comes Out Next Year

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5 hours ago, RONIN said:

Anyone spot this gem? Priceless.

Wow! Didn't know he smuggled! 

I'm really looking forward to this! Hopefully a christmas present next year??? Or something 

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On 4-3-2018 at 6:29 AM, WhazUp said:

Or y'know you can read a book and enjoy the current GNR tour and not feel the need to only post if you have something bad to say about the current GNR lineup

But hey, I guess that is too much common sense lol

I could ... but I won't.

I have lots of positive things to say about GNR.  Unfortunately there is no more GNR ...

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Since he isn't in the band now and undoubtedly won't be in the band again, maybe he is one of the very few souls who could shed some light on the rift.

My curiosity has been piqued for a number of years, ever since Craig Duswalt made the statement that the real reason Axl and Slash divided is one that has never been revealed or discussed in the media. Steven Tyler seemed to confirm this when he was interviewed on Howard Stern. Howard asked him if the GN'R split was comparable to the Aerosmith split, Tyler took a deep breath and said "...no, this was much more personal."

Of course, Howard came right back with "uh-oh, somebody fucked someone's wife." Steven immediately shot that down, but you have to wonder if it was because Howard happened to guess right.

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